is a robust software for managing SEO & backlinks. Getting to the top of Google can feel like such a fucking headache. It seems like everyone has a secret tip, trick, or method for getting to the top and securing that sweet, sweet traffic that you need most. It can be a pain in the ass to figure it out on your own. You’ll probably end up wasting time and money without even making that much progress. You’re as likely to do harm as you are to do actual good when it comes to SEO and all of that dumb shit. It’s frustrating. I get it. But I might have a solution that will take some of the weight off of your shoulders.

I’ve got a quality bit of software that can take the place of hundreds of dedicated site marketers. Fuck having a bunch of nerds on the payroll. We both know you can’t afford that shit. Your money is better spent on shit like hentai dolls and body pillows. Or you could dish some of that dosh out on It’s a robust piece of software that automatically spins articles, videos, and pictures out to thousands of websites and secures backlinks for you in an instant.

Software that has Been Updated and Supported since 2009
It was developed back in 2009 by a savvy fuck named Alex Krulik. It’s an interesting piece of software. You have to go ahead and purchase this infomercial looking set of CDs with training videos and all of that shit. It looks like something straight out of 2010, which checks out for when this site was made. But you don’t actually get physical CDs, at least from what I could tell. You go through the checkout and get a download link for the software.

And, man, I hate to bring up site appearances for shit like this. But this has to be one of the sketchiest looking websites that I have ever visited. If I didn’t know better, I’d be avoiding any downloads from this place. It’s got strange stock images, an odd centered layout, and it feels fake. Again, it’s not fake. But it has that greasy sort of feel to it where you’re half expecting them to run off with your credit card information.

This Site Combines Software with Live Coaches and Industry Experts
Alright, let’s parse this shit apart and see what’s going on beneath the hood. Once you ignore all of the flashy bullshit, you get a decent toolset at your disposal. Essentially, this program automates the tedious process of sending backlinks and articles out to sites by hand. You download this program, plug your content in, and then use certain filter options to determine where the program will send your content. After that, you can throw it on autopilot and make some small tweaks on the fly.

In addition to the Magicsubmitter program itself, you do get access to a support team that can help you out and coach you through certain SEO approaches. Fuck yeah. You don’t get this kind of combination very often. It’s usually a standalone program without support or a full team of nerds that do all of that hard work for you. It’s nice having a bit of a mix. It’s like taking home a set of kinky twins who are into different shit. The kinky one will pull out some rope while the other lets you plow her pussy.

Get Lifetime Access for a One-Time Payment of $297
They also give you a learning library with 60 videos for you to checkout. That’s nice, I guess. It’s not a big selling point for me since you can find that same sort of shit on a free platform like YouTube. Then there’s a forum that you can pop into and chat with expert marketers and SEO experts. Or you can shoot the shit with other people who have bought the software and hear what advice or tips they may have.

All of this shit sounds great, but let’s talk about cost. Keep in mind that having a team of SEO experts constantly working on your site can run you hundreds if not thousands of dollars every fucking month. This shit takes time. Right now, they have a special offer running that lets you acquire the software with a lifetime license for $297. That’s not too bad at all! They claim that their regular price is $67 a month, but that could be a marketing ploy to get you to buy now. I’d hazard a guess that the one-time price is going to stick around for a long while.

100% 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee if You’re Not Happy with the Software
This site does offer to give you a 100% refund if you’re at all unhappy with the software or services attached to it. That offer is good for 30-days, so you get plenty of time to tinker with this shit and see if Magicsubmitter is the right tool for your hot fetish site. I can’t say the same about most backlink software out there. So many of them leave you dead in the water if you don’t like their content, or you’ll be stuck paying for that first month or two of service regardless of if you like the software or not.

They have a bunch of video testimonials where you can get a peek at what the software looks like and what “real” users think of it. Fuck, it looks dated. It looks like the kind of program that would come stock on a Windows XP computer. That doesn’t mean it’s bad, but don’t expect it to be as flashy or nice to look at as other software options out there. I hope it’s like one of those butter faced sluts you see at the bar who fucks like a succubus. Sometimes you can’t judge shit like this by how it looks.

Pornwebmaster’s Favorite Features
You get a good combination of services with this site. They give you a robust toolset for managing your SEO, backlinks, and online presence across all of your platforms. But they don’t leave you without support. You get a live team of experts that are just a call away who can help you work through any questions that you may have. After all, it can be a pain in the ass to figure this sort of thing out for yourself. They have all of the learning material that you need to get a handle on the software and get started in the right direction.

Despite how sketchy the site looks, it does lay the information out plainly. You can take everything in at a glance without having to fuck around with other menus and all of that. You can view testimonials, a software overview, and get a price for the program right there on the front page. And being able to chat with other users in an exclusive forum was a nice touch, though I think something like Discord would be a better, more modern solution to the same problem.

Pornwebmaster’s Suggestions
For fucks sake, redesign this damn site. It looks like a pop-up you’d get on a less than legal porn site or something. It’s not going to draw anyone in, that’s for damn sure. And it’s a shame since they offer a damn good service. It’d be a simple fix. Some minor changes would make the site look so much more trustworthy, not that this site sets a very high bar for that. I’d also like to see them update the look and feel of the software. From what I could see in the videos, it seems dated and as clunky-looking as the site itself. A modern layout and look goes a long way in bringing webmasters in.

Pornwebmaster’s Final Thoughts
Overall, has a great piece of software for automating the boring, tedious task of placing backlinks and managing your site or network’s SEO presence. For just $297, you can save yourself dozens of hours of troubleshooting, email, and site scouting. That alone makes this piece of software a damn good deal. But Magicsubmitter goes the extra mile and gives you access to training videos, live experts, and a forum to help you out. You’ll have support every step of the way. I highly recommend aspiring webmasters give this site a visit and see if this program will work for you. Trust me; it’ll save you a fuck ton of money and time in the long run. And you’ll get some valuable skills by learning how to manage this shit on your own.

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