Mega-Traffic offers a great content partner program. The site also allows you to advertise your website and earn money by selling the...


In the porn industry, one of the tried and tested approaches to grow your brand is through content partner programs. However, identifying the best program for your website can be a tussle considering that there are several options out there. Among the many options is offers a great content partner program, and you can also earn money by selling them traffic. However, whether this site will suit your site or not is a different story altogether. Stick around if you want to learn more about the website.

For Webmasters searching for ways to earn some cash by selling traffic, is an excellent choice. This review will mainly discuss’s content partner program, but I will also go over everything else.

Now, if you really have no clue how any of this works, I am here to make your life easier, though Mega Traffic does a great job of providing you with all the necessary information you will need to get started. But if you are having trouble with any of that, read this review; everything is discussed in easy-to-understand details.

Content partner program
The content partner program is designed to help you get more traffic, more or less. It is created in a way that you can promote your website by advertising your content. Whether you gain more traffic or not mostly depends on how good your content is. Most of the content partner programs work in a way that you get to upload your content and promote your shit.

But, how does it all work on Well, it works in a somewhat similar way. Mega-Traffic gives you different opportunities, or so to speak. With their content program, you will be able to provide them with videos that will offer a constant flow of traffic on their website, which is then redirected to your website. This way, both you and Mega Traffic will get something out of this partnership.

On Mega-Traffic, you can upload your videos and set descriptions. You should make sure that you upload hot videos and content that will make people want to click on them. This is the first approach, where you are intended to do everything by yourself. This means that you will find the appropriate videos, descriptions, and all that shit.

If you do not have the time to do all of that, you can let do the work for you. However, if you choose this approach, you need to provide them with a password to the members’ area of your website. Then they will download the videos that they want, cut them to a specific length, generate good thumbnails, re-upload them to Mega Traffic, and provide descriptions.

This is pretty neat because not everyone has the time to do all that, and Mega Traffic offers to run the show for you. If you provide them with access to your website, you can sit back and relax while they do everything for you. And if you are interested in knowing how your shit will be presented, everything is explained on their homepage.

They will offer tons of backlinks to your website, and considering the number of views they get daily, this is a great opportunity. Mega Traffic will also provide you with a good banner that is bound to get the viewers’ attention. Of course, if the banner is catchy, you can expect a lot more viewers overall.

In simple words, there will be a link to your paysite above the video that you provide or that chooses to upload. Below the video, there will be a banner that will lead to your website. And below the banner, there will be other videos taken from your website and uploaded on, so the users can see what you have to offer.

You can also advertise
In case you would like to advertise your website more and enjoy an even bigger probability of having more traffic, you can check out this section on Mega-Traffic as well. They have a whole separate section for their advertising options, which is pretty neat. Other than the link on top, the banner at the bottom, and the suggested videos, there are other spots used for advertising.

You do not have to sign up for their content partner program if you do not want to; you can use the advertising options instead. They provide options for both the PC and mobile, which is great. You can have the in-player banner, the NTV A and B banner, and the footer banners. All traffic is expected, and they have fixed CPM rates that will keep the deals safer from fluctuating traffic.

On the mobile, there will be the top and footer banners. These are all pop-under advertisements that will open one time per visitor. If this is what you want, you will be provided with daily reports and stats so you can track it all.

Do you want to make money?
Other than the content partner program and the advertising options, you can also earn money on Mega-Traffic. If you want to sell your traffic for a good profit, has your back. But how the fuck does all of this work? Well, it is simple, in my opinion. You send traffic to their website, and they pay you for that traffic. Note that, for this transaction, a lot of factors are considered.

You are allowed to send them traffic from their thumbnail feed only. This means that does not accept any skim or pop-up traffic. The visitors are counted through Google Analytics, which is pretty standard. This helps them have a good count of unique visitors as they simultaneously confirm where the visitors are coming from.

Of course, if you register, you will have all the statistics, and this applies to all the programs that Mega-Traffic offers. Whether you are advertising, registering as an affiliate, or whatever the fuck, they will provide you with all the statistics. The statistics for traffic selling are updated on an hourly basis, with some delays here and there.

Now let’s get to the most important part. How much can you earn? Well, the min payment threshold on Mega-Traffic is $25. Payments will be sent every middle of the month for the month before that. If you want to receive a payment, you obviously need to have the minimum required amount in your account. If you do not have enough, your money will be transferred to the next payment period, and so on. is paying up to $1.5 for 1k unique visitors, which is pretty neat. So, if you are interested, you can contact them through email. It is written on the FAQ page; you cannot mix it. Just clarify what the fuck you are hoping for in that email, and they will respond as quickly as possible.

Contact for more information
If you still have more questions that I might have skipped over, you are welcome to contact They have provided an email through which you can reach them, so go ahead. I think I pretty much-covered everything that you need to know. Take advantage of the site’s privileges: promote your shit or earn money by sending them traffic. Whichever the case, is a good option.

If you have a website and you would like to gain more traffic, a content partner program might do the trick for you. offers great options, as I have mentioned above, so check that shit out. You will be getting a steady amount of traffic for a long-time.

You can choose to get traffic by uploading your videos or advertise your website on It just depends on what the fuck you are comfortable with. The great thing about is that it is suitable for desktop and mobile users. So, you will appeal to a lot of users overall.

In case you are searching for ways to earn money, you can send them traffic. This works similarly to other websites that buy traffic, but if you do not understand shit, you can always send them a message; they respond pretty quickly. Send them an email, include all the shit that interests you, and wait for their response.

The content partner program on is quite incredible. You can choose to do all the work yourself, from uploading videos to providing descriptions, or you can let do all the work for you. If you do not have enough traffic, is an excellent option to grow your brand.

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