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Have you noticed that your WordPress site is slow as fuck? I’m not talking about the fact that it’s just a millisecond slow. No, if your WordPress site takes seconds to load, you’re at the risk of losing visitors. That’s right – within seconds.

Nobody wants to wait around just for your WordPress site to load whenever it should load immediately like every other website. Nobody will wait just because it’s your brand, so you need to ensure that your WordPress site has the required speed to keep your visitors from growing impatient. Whether they are on mobile or on the desktop, LiteSpeed can ensure that they have the optimal experience that they are looking for at all times. Don’t leave your adult WordPress site to chance: keep it up to speed by considering if LiteSpeed is right for you!

Good tech to speed up your WordPress site
LiteSpeed is less of a central tool that speeds up your WordPress site and more of a utility suite that does a fuck load of different things, working in unison to keep your site working optimally. One of the most impactful ways that LiteSpeed does this is by replacing the Apache server that is stock in all WordPress sites. If you have ever done any digging around in the settings of LiteSpeed, then you have probably seen the Apache server that’s in the settings section.

To replace this thing is a pretty big fucking deal. It isn’t something to be taken lightly, and if you think you have to do it all yourself, well, I understand why you feel hesitant to do it. But LiteSpeed takes care of the entire fucking thing! It replaces Apache with its own LiteSpeed server, which doubles the maximum capacity of the current Apache server and gives you tech like HTTP/3. The stock Apache server does not support this, so it’s worth considering if you want to give your adult WordPress site the ‘oomph’ that it needs.

For those with many apps on their site and want to ensure those never bog down your website either, LiteSpeed offers cache plugins. LSCache Plugins feature various plugins for WordPress (of course), but also an extension for OpenCart for e-commerce sites, Joomla sites, and even Drupal for those that know what the fuck all of that means. That’s not where it all stops, either.

There is also a LiteSpeed Web ADC for those that prefer a more open-source version of the Web server. Priding itself on providing a flexible experience and giving users a second server beyond their original server, it’s a pretty damn good way to expand their site beyond just one server. I would consider looking into it and trying it out if you are thinking about expanding your server but don’t exactly have the budget to do it the old fashioned way.

Protect yourself from DDoS attacks
One of the fears of totally changing how your adult site uses servers is the risk of getting attacked. It’s one thing to allow WordPress to handle everything related to your server, so you don’t have to worry about all of that shit. But if you are actually replacing the Apache server with something else, it does not take a computer genius to figure out that all bets could be fucking off. If you are not allowing WordPress to work its magic and are relying on another solution, you have a right to be worried.

Fortunately, LiteSpeed actually protects your site from horrible shit like Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. If your server gets hit with one of these bad boys, nothing will work on the server-side of things, including your site. No one can visit, you can’t fucking fix anything in the moment, and it will kill your sales and traffic. For adult e-commerce sites especially, you cannot afford to get hit with one of these fucking things. And if it leads your visitors to finding a competitor that they can rely on just as much, you might as well kiss those goddamn sales goodbye.

LiteSpeed actually has a built-in anti-DDoS mitigation system that detects and fights against DDoS attacks before they hit your system with the fury of a horny virgin about to get laid for the first time. Because LiteSpeed can detect such attacks before they become a problem, it is able to scale these attacks, meaning that it can protect you against huge DDoS attacks that would otherwise cripple other servers.

Share cloud images of self-contained site
Another thing that you may be worrying about is whether or not you can successfully back up your server with relative ease. It’s something to genuinely wonder about, but fortunately, it’s something that you can accomplish with relative ease with LiteSpeed. LiteSpeed allows you to upload images to Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Azure, and more. With one click, you can upload your server’s backup image to a cloud storage service of your choosing. With another click, you can restore that backup image to your server so you can use it when your server does not work properly.

It’s an excellent way to restore your server whenever it is fucked up. Especially when you know when the server was originally backed up (which should be daily), it’s a good way to revert back to your server’s original state whenever you did something wrong on accident; an update crashes the server, or one of the million other crazy things that can affect servers occurs. But that’s not where the convenience of using LiteSpeed to back up your server’s image stops.

Besides backing up your server to the cloud, you can even custom build your image and save it to the cloud. LiteSpeed has the directions on how to do this, including WordPress, which is probably what most of you will be using anyway. Thus, you can be sure that the cloud image you back up and restore is the perfect, most optimally tweaked version of your server that will allow you to load and begin using the server immediately. Once again, LiteSpeed shows how convenient and time saving it can be to use the service to keep your adult WordPress server and site at large up to the task!

LSCache plugin optimizes your site
Believe it or not, but your server’s cache is one of the best ways to ensure that your site is speedy as fuck. One of the ways that this is accomplished is via the LSCache plugin. It’s like a tiny utility suite in and of itself, in that it delivers PageSpeed optimization, image optimization, third-party CDN integration, and more.

It’s fucking awesome, and a great way to ensure that your server and adult site as a whole stays punchy and up to speed with your competition. The beauty is that these speeds remain the same, no matter if you are on your desktop or mobile, as it’s responsive to the demand on your server. To this end, LSCache and the rest of the options provided by LiteSpeed, will make your site and server always fast and at its very best.

I’m talking about technologies like LiteSpeed Web Server cache engine and CDN that acts like a fucking rocket under your site and server’s ass and keeps it operating perfectly. With these technologies working together, it’s an amazing experience that works in the background to ensure you never experience any downtime, only uptime. Try it out, and see the difference for yourself!

Cost effective
If you think all of this shit costs a fuck ton of money, then I have some goddamn good news for you! LiteSpeed Web Server starts at $0 a month – yes, really - while LiteSpeed Web ADC starts at $65 a month. There is a onetime fee for DoS packet filter setup at $150, LiteMage Cache setup starts at $299 and LSCache for WordPress starts at $39.

It is a lot to take in, especially since there are prices all over the board. But for those that want a simple solution that takes your server to that next level, so you rarely have to worry about if it’s working or not, LiteSpeed’s services and solutions make it fucking simple to keep your site and server as a whole running at its very best. To that end, LiteSpeed is more than worth the cost of admission, so try it out and never look back!

For those that want to overhaul their server and fight against downtime, LiteSpeed and its suite of server solutions can help. From protecting against DDoS attacks, amazing cache technology, and so much more, the peace of mind LiteSpeed brings cannot be beaten!

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