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HubTraffic! It was inevitable I’d cover HubTraffic. How can I give a pass to the greatest porn network known to man? Are they my favorites? Nah, I don’t play favorites. But, the people have spoken. PornHub has been leading the industry and defining the concept of porn tubes for at least a decade. You should know by now that they’re part of a larger network, including YouPorn, RedTube, and a few other sites that no-one gives a shit about. You can see the full list on the site. There are eight sites in total. It boils down to PornHub, ok? I’m not going to pretend that that’s not the best part of working with HubTraffic.

The best part of working with them is knowing that they have a ton of money and that a significant amount of that money was spent perfecting HubTraffic. They’ve covered all of their bases and then some. The very first thing you’ll notice on this site is that they list all the payout information straight up, with the fees listed for every single country. It’s all neatly organized so that you can account for every single cent long before you’ve even signed up.

On top of that, they boast the best creative approach to advertising, so you know that you’re going to appeal to all demographics at all times. Working with the best content network suggests that you’re also working with the best marketing network. That’s very much the case here. HubTraffic really knew what they were doing when they put their affiliate marketing solution together. And granted, they don’t technically need your help; they’re already giants of pornography. But, why shouldn’t you profit from their success? They want traffic; you want money. Monetize your clicks through PornHub, damn it. You deserve to be successful too.

The Content
I can’t believe I have to cover this ground. Hate me for being thorough, if you must. PornHub and the other sites in the HubTraffic network have evolved a lot over the past few years, adapting some innovative new methods into their already existing business model. The most noteworthy aspect of these sites is now the social media functionality. Back in the day, these sites were mostly video repositories where people dumped random smut clips. Now, they’re a first post destination for tons of original content creators, most of whom are hot ass 18-year-old babes from first-world countries.

In other words, you’re not just marketing porn tubes; you’re also marketing original content that arrives on these sites first. Also, the paid offers on these websites that you are funneling people to reward them with access to high-resolution versions of these original videos. So, you’re marketing high-quality camwhores in glorious 4k. That’s a step-up from the average porn tube offer.

The Banner Creatives
Ok, this part gets a bit complicated. There are two major types of creatives for HubTraffic referrals. Ads and integrations. Let’s talk about the ads first, because those are actually simple. They work exactly the same as ads on other porn sites. They’re static or animated banners of titties that HubTraffic provides to you and they link to any of the network’s destinations. You can market videos directly or just send them straight to the site, but you’d be best off marketing actual videos.

HubTraffic says that they’ve got a large amount of creatives available for their affiliates, but you have to make an account to see them. You’re also free to download their entire database of creatives if you’d want to. They seem to be very transparent in this way with all of their affiliates, but this information isn’t publicly available. That’s fair enough. I’ve seen PornHub ads on other sites before and they’ve always been top-notch. I have complete confidence in the quality and effectiveness of these banners.

They’re literally created by the greatest and most successful porn tube network in the world. You can’t expect anything less than perfection from these banners. I’m also damn sure that they have creatives in different styles to fit your site no matter what kind of design you’ve got going on.

Dynamic Advertising Options
HubTraffic has an extensive automated marketing API that you should definitely be using instead of the ads, if you have to choose between one of them. Granted, you’re free to run both. Here’s how the dynamic ads work, though. They’re literally just embedded videos taken straight from PornHub or any of the other sites in the network.

So, you’ve got yourself a porn tube with videos and among them, you insert some PornHub videos. Hell, you can have your entire site be a PornHub video fueled porn tube. The world is your oyster; go nuts. When people press the play button, the video starts and they jack off. But, when they click any other part of the player other than the play button, they get rerouted to the same video, on PornHub’s site. That way, you get free high-quality content on your site and they get the clicks and views. It’s magnificent.

Oh, and did I mention the best part? All of these videos are loaded in dynamically and hosted on their servers. You don’t actually have to retrieve the videos and put them on your site. You just set up where you want them to show up on your site and they load from HubTraffic. It’s an absolutely mind-blowing solution to free content and you fucking get paid for it.

You can even connect to an RSS feed from their site in order to serve up videos automatically. That way, you don’t have to decide which videos you want to market. You can just have them load in automatically, depending on what’s new or what is popular.

Payment Model
It’s a lengthy read on HubTraffic, but it’s pretty straightforward. Hell, it’s simpler than your average referral setup. You get paid per a thousand unique visitors. Unique visitors are defined as someone you send to HubTraffic’s sites in a 24-hour period. Meaning, the same person can’t be counted twice in one day. So far, so good. I am kind of sad about the fact that there’s no other payout offer, like a revenue share, but I guess they don’t really have a model for it.

You get about $3 for a thousand unique visits, but you get a different amount depending on the country of the people you’ve referred. You should refer to the table on the main HubTraffic landing page, since they have all the stats listed. There are also different brackets for mobile, PC and tablet, where it’s all documented in advance.

I really like this method for all up and coming webmasters who need to get their hands on a ton of content and would also like to monetize their traffic. The only downside here is that once you send your visitors away from your site, they’re likely to stay on the destination site for the rest of the fap. Still, it’s an offer you can’t refuse. Plus, getting paid quality money for free referrals with no signup is not an offer you get very frequently. If most of your visitors are the kinds of third-world fappers that don’t want to spend money, HubTraffic is likely to be your best bet.

As always, I’d advise that you compare your performance with HubTraffic against your other campaigns and see how profitable it actually is. Also, try to keep in mind that you can't get legitimate marketing statistics without a sufficient amount of daily viewers on your site. You need thousands of unique referrals to see an actual profit.

A Worthy Offer
The payment options aren’t stated on HubTraffic for some reason. That was a bit confusing. I’d assume they cover wire payments, but I can’t guarantee it. They literally don’t mention anything about the payment method. They only know the payout calculation. They also give you some tax legalese about how paying taxes is entirely your responsibility and they don’t get involved with your tax affairs. They cater to webmasters of many countries, so naturally, this makes sense. Your local tax law applies.

I think that HubTraffic should go on the top of your list of affiliate marketing network offers, simply because PornHub is one of the most important porn sites in history. You’d be foolish to go out of your way not to cooperate with them, especially since it costs you absolutely nothing to do so. You could easily use their embedded videos to send people to their site, while you also run banner ads for other networks simultaneously, all on one page. Fuck it, go wild.

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