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You know I had to cover LifeSelector, right? There’s no way I could possibly give them a pass. Of course, they have an affiliate offer for you. They’d be dumb not to. Their product is original and ground-breaking. It’s funny that the tech that goes into the shit they do has been around for over 30 years. No, I’m not kidding. It’s really that fucking simple. On the surface, all they do really is just put together a bunch of short clips and connect them with buttons. That’s it. But, the way that they put it all together is what’s impressive. Someone has to plan these videos and produce them. Not to mention, LifeSelector actually gets the hottest triple-A pornstars out there for their videos. No second-rate dog-faced bitches here. It’s all 10s, baby. If you see Riley Reid on their homepage, you know you’re in for something fantastic.

So, how does it work? Well, a chronic masturbator arrives on their site and makes an account. He finds a video that looks enticing and he fires it up. He’s role-playing as a guy in an office, who’s about to talk to his secretary or whatever. It’s all shot in a POV-style for extra immersion. The secretary drops her pen. She bends over to pick it up. You notice her asshole peaking at you on the side of her thong. And then… the video freezes. You get options. Do you stick your finger in her ass or do you bend down to help her pick up the pen she dropped? That’s up to you. But, the sexiest options are all blurred out. They cost credits. Oh no…You can only go for the dumbest option every time. Sure, it always leads to smut, but all the wildest options cost credits. So, how do you get these credits?

Pre-Paid Customer Model
Well, you pay money and increase your credit count. It’s kind of like buying coins in a video game that has micro-transactions. You purchase virtual currency that you spend every single time you click on an option in-between these videos; then a specific route continues on screen. They basically filmed every possible outcome from all the different story forks and let you choose what you’re going to experience. It’s damn close to being an actual video game, if I’m being honest. There have been full-motion video games in the past that have done exactly this. That’s why I said we’ve already had the tech. LifeSelector just had the good sense to bring you this action within your browser.

So, why does it matter to you, the webmaster, how and why the customers drop money on this site? Well, it’s because you’re on a percentage revenue share. That’s why the psychology of the payment makes such a huge difference. I happen to know that people who refer gamers to places like Nutaku make a lot of money on referrals thanks to the free to play model that encourages you to spend money on virtual currency. Except, on Nutaku, you gamble for in-game items. On LifeSelector, you use your coins to unlock the sexier scenes and live out a cinematic fantasy. Plus, it can be tough to market drawn video games to people who want to see real pussy. That’s what makes LifeSelector’s affiliate program such a perfect choice for webmasters who are involved in actual porn, as opposed to animated shit.

The Referral Ads Are Enticing
LifeSelector has been on top of the ad design game since the very beginning. They don’t just slap pictures of naked chicks on screen and expect people to click through. Nah, fam. They’ve got an experienced marketing and advertising team who put together these amazing call-to-action ads that encourage people to actually write their own pornographic stories. These ads are interactive. Some are more enticing than others, depending on the amount of space you can spare on your site. From what I can tell, they make more use out of wider horizontal space than vertical banners. But, it’s all interactive, just the same.

I’ve seen these types of ads being used to promote dating sites in the past. Basically, they get the customers to engage with the service that’s being promoted, long before they’ve actually been roped in. So, they’ll ask you some questions that have to do with the content. They might give you a couple of babes and have you figure out which one you find hotter. Or, maybe they’ll have you choose between vaginal, anal and oral. Then, from there, they’ll just bounce you through to a full video featuring the babe from the promo ad.

Marketing LifeSelector on Your Site
I personally think that your visitors would love these ads and they would most definitely click them, but keep in mind that audience segmentation is always key. Unless you’re straight up only affiliated with LifeSelector, you’ll want to segment your audience to find out the likeliest people to actually spend money on credits. This can be super difficult if you’re popular among small third-world countries where the value of the dollar is a lot higher. Coincidentally, it’s also why flat rate payouts are conventionally a lot higher with first-world citizen referrals.

Never mind that for now. You just look at your audience information and crunch the numbers. You’re going to see income coming in regardless, but you’ll want to streamline the process. Move all of your underperforming audiences over to another affiliate program. Show them some cheaper ads. Or, maybe, run a survey. Ask them what they do and do not like about your site and your ads. Find out why they’re not satisfied. Find out why they’re not clicking through.

Conversely, if you’ve got a bunch of people clicking the ad, but the money isn’t coming through, well, that just means that LifeSelector isn’t arousing enough for them to actually spend real money. This is disappointing, but it does indeed happen. You can also segment those audiences out and move them to cheaper ads, but it’s kind of sad. Maybe you could reach out to LifeSelector and try to figure out the most optimal way to retain these customers. They did, in fact, click the ad, so you know that they’re interested, at least. There’s a lot of fine-tuning that goes into these kinds of decisions, so tread wisely.

LifeSelector is a Safe Bet
Let’s talk numbers. The revenue share is a flat 50%, which is a good number. What else do you want me to say? Getting to keep half of all the profits is very generous. Plus, they don’t say “up to 50%”, which means you get this percentage from the get-go. They do note that their logs will be the only determinant in how much you get paid. So, if your janky third-party software says you got a certain amount of clicks or whatever and their numbers don’t match up, their numbers will be considered correct above all. This is how all other networks operate, but props to them for pointing it out.

You get paid once every 15 days for every previous cycle and only once you’ve hit a balance of over $100. Again, sounds sensible. Other networks do it this way too. There’s also some legalese under the terms and conditions, but nothing that really stands out. For the most part, it’s all very basic.

They do make it a point to boast about the fact that, unlike other similar productions, they can’t really get their content pirated, even if someone were to literally record the smut off of their screen with a camcorder. It wouldn’t matter. Their shit is scripted and put together with interactive buttons. So, it’s not like someone could just steal a single video of theirs and upload it to a torrent site. You’d have to recreate the entire goddamn game with the buttons and all and you can’t. You also can’t rip the scripts from their sites either. In other words, they are impervious to pirates and this is great news for you. It means that whoever you send to their site will not be able to jack off to the end of their sexiest scenes without paying them for credits. And, need I remind you; when they pay for credits on LifeSelector, you get to keep 50% of the profits.

This right here is one of those high-end offers you only see on the best porn sites. I personally don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t give them a shot. Their creatives are top-notch, their product is expensive and can’t be pirated and they offer you great payouts. You might as well dip your toes in.

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