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You might not be familiar with HugeTraffic, but you must have heard of Fling.Com. This is a sort of all-in-one review of their entire system. HugeTraffic is the name that pushes the affiliate marketing side of things and they’re the official partner program for Fling. So, in essence, this is the place if you’re down to advertising for Fling and making money through referrals. They like to keep their sites separate for convenience's sake and I think this is good practice. It’s kind of like the back door at the club where the VIPs enter from. HugeTraffic is your endpoint. It’s the webmaster hangout. It’s where you go to set up your automated traffic monetization and have a generally good time making money for being popular.

As far as I can tell, these guys have been around for a while. They claim that they started out in 2006. That means they’ve been around the block. They’re certainly older than my main site. I expect nothing but top professionalism. Plus, Fling is a famous dating site, especially among perverts who are just trying to get laid. I expect nothing but the best from them as well.

Unfortunately, HugeTraffic does not inspire confidence. It’s the kind of website that just gives off bad vibes. I know they’ve been around since 2006, but that doesn’t mean that their site should look antiquated. All it’s missing are some cobwebs and we can pretty much send it off to the crypts. The whole goddamn site looks like a retro business card. I am getting so many mixed feelings about HugeTraffic. I’m not really sure how to review them at this point, but I’m sure as hell going to try.

The Sites You’re Marketing
HugeTraffic isn’t just in charge of Fling. That’s just their main shtick. They’ve also got MilfPlay, UberHorny, InstaBang, SnapSext, MeetLocals, BlackFling, Caliente and even something called Wealthy Men. That last one really got my goat. Apparently, it’s a website where women can meet rich men who are willing to support them for life and also give them the dicking on a good and regular basis. Not to throw shade or anything, but if a dude’s on a dating website, chances are he’s not desperate. If he’s not desperate, then he definitely doesn’t want or need the kind of gold digger who’d be on the prowl for her next mark on the internet.

Either way, these sites fucking work. I’ve seen them in action. Dating sites have been bringing in the big bucks since time immemorial. Well, since the 90s, but still. You get the picture. People are desperate to get laid and they’ll pay any amount of money to make that happen. It would be better if these sites actually promised to find you a match, but Ashley Madison tried that back in the day and it did not end well. These sites only really promise to get you in touch with other people and that’s about the end of it. They’re basically retro variants of Tinder, though; you’re far likelier to get laid on these sites than on Tinder. There’s nothing but attention whores on Tinder.

What the Customer Gets
There are roughly three types of dating services. I call them OG, modern and Tinder clones. Technically, you could also call them matchmaking, social and booty call swipe. The first type has you enter a bunch of your information and either a program or a person works behind the scenes to find the best match for you. The social ones just let you make a profile, like you would on any social media app and then browse through other people’s profiles, sending them messages and what not. The swipes, well, you know. You see booty, you swipe right, you match with booty, you enter booty. It’s the way of the future. The sites that HugeTraffic serves to your visitors are all social. They make an account, upload some pics, talk about their likes and dislikes and check out all the other lonely singles in their area.

I don’t really have a preference when it comes to the types of dating sites. They all cater to desperate lonely people or the chronically horny. Personally, I like picking up chicks in bars or just waiting at home for some random groupie to show up. I’m pretty popular like that. Pussy just delivers itself sometimes. Your visitors will have to make do with the social aspects of sites like Fling.

They’ll essentially have to market themselves. So, their subscriptions are basically paying for the privilege of being on the sites and getting access to other people. It’s kind of like paying for membership access to an inside club of horny people. What you do once you get in and who you end up doing once you’re a member, that’s up to you.

Making Money Per Sign-Up
Normally, I’d break down the types of referral offers and deals that an affiliate site has listed and explained, but we’re kind of going in blind with HugeTraffic, both you and me. I’d have to literally sign up with them to even give you any in-depth information. Their site is bogus and it’s giving me ass cancer. I don’t usually throw hate people’s way, at least, not this much. But, for fuck’s sake – you can’t have an affiliate marketing website and not list some specific numbers that people can learn from before they consider signing up with you.

HugeTraffic reads like an actual teaser business card with zero useful information on how much money you make or even how your profit is measured. There are no percentages listed here. You have no idea what you’re in for. The only actual numbers you see listed are “35-45 dollars per sign-up”. Great. What the fuck does that even mean? Do you get that money when people make an account? Do you get paid when they verify their e-mail?

Talking Numbers
Does the money get sent to you when they get a subscription and add their credit card details or do you have to wait for the payment to resolve? Well, I had to dive into the FAQ to find out more. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t just list the damn information on their landing page, but here we go. You get $35 for the first 150 paid signups per month and $40 for every signup beyond that. So, by 35 to 45 dollars per signup, they’re referring to the point of transaction when the end-user actually pays for a subscription.

The revenue share is also explained in more detail under the FAQ. Seriously, put this shit on the landing page – it’s important. You make 55% for every person you refer, for life, with an increase to 60% if you check off more than 210 qualified paid signups per payment period. Again, that’s a monthly quota. Even if you don’t hit the required numbers for a bump in profits, I still like these numbers. They check out just fine. I’m not too happy about the lack of a free tier, for trial signups, but hey, you can’t have everything.

Their mobile offers are almost identical to the desktop offers, but they pay a bit less for some reason. The system’s exactly the same and the same rules apply, but instead of the $35 per signup, you get $25. I honestly don’t know why this is the case. I guess they’ve found mobile traffic to be less profitable across the board. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Maybe they charge less for their mobile subscriptions. Either way, it’s no skin off your ass. Just remember the rules.

Some Other Numbers You’ll Need
You can make a flat profit of $200, clean, if you refer another webmaster to their site. Once they see that webmaster making a few profitable referrals, they get checked off as legit and you get the two c-notes. It’s a great system. Typically, you’d get a percentage referral and arguably, that’s much better for the long run, but getting $200 flat isn’t a bad deal either.

The terms for payment are also pretty lax, though you can’t invoice whenever you want. There are payment cycles, every 15 days and you can get your cash through checks, wires and ACH. They don’t support PayPal, but I don’t see this as much of a red flag. PayPal has been a pain in the porn industry’s ass for years now. Besides, ACH is the hottest, fastest way to transfer money these days, so that alone is more than enough for you. If you’re a webmaster operating outside of the US, you can receive ACH payments instantly, straight to your pocket with minimal fees.

Bottom line, HugeTraffic clearly has a lot of potential for profit. Their site is old and needs a retouch, but their offers are undeniably top-notch and I recommend that you give them a shot.

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