It’s a new world and one that seems to spin faster all of the time. The global economy ebbs and flows, and the business world is constantly trying to adapt. While no one knows how exactly things will look in fifty years, or even five, there are a few certain things.

One of them is this: brick-and-mortar establishments are going the way of the dinosaur, and pretty soon, everyone will be working online to some degree. If you don’t believe me, just reflect on how many workers, employers, and entrepreneurs started working remotely in 2020.

If you do have the desire to get ahead of the curve by taking advantage of an opportunity, then you are on the right web page. Continue absorbing this entire article to find out about something phenomenal.

It might be tempting to skip to the bottom of the review to get the summary, but don’t. You’re going to want to get all of the delightful details so you can make up your mind.

The Denizens Of The Net Seem To Be Thrilled
Usually, I tend to wait until the end of one of these before I get into what other people and I think about a particular moneymaking program. In this case, I decided to mix things up to build hype and set the scene.

It didn’t take me long – a few minutes, in fact – to find a bevy of reviews about iMonetize It, and a clear pattern started to emerge. Guess first, then start reading to see if you spot what I’m talking about.

Average user reviews: 5 stars out of 5

Webmaster average reviews: 4.79 out of 5

This isn’t the best review platform, but we are starting slow. The review itself is fine, though not as good as mine. However, as you can see from the data above, it’s clear that this service is fantastic according to many others.

Sheldo12 reports that this system has a “conversion rate [that] is pretty high,” which is reflected by other user assessments that I’ve seen elsewhere. And hendrick_affstar says that the “Account managers are responsive, from my experience.” Impressed so far? Keep reading carefully; there’s plenty more.

Average user reviews: 5 stars out of 5

Written up by a very fine-looking affiliate account manager, Nadiia Onyshchenko, has a short write-up about this service. In her assessment, it is decent, but what I want to focus on is what her readers have had to say. While Onyshchenko doesn’t have an opinion herself, several third-party commenters have nothing but glowing things to report.

Average user reviews: 4 stars out of 5

Webmaster average reviews: 4.94 out of 5

Again, the pro overview isn’t very long. It’s actually a series of simple site stats and related info. However, when it comes to member-driven reviews, this website takes the cake. Instead of having just a few, this one hosts nearly a hundred of them, which are nearly never negative.

And that’s just the examples that I decided to limit myself to when it comes to any depth. There are at least half a dozen other major review websites that I could have cited. To give you a couple of brief examples, CPA Planner endorses this program and – as we’ll see another particular pro reviewer 😉 – have few problems with it. Similarly, also has the same assessment as do their commenting readers.

Are you starting to see what I mean? It certainly seems that the entrepreneurs and professional critics of the net like this service.

Of course, those are their opinions. And while I’m certainly not discounting them, I have to investigate for myself. With all that thrown out there, let’s do a thorough but quick analysis of iMonetize It.

We Should Focus On The Actual Service To Start, I Suppose
To quote the website directly:

“We are providing online marketers with ready solutions to bridge the gap between them and the advertisers they target. With a dedicated optimization team reviewing traffic and offers in real-time, we ensure our clients enjoy the highest RPMs possible.”

To word it in simple terms, this company works with other enterprises to grab needed attention for page views and to sell products and services. Your goal as an affiliate is to craft and deploy a campaign to attract and direct web traffic to the companies that work with iMonetize It.

It will certainly help if you have experience in online marketing and using geo-targeting software, campaign management, etc. However, plenty of other people can be successful with this program. If you have experience, professional or not, being active on social media, dating websites, playing games, or engaging in sweepstakes, you are already qualified.

You Are Supplied With A Ton Of Tools
In the abstract, setting up a traffic marketing campaign is a cakewalk. Nonetheless, it can be a pain in the ass, even with experience, if the system you are using is a joke. It is a good thing that iMonetize It gives you access to means of producing and deploying your campaign.

Some programs allow you to generate unique promotional links with ease, track and forecast your performance, and give you software to target and get more traffic intelligently. By using the smooth interface, you can optimize your campaign as needed. This system can be integrated with supplemental ones such as AllAffiliatePro and Cake.

Just About Everyone Is Welcome To The Party
It blows that there are registration restrictions when it comes to regions, even on the internet. In my experience doing reviews on my website, that’s the case for partnering opportunities involved in adult entertainment. But even on a (mostly) free internet, there are certain limitations.

That isn’t too much of a limitation here since it’s possible to market to more than fifty countries.

I suppose since it’s semi-relevant here – and more importantly, vital to mention – payments are reported as coming in fast and timely twice a month. The money is sent using bank wires, PayPal, Capitalist, Paxum, to name the most popular.

In general, the collection minimums are only $80 except for wire transfers that will run you $1,500.

While it’s not apparent from the iMonetize landing page, you can make money in two other ways as an affiliate; you get paid for each person who joins this program using your affiliate link. The payout isn’t much, only 5% of their earnings, but if you grab enough recruits, that’s going to add up pretty quickly.

But it gets even better from there.

As you continue to make money, you will earn loyalty points, called imonets. For every $25 you rake in, you’ll get an imonet, and, just like being a kid in a credit-for-prize franchise, you can exchange your imonets for physical prizes, including sporting goods and electronics, along with entertainment and travel incentives.

As far as I know, you are enrolled in this program as soon as you sign-up for the iMonetize program. To wrap this section up, getting started isn’t too much of a problem either. It’ll take you all of a minute or two.

You Will Get Constant Customer Service
No matter how superb a service or software is, it is always great when you have a guarantee that you can get in touch with someone if you have a problem or questions. At all hours of the day, you can get a hold of their staff every day of the week.

Besides the usual channels, it looks like you can follow or reach out on four social media pages. Moreover, you can get access to iMonetize newsfeeds via their Telegram channel. The feed is updated damn quickly, so I highly recommend checking that page out.

It may look like this company only supports English and Russian speakers based on their site text version options. However, it would appear that they provide services in multiple languages.

If you want to get in touch with them now, you can contact the company using the interface at the bottom of the site’s landing page.

Most Importantly, Do I Think That The Critics Are Right?
Let us recap all that we’ve gone over.

iMonetize is a program that allows you to help yourself by helping other people by sending them traffic. You have a wealth of tools to send them traffic and other software to improve your strategies. Also, these campaigns will show up on net-capable devices, whether they are desktops, tablets, or modern mobile machines.

There are more than a dozen ways to collect money, and you are guaranteed to be paid twice a month so long as you meet the minimum earning amount. On top of that, there is an additional incentive to be a member thanks to the imonet system.

Given these facts and the resounding support that this system has, it’s pretty evident that it kicks ass if you are trying to make money monetizing traffic.

But is there anything to bitch about?

If I had to level one criticism (sort of, but not really), it would be that I had to do a little extra digging to find out all of the details listed above. It’s not as if the website isn’t packed with information about the iMonetize program.

In fact, they do a great job of breaking down everything into easily digestible chunks. Still, it would be nice to see a little more info on a few things that I had to find elsewhere.

To mention one more thing, with all of this quality feedback, I am surprised that iMonetize webmasters haven’t added a testimonial page or section to their website. But let’s be honest, neither of those things is something that I can really call a strong criticism.

To sum up, this website’s services do seem to deliver what it promises without any problem.

I am going to give it an enthusiastic four hands and endorsement. Just make sure that you go through the fine print before signing up, but getting started after that shouldn’t be too much of a hassle.

Enjoy making money!

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