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ImaXcash is an affiliate program, and they have been online for more than two decades. They are known for developing programs and products in the dating area, and now their affiliate program gives in-house dating offers (both mainstream and adult). They are market leaders in Slovakia, Serbia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Romania, and Austria.

So, if you were looking for an affiliate program in the dating field, I think you might have stumbled upon at least once. They have a bunch of products that will satisfy all your needs and a lot of different types of dating users. We all know the types… right? You have the cute flirts who love to take their time while chatting up sluts, and you have the rapid flings who just like to get straight down to business.

But, that is a good thing, as that means that imaXcash is suitable for everyone. Plus, imaXcash does not offer some shitty repackaged dating offers. Instead, they have the in-house developed, proprietary offers that are always updated. They also have the customizable White Label option and advanced promo tools. So, if you are interested in learning about and what it really has to offer, you are welcome to continue reading.

What does imaXcash offer?
Well, 4:1 is their average conversion rate for both free and paying users. About 2.4 million new users have registered in the last year, enjoying all the exclusive dating products, and whatever else the fuck imaXcash has to offer. They have also paid out 15.3 million euro to webmasters in the last year, which is quite a big sum. But that does not really give you all the info that you need, right?

This is where I’d like to mention that has a great tour page. Everything on their website is neatly listed, so getting to the information that interests you, will not be difficult. Now, if you are too lazy to do all that, you could just continue reading. Obviously. I am here to give you all the important info, and you do whatever the fuck you want with that.

With over 20 years’ experience in this field, it is more than obvious that imaXcash will be suitable for all devices. I think that that is something all other websites should start implementing, since some of us prefer to sit at the PC, while others do everything on their phone. I’m telling you… the traffic would double if all websites were smart enough to make themselves available to all platforms.

Landing pages are available, too, and have been localized by their native copywriters. As for the professional marketers, you will probably want to track your conversions in detail, right? Well, imaXcash offers advanced trafficking, post-back and pixel options. There is also a banner kit that is used to generate feeds and banners, using the type of profiles that will best suit the targeted audience.

Oh, and a very important aspect is that imaXcash has a great support service… which is available in many different languages. Their account managers tend to be multilingual and are available in two time zones. But then again, if you do not speak English… what is wrong with you? It is time to learn the language everyone basically speaks.

How can I earn money?
There are a couple of ways you can earn money, but the most popular option is definitely the 70% RevShare. However, if you do not know what the fuck RevShare is or how you can earn money through this program, it is time to educate yourself first. RevShare is Revenue Sharing, and in simple terms, it is the revenue that is shared with an affiliate for a driving sale. It is a term that is used to describe how an advertiser will reward an affiliate.

Then you have the CPS option, which stands for Cost Per Sale. CPS is a kind of payment method for promoting websites, services, or products online. Merchants will pay the affiliates for every sale. This type of affiliate marketing is known to reduce vulnerability to fraud, as it bans IP addresses with any type of fraudulent behavior. Thus, CPS is known as one of the most fraud protective and cost-effective.

Let’s also mention the PPL option. Keep in mind that CPS and PPL options are available on request. The PPL stands for Pay Per Lead. This is a type of affiliate marketing program where the advertiser or a marketer will pay an affiliate based on the number of conversions that they have produced for the advertiser. I mean, if you still do not understand this crap, you can always Google it.

Other than those mentioned, there is another way you can earn a buck or two. The referral program. Now, I must say that 5% for a referral program is hella fucking low, but it is what it is. Basically, they offer 5% for all webmaster referrals, which is nice and all… but I highly doubt anyone would want to go out of their way to earn money through referrals only, when you have other better offers. Oh well, to each their own.

Which way you choose to earn money is all on you. But, if you do not know much about how to earn money as an affiliate, you should probably start there. Lucky for you, there are many online articles that will help teach you how to use affiliate programs to your advantage. As for those who know what the fuck they are doing, welcome to

When and how will you get paid? Is that the kind of info you were interested in? First of all, you need a minimum sum of $250 to be eligible for a payout. If you have that much, the payment will be sent through bank wire transfer, Paxum or Payoneer… depending on what the fuck you are most comfortable with.

The payments will be sent twice a month. But if you do not manage to get the minimum required for a payout, do not worry. That just means that your money will be taken to the next payment period, and so on, until you actually get the minimum required. It is very simple.

How to get started?
While I think this is more than obvious, you should first register. The registration on imaXcash is free, and very simple. The registration form will ask you all kinds of relevant questions, where you can also select the promotional methods you prefer. Once you are done with the registration, their support team will check it out, and approve it… or not.

When you register on imaXcash, you have the opportunity to convert all the dating traffic as best as possible. There is also a bonus of $1000, and all you have to do is sign up and promote their products. Those who are able to achieve at least $1000/month in the following three months after the registration will get another $1000. Neat!

White Label and other crap
I did mention the White Label a little bit, but do you even know what that means? You are allowed to have your own unique white label dating website. You can use this offer to give your visitors the feeling as if they are visiting something new and exciting. Now, if you are confused, let me make it clear. White Label of a product/website/service is when that product/website/service is produced by one company, and other companies are allowed to rebrand it and make it seem like it was theirs.

Then you have email marketing, where the imaXcash has follow-up emails to all the referred customers, which will boost the conversions for affiliates. Plus, their products are actually nicely suited for email marketers, and they have good templates you can use. has a rotator that works with the smart system feature, which will recognize the origin of your traffic, and then send them to an appropriate offer taking into consideration where the fuck they are from. This will definitely improve your traffic conversion rate since no clients will get lost. Plus, you can choose to use the deep profile links, which are designed for you to link to specific profiles on a website, for that personalized experience for your audience.

That’s about it.
imaXcash has over 20 years of experience in the dating business, and that means that they probably know what the fuck their clients want. I think I pretty much covered all the important aspects when it comes to what has to offer, and whether it would be a good affiliate program for your ass. Then again, their tour page is very nice, and will give you all the necessary information as well. And if you actually run into an issue or whatever, you can simply contact their customer support service.

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