Masturpay (VR Latina)

MasturPay.com is a free adult affiliate program where you have a chance to promote a premium website called VR Latina and get paid!


Imagine being paid to promote a certain website; wouldn’t that be dope? Especially if the site is already a place that you love to visit! Well, today, I am here to introduce MasturPay.com, a VR adult affiliate program! The program is very simple to get used to, but I shall mention all the important bits you should know. So, for those who are interested, you are welcome to stay and read!

What is an affiliate?
First of all, do you even know what the fuck an affiliate is? The word affiliate is used to describe a business relationship, sort of. You basically become an affiliate with a company, and you are paid to sell their services or products. In this case, Mastur Pay will pay you to promote their website, which is pretty neat.

As an affiliate, you can earn a commission for marketing VR Latina. If you want to know more about the website, I have covered that later in this review. There are actually many adult affiliate programs available today, so if you do not want to promote this website, there are many other sites you can check out elsewhere. Lucky for you, my neat little website has listed out and reviewed all of these affiliate programs!

How to get started?
Now that you know what an affiliate is, you can start earning. First, you should register, obviously. On top of the site, you have an option to register, and since the registration on Mastur Pay is simple and free, why the fuck not give it a shot? During the registration, you will be asked to give all the essential info of an affiliate, and you also get to choose some other crap.

Just pay attention to the registration form; that is all I have to say. Once you sign up, your profile will get reviewed, and eventually, you will be accepted. After that, the site itself does not really change much, so it will be as simple and as crappy as the tour page. But that is about it. All you have to do is register to start earning… of course; you should also know what the fuck you are doing.

Let’s talk about the programs!
Of course, the pros are probably mostly interested in the programs through which you can earn on MasturPay.com, right? I mean, at the end of the day, that really matters a lot. So, let’s start from the beginning. There are the recurring payments on sales and rebills, which means that if you refer somebody and they actually start using the privileges of that website, you get a share. You will actually get a 50% share of the revenue from each sale and rebill, which is pretty dope.

Then, there is the webmaster referral program, which is more like a plus. You do not have to, but if you know other people who would also like to earn by promoting this website, you can refer them and make a profit. However, the referral for affiliates is only 5%, which is really not a lot, but of well. At least it is something, and they have an option for it, if nothing else.

I am a bit disappointed in their program offers, not going to lie. I mean, they are not really bad, but I have seen better. So, if you are looking to make a lot of money fast, this might not be the best program for you. Though, I cannot deny that you can actually start making a lot of money off of their programs in the long run. This really depends on how devoted you will be to earning through their programs…

The minimum payout is $500 for wire transfer, which just means that sooner or later, you will be able to earn that much before the payment period. You can also choose for the minimum payout to be $1k or $2500 during the registration (this all applies only for wire transfer). Pay attention to this! You also get to select the payment method that you prefer overall.

You can get paid internationally through wire transfer, with fees of $30. In case you want to be paid through Paxum or PayPal, there will be no fee for the transfer. However, Paxum and PayPal also have different minimum payout options. The minimum payout for PayPal and Paxum is $200, but it will be pre-set to $500, which is the highest. That is why I told you to pay attention!

What website can you promote?
This is all fun and games, but if the website they let you promote is not really worth it, then I am sure that you will not be interested in promoting anything. The website that you are able to promote is called VRLatina.com, and if you love hot Latina sluts, you are going to love this place. I mean, the site’s niche is basically explained in the name itself, which is always good.

Here, you will have a ton of great VR porn videos with the hottest Latina girls out there. In case you had the hots for curvaceous Spanish hotties, this is the right place for you. Of course, this is a premium website, and all the videos that are offered come in HD and are updated on a weekly basis. So, whoever the fuck checks out the site is probably going to stay for seconds.

The videos are compatible with GearVR, Oculus, and even Smartphones. All the videos are in 5k quality and have the 180 angle, which is always good. The models are all different and eager to get fucked, and there are all kinds of naughty plots. I mean, as long as you find an audience that loves Latinas, you are not going to have issues promoting this site.

Plus, there are three relatively reasonably priced options; aka the 1-month access of $14.99/month, the 3-month access of $8.33/month and the 12-month access of $5.62 a month. On top of that, there is a 1-day trial option of $2.99, that lets you explore everything the site offers without any restrictions. So the users can watch and download the VR videos.

A bad design…
While I am mostly satisfied with what MasturPay has to offer, I would appreciate better quality overall. I am not talking about the videos of the site you can promote or any of that shit… I am talking about the design for the affiliates. I saw that the VR Latina is a great site with a good design, so why the fuck does MasturPay.com look like shit?

It has the usual structure I am sure many affiliates are already aware of, but the majority of the pages look like they are broken. You do not get nearly enough information until you actually become an affiliate. That makes no fucking sense. If I did not know better, I would have thought that MasturPay is not actually legit… but oddly enough, it is.

The homepage of the site looks broken, and so does the page where they should offer websites. You have a small link to visit VR Latina, but other than that, it just looks empty. The page for the programs is very lacking, not to mention confusing. So, if you do not even know much about the affiliate life, I can see how you can be very fucking confused with MasturPay.

I mean… even if you would like to contact them to tell them what the fuck you have an issue with, they do not provide any contact info. Instead, their contact page is empty. MasturPay.com looks like somebody started making a website and then got tired in the middle of the process and left it like that. If you do want to contact them, you should first register or contact them through VR Latina for more information.

That’s that, I guess…
I am happy with the programs, and I love the VR Latina website… However, I am really disappointed with their overall design. It is really garbage, so the people who were not blessed enough to find my website first might be hella confused as to what the fuck MasturPay.com actually offers. They should make the site not only presentable, but they should provide all the information that is necessary.

As for those who already know how affiliate programs work, you can just register. The registration to MasturPay.com is free, and once you are a member, everything will start making a lot more sense. Plus, MasturPay can be viewed in a couple of different languages, which is pretty neat. If this place does not suit your affiliate needs, there are a lot of other sites I reviewed as well.

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