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MovieDollars is the affiliate marketing website for HotMovies.Com. I’m pretty much covering both in one review, since as a webmaster, you ideally care about the affiliate site first. That’s where all the offers are. We’ll go over the MovieDollars affiliate program and the content within HotMovies. You need to know both how you’re getting paid and what you’re marketing. I’ll say that MovieDollars makes you a very standard offer. There’s nothing unique about their affiliate program. But, the content distribution model… oh boy. It’s as unique as they get. They’re trying to innovate.

I’d wager to bet that HotMovies was inspired by some guy who got his dick stuck in a chastity belt with a timer on it. He probably thought to himself: Wow, people would just love to pay to be timed on their faps. Then, we can drop a boom gate over their cocks and demand money to raise it back up again. That’s the entire business model here. You get charged for your fap time, like those theme park tickets that time you and then you hear your name called out over the PA system telling you it’s time to stop fapping. You’re almost there, just about to nut, but they don’t care. Your time is up. Put your junk back in your pants and fuck off or fork over more dough.

Anyways, MovieDollars lets you make money by blue-balling other people for you. All you have to do is show them the door, or in this case, the boom gate.

Timed Fap Business Model
They won’t shut up about it. HotMovies are so fucking proud of their unique business model; they plaster it all-over their site boasting about how it’s superior to regular video-on-demand sales models. The shtick is, viewers have a pre-paid account with minutes on it. They can add minutes to their account, then spend them streaming video directly on the site. They have a ton of videos, so there’s a lot to choose from, but instead of getting charged per view, viewers get charged per minute.

That way, if you’re a one-pump-chump, you can jack off like 40 times on a $10 payment. If you’re more like me and you take your time with quality smut, you’ll be broke in a couple of days. It’s an interesting payment model, to be sure, I just don’t know what to make of it. I don’t know who you’d market to. Is there even a demographic that’s known for preferring faps per minute?

Weird Tier Pricing
They also have the option to purchase lifetime streaming rights to a specific movie or clip. This is the old school sensible approach, because you’re free to rewatch your content without being timed by a third-party. It’s weird; it feels like there’s someone in the room with you, counting your strokes. Here’s the thing I don’t understand, though. Their pay-per-minute program should be cheaper than purchasing a video for unlimited viewing. It should be cheaper, because it’s a one-off.

You can’t rewind and re-watch; you still get timed. So, I’m looking at a random high-quality movie that came out last week called Hardcore Teens. It costs $14.95 to purchase. I could also rent it for 7 days for $7.95. Ok, so far, so good. So, how much would it cost if I were to use minutes? Well, the movie is two and a half hours long. That’s 150 minutes across. You can purchase 150 minutes for around $15. So… why the hell wouldn’t you just buy the movie instead?

Well, I’m looking at the 240-minute purchase, which is $19,95. I know it’s a lot of numbers I’m throwing at you, but bear with me. There’s something funky going on with these numbers. I have to show you this. You know how, when you pay for more of the same thing, you get a bulk discount? Like, you get 100 bananas for a dollar each, but a single banana would cost you $1.20? It’s simple commerce. The more you buy, the cheaper it should be. That’s not the case here.

I’ll just throw the numbers out for you:

- 240 minutes for $19.95, that’s 8.3 cents per minute

- 2340 minutes for $199.95, that’s 8.5 cents a minute

Not only are you not getting a discount for moving from the 20-dollar tier to the 200-dollar tier, you actually get charged more. What the ever-loving shit is going on here? Did they think no-one would notice? You also get some bonus minutes with every package, but that’s irrelevant. You get the bonus regardless. Someone failed grade school math here.

There’s also a monthly membership, which nets you 310 free minutes, then another 270 minutes added every month, with reward points and a free clip on top of that. It’s $24.95 a month and you kind of break-even. It’s slightly more profitable than going with the single-pay packages. I know I just threw a lot of information to you that may or may not be useful for webmasters, but you need to know what you’re getting yourself into. If you’re going to be funneling people to this site and getting a revenue share, you need to know the sales model behind it all. That’s where your money is coming from, after all.

The Video Quality
It’s top-notch. I can’t say a single negative thing about the content offered on HotMovies. MovieDollars are straight-up serving you a gigantic database of pornographic movies and clips dating back to the 70s. They actually have Debbie Does Dallas. They even have the remaster. It’s amazing. But, people want new shit, so, do they have new shit? Yes, indeed, they do.

They’ve got the latest and greatest in porn, as far as I’m concerned. You’ll see recognizable studios like Tushy and porn legends like Rocco Siffredi, along with the greatest names in porn across a ton of studios. They’ve got it all. You can check in daily and find new high-quality content from the most expensive studios in the world. So, it’s safe to say that this is all quality content. HotMovies have spared no expense.

I also like the pricing of the individual videos. You can get an A-list Rocco Siffredi video with lifetime streaming rights and a download link for the whole thing for $20. That’s pretty much the actual price of these videos. That’s how much high-quality DVDs used to cost back in the day. Yes, you could get a lot more value from a direct subscription, but this is not a per-studio subscription model. The prices are fair. You can get full movies for $10 if they’re not recent and A-List.

Affiliate Offer
Let’s get to the meat of the offer – the affiliate program. I’ve been putting off talking about it because it’s so straightforward. It’s a 20% revenue share. That’s it. You’re free to market any way you want. You can run ads, send redirects, whatever works. Hell, you can write blog posts if you want. They don’t care. The bottom line is, you make 20%, for life, for every person you refer to the site. There’s no referral bonus or per-acquisition payment as far as I can tell. They’re really banking on this whole per-minute model working out. I guess it must be working. I assume you also get kickbacks for single-purchases as long as the user is tied to your affiliate account.

They also mention that they have their own custom theatres that you can use instead of your own website. So, I guess they offer white-label sites that you can run for them, though they don’t explicitly say it. It would have been nice if they had shown some screenshots of a white-label site in action, but you’ll have to just take their word for it. Honestly, they don’t show much of anything in action. MovieDollars is one big textual dump of offers and promises. Other than the 20% revenue share, nothing’s really clearly explained.

The Affiliate Features
As you already know, they offer video on demand with a per-minute revenue model. They let you give away free minutes as a form of marketing. Every user that uses your link to get to HotMovies gets 15 free minutes to try out the site. Let’s hope that this is enough to entice them to pay for more. You’re also encouraged to do e-mail marketing with the 15-minute offer. Try to make it sound sexy.

Apparently, they also have some sort of phone sex program that’s thrown in as a free trial, but they literally don’t have any further information on that deal. You’ll have to get in touch with them to find out more. On the surface, MovieDollars has a lot to offer. HotMovies is a great site with a ton of high-quality content. The only question that remains is will the per-minute model turn a profit for you in the long run? That’s for you to find out.

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