Dropshipping can be cool, even lucrative, but it sucks when you have to keep up with managing products. Even if you are apart of a program that doesn't require you to physically keep inventory in stock, you will inevitably have to deal with customers who don't get what they ordered on time or at all.

Indeed, this can be incredibly frustrating if someone else is in charge of sending a product to a client. Thank goodness then that modern internet marketers can sell virtual programs that only require a payment transfer and a download.

There are far too many to count, but one of the more interesting ones is iStripper's affiliate program. You could skip to the end to get my opinionated summary of this opportunity, but you should read the complete review to make up your own mind.

I promise you – juicy details abound throughout.

Never Heard of iStripper? I've Got a Breakdown For You
Have you ever seen adverts for sexy senoritas dancing on a computer screen? If so, then you have probably seen an ad for iStripper. If you've never seen such commercial promotions before, don't worry. You can not only watch but download a free demo on the iStripper website.

Anyway, these sexy ladies are actual porn performers dancing about and doing all kinds of sexy things. Some examples are something as simple but sensual as seeing a fine women cavort around in a bikini and then nothing at all.

In other cases, said women start off entirely nude and don't even attempt at being coy. Then there are those which showcase certain holiday or kinky themes. Some of the talent showcased includes busty babes from all over the world, with many of them coming from eastern Europe.

They've got babes who are busty and others who tend to be a bit petite. There are women presented who have every eye, hair, and skin color as well. And in all of those categories, you'll find that there are hundreds of women in each! Further, if you check out the iStripper gay sister site, there are a bevy of beaus to appeal to any gals (or guys) sexual taste.

To sum up, no matter what kind of chick or chief a prospect is into, there are bound to be a least a few dozen or thousand which you can pitch.

Is it any wonder that the retention rate for customers is five months?

Here's Why This Program Is So Popular
Well, as you can probably tell already, this product looks fantastic, and it doesn't take too much time to see immediately. I should throw in here that very often, every model has at least a couple of shows, which means that you've got even more to advertise to prospects.

Plus, these shows tend to run well over half an hour and come with bonus photos and videos. I don't know bout you, but that sounds like a helluva lot to promote to horny denizens of the net.

Lastly, unlike other PPI programs, this one does not contain any malware or adware. Plus, they've got an exemplary rating from third-party sites like TrustPilot.

This may not sound like much to some of you, but I would bring this up if you are promoting iStripper to prospects. Not only is it another marketing point, but it's also a means to put your prospect's mind at ease.

Getting Signed Up Doesn't Take Too Much Effort
Compared to other affiliate programs I've seen, this one ain't bad when it comes to getting started. There is no fee to get started like any not sketchy business deal does.

(BTW, if someone's asking you to send money to start a program, then they are probably scamming you.)

Getting registered requires only the basics. They want a username and real name, along with your website, unique password, as well as your email address. While not required, you can also put in your Skype address, which may come in handy when it comes to getting in touch with iStripper staff.

You also have the option of choosing the sort of program that you want to adopt. To be specific, you can register for two revenue-sharing schemes. PPI pays you a dollar for each signup you get but is for desktop exclusively. The standard package gets you 50% of revenue when you get a signup and applies to desktop and mobile traffic.

So, when you get started, choose what you think will work for you wisely.

Be Sure You Read the Fine Print When Signing Up
There is a little bit of a catch, though, when it comes to joining this program. iStripper does claim to value your privacy, and they do say that they are GDPR compliant. However, they will use the personal information you provide for their own purposes, none of which are infamous.

To give you the specifics, your data will be put towards statistical investigation, marketing research, and overall data analysis. They'll also use your email address to send you additional information about the affiliate program as well.

No matter how you feel about any of that, I would suggest looking up the terms and conditions before formally getting an account.

Now For the Most Important Thing – How Much Money Can You Make
It's good to have a fantastic product to sell, but if you don't have a means to promote it, why bother trying to sell it? Even the most gifted marketers would have to put in a ton of effort to get anyone to buy what they're selling.

And as the meme goes, "ain't nobody got time fo' that."

Fortunately, like any good affiliate program, this one comes with a fine selection of tools that will make your job all that much easier. For instance, they give you pre-made geo banners, email conversion software, and WordPress plugins, among other tools to sell this program.

I'm not one to only go by testimonials, but this website has several good ones, which makes it seem like this is a legit program. Not only that, but iStripper has been voted as having the Speciality Affiliate program of the Year.

And if you've got any complaints or issues, there are three means by which you can get situated. Should a problem arise, I'd start by checking out the FAQ page to troubleshoot a problem. Other than that, you can get ahold of iStripper's staff via their Contact Us page. Finally, you can probably get decent help from someone immediately on the iStripper Discord page.

Are There Any Improvements That Need to Be Made?
All things considered, this affiliate program isn't too bad, and there isn't much I would fix. If there is one crucial thing which I would change, it'd be the payment options. You can get paid through Paxum, bank wire, FirstChoice Pay, and even good old fashioned checks. That's great and all I think, but I would like it if they added other options like PayPal or through cryptocurrency transfers.

This isn't so much a critique as it is an observation, but I think it's a bit weird the way they schedule the rate of payment. You see, most affiliate programs have a minimum payout plan, which requires the marketer to get a certain threshold of money before collecting. Then you can get paid whenever you wish. iStripper's program, on the other hand, regularly pays every two weeks.

Lastly, I do think that this is one of those products which practically sells itself. That said, given the fact that this is a virtual service of an adult nature, some marketers might finding it challenging to promote. Even with the tools which iStripper provides, it might be an adjustment for you when it comes to selling this program.

Now Then, Do I Think That This Is a Worthwhile Venture?
We've gone through all of the important factual information about this program, but let's focus on what really matters: my opinion of the iStripper affiliate system.

I find the product itself to be deliciously delightful to look at, even with a free membership. Of course, the idea is to get signups to pay for the full service, which I don't think is too hard if you know what you are doing.

When taking everything into consideration, I am confident that iStripper affiliate deserves a fabulous four and a half out of five hands.

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