There are plenty of ad networks out there that can help you target an audience or monetize your site. But do these fucks really know what they’re doing when it comes to your hot fetish porn site or risque image blog? I doubt it. And those guys who hit all websites, including SFW ones, don’t always have the right connections to back up their claims. Fuck, some of those networks could outright refuse to work for you if your JAV scat site turns off their own sponsors and big-wigs. You don’t want to be halfway through registering for their service before you find that out the hard way.

You want to have your back. These horny bastards are one of the go-to names in adult advertising networks. Did you know there were awards for being a quality adult ad network? Neither did I, but these fucks have got a whole bunch of them. They’re the 2020 XBIZ best traffic services company of the year. That’s pretty damn impressive.

What’s more impressive is that they’ve collected over 24 similar industry awards. So, at least you know you’re getting backed by a team of passionate porn lovers. They won’t leave your email unread when you ask about the difference between advertising your penis pills on fetish blogs versus casino sites. They’ll have all of the answers you need and then some.

An Award-Winning Adult Ad Network that Knows the Industry
They tout themselves as “The sexy advertising network” and their site backs that up. You’ve got hot, yet tasteful images of scantily clad sluts behind all of their stats and offers. One of the biggest factors that will bring you guys to this site will be some of their exclusive advertisers and clients. They have exclusive deals with websites like, Mile High Glass Pipes, and Fap Candy. If you want ads from these premium, high-traffic sites to help monetize your blog or site, then you’ll have no choice but to sign up with Juicyads.

Don’t worry; they’ve got more to them than just a few exclusive deals. Let’s go over some of the good shit for you advertisers out there. First off, they can get you on up to 220,00 adult, gaming, and gambling sites in a fucking instant. Those are verified numbers that mean that you’re hitting millions of people in your target audience when you sign up with this site. And they don’t simply take anyone into their network. They benchmark their network sites for traffic constantly to ensure that your ads aren’t landing on bunk, low-traffic shitholes.

Get Your Ads Shown on Over 220 Thousand Adult Websites
But how much can you make as a publisher? Can you load up your site with a fuck ton of ads and wait for that sweet, sweet dosh to come rolling in? Well, kind of. They don’t offer a static CPC or CPM rate for ads since they say that their advertisers’ needs and demands change daily if not hourly. Some of the ads that run on your site will go off of a CPC or pay per click rate while others give you a rate for every thousand impressions you bring their way. They also have varying plans and options for hitting different geos or countries that you want to. It depends on your specific site and market how much you’re going to bring in.

If you’re targeting a niche population of Arabic foot fetishists, then you won’t bring in as much dosh as if you were targeting hentai loving weebs in America. So, keep all of that in mind before you go complaining to this site about your revenue. If you want to have a hands-on approach, you can use their free suite of advertiser and publisher tools. These are great for controlling your campaign, monitoring your site statistics, and much more.

Hands-On and Hands-Off Approaches for Advertisers and Publishers
Though, I know some of you don’t give a flying fuck about any of that nerd shit. Impressions, traffic, engagements, CPC, CPM, and all of those terms make you more bored than a hooker at church. Now, some of you sketchy fucks will need to make sure your sites are on the up and up. Juicyads isn’t afraid to pull their ads or stop dealing with you if you upload illegal shit. That includes piracy. So, please don’t go there trying to get them to run ads on your fishy JAV rip site or a torrent page. It ain’t happening.

One thing that I haven’t seen another ad network has is a team of babes. Yeah, seriously. They have their own JuicyAds girls who show off lewd pictures for promotions and shit. That’s one way to get some attention. But aside from sexy bitches, you can expect some other bonuses for working with them. They have around the clock security monitoring system that makes sure malware or malicious ads are stopped in their tracks. There are few faster ways to lose an audience than by having them get their computers bricked because you fucked up with who you trusted to run ads on your site.

Easy Tools for Running Ads and Monetize Your Site You Way
They also offer some special ways of running ads on your site. In addition to banners and your usual shit, they let you have ads that pop-up behind the main site or open in other windows. I get the idea here. They’re guaranteed to at least see that shit and might even click on it by accident. It’s at least one impression or click for you, but I’d be wary of using those. I get that they might be effective, but I know that it turns many viewers and me away from a site. But, hey, your mileage may vary. There are times when the benefits of running those sorts of ads far outweigh the negatives, especially if you have a massive high-traffic site.

Pornwebmaster’s Favorite Feature
I loved the adult focus of this site. You go in knowing who the people are who are going to be helping you make fat stacks. It’s not that I don’t trust ad sites that work in SFW and NSFW circles, but the horny porn lords usually have those sweet connections that other big sites can’t get. Hell, just look at’s list of exclusive partners. These are some big-names that your audience might actually want to click on. After all, ads won’t help you make money if nobody gives a shit about them. You need ads that grab horny users’ attention.

Plus, they offer a suite of control options to ensure that those of you who are trying to share products hit the sweet spot of audiences. Being dedicated to adult content, you know your ads aren’t going to end up on some site where they don’t garner any traffic. This site throws your ads right where you need them to be without you having to lift a fucking finger.

Pornwebmaster’s Suggestions
I’d like a little more clarity from the site at times. I want to see sample packages and deals instead of having to fill out a form and wait for some sale rep to call me. It just feels in-personal. And you have to put in a bunch of personal information just to get that call. What if I want to stay relatively anonymous? I don’t see an option for that here, which may turn off some of you fucks who only deal in extreme privacy. I wouldn’t blame you. I’d be happy to only throw in an email or phone number, but they ask you for a bunch of shit. I wouldn’t be surprised if they said that they needed my fucking blood type and mother’s maiden name.

Pornwebmaster’s Final Thoughts
Overall, is high up there as one of my favorite adult-focused ad networks. They cornered a niche and can help you navigate every corner and facet of the industry. You can land your ads on sites that practically guarantee traffic and impressions. Plus, those exclusive partners will greatly influence bringing in the dosh once their ads start popping up on your site. They offer a wide range of packages, options, and features for any website, big or small. Please go check them out, and make sure to stop by their section of hot babes in skimpy outfits. I won’t tell anyone if you don’t.

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