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Are you considering starting your own porn tube site? Whether you are gung-ho and ready to start today or you are still in the planning stages of your tube site, you have plenty of choices when it comes to creating such a website. It all begins with choosing a theme for your tube site as well. Whether you want to start your site primarily from scratch or you want to roll out a tube site in an afternoon, thanks to the many themes out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Don’t be! You may think that starting an adult tube site is out of your grasp, but believe me, any fucking idiot can make one. To start simple and on the best footing, consider purchasing a theme from MyTubePress. If this is your first time starting such a site, these themes make it simple to get your site running optimally from the very start. Creating a tube site is a learning curve, as with any website, so that's amazing in its own right. See what MyTubePress can offer you. You may be surprised!

All themes are responsive
It used to be that when most websites were under development, it seemed like a no-brainer to emphasize the desktop Web version first. In most developer’s eyes, if the site did browse as well as it could on a mobile device, well, that’s just the way it fucking goes. The number of people browsing on mobile used to be so goddamn small that it didn’t matter. The numbers were so small that they might as well have been browsing the Web on a Sega Dreamcast post-2020.

Of course, those days are long, long gone. Nowadays, the majority of your traffic probably comes from mobile devices. Even if it doesn’t, most experts would tell you that a mobile-first development plan is almost always the way to go. Sure, there are exceptions to the rule. Cam sites used to be developed with an emphasis on desktop-first, though that rule is changing by the day.

The point is that if you are creating a site from scratch, you need to ensure that both the desktop and mobile versions of your site work seamlessly. You could figure out how to optimize both versions on your own. Or you could choose a theme that is responsive to the device that is accessing the site and forego any of the heavy lifting yourself.

That is precisely the type of themes that MyTubePress provides. For those looking to create a porn tube site, you need to consider the themes offered on this adult WordPress theme storefront. The themes for sale on the site will automatically adjust the site to load and display your content optimally.

It does not matter if someone visits your tube site on a desktop, tablet, mobile device, or even a goddamn smart refrigerator. Once the site is loaded, it will automatically respond to the kind of device that a person is browsing on and display your site in a way that is perfect for that device. That means you no longer have to worry about whether your visitors are experiencing bleeding text, videos that do not fully load the entire picture on a device, or other anomalies that will make your visitors click the back button.

The beauty of the themes on MyTubePress and other responsive themes like them is that it all just fucking works. That’s what you want when it comes to Web design. Especially if you’re not a Web design genius, you don’t have time, or you don’t want to fucking learn how to do it all from scratch, a theme like what is offered on MyTubePress makes life a lot fucking easier.

Future-proofed HTML5 video player
I don’t know if you have heard lately, but Flash is fucking dead. I’m not saying that nobody uses it anymore. I mean, it’s a dead technology, period. It’s as dead as MP3 players, cable TV, and Pauly Shore’s career as a professional clown asshole.

Whether you know it or not, videos have traditionally been embedded into sites using Flash technology. That has been changing over the years as websites have been transitioning over to HTML5. It’s a done deal now that Adobe released its final Flash update in December 2020. Fortunately for you, MyTubePress’ tube themes support HTML5.

When you add a theme to your site, you won’t find an instance of Flash here. Again, it just works. It’s HTML5-ready right out of the fucking box, meaning that the videos you are linking on your tube site will be ready to be watched as soon as your site goes live. Now, how fucking convenient is that?

For those that like to roll their own
Convenience and the choice of variety go hand-in-hand. I always appreciate it when a WordPress theme, plugin, etc., allows users to have options to use them in their way. And speaking of linking videos to your tube site, that’s what MyTubePress offers. When you want to add new content to your tube site, you do not have to be tied down to linking videos hosted on other sites, cloud storage services, or the like.

No, if you want to host your content, MyTubePress’ themes make it happen! Every them on this goddamn site allows you to self-host your content. Point to the self-hosted content on your tube site, and users will be able to watch it just as easily and functionally as if the content was hosted on another server. They won’t be able to tell the difference (unless you don’t have enough bandwidth to host the content, but that is another issue altogether).

I have to say, MyTubePress did not have to add this feature. It’s one that you do not see in that many tube themes, and it’s a welcomed addition for those that prefer to self-host their own content. If you have your own server and you want to manage every aspect of it personally, MyTubePress’ themes work swimmingly with that choice in mind. If you don’t want to self-host your content, do things as you usually would. But for everyone else that has the means and desire to host their own videos, adding them to your tube site is so fucking simple thanks to MyTubePress’ themes.

Control your ad location
Whether you want to self-host or have your content hosted elsewhere like most adult entrepreneurs, at the end of the day, the most important thing is how much money you can earn on your new tube site! I think that’s something that we can all agree on. Fortunately, MyTubePress gives you plenty of control on how you can do that by allowing you to choose where you place your ads in your site’s videos.

No matter which theme you choose, MyTubePress allows you to display banners on each video's page's header or footer. Moreover, you can place ads on the sidebars (if you want to display dual ads for double the earnings) or even in the video player itself. You have total control over your ads at all times, giving you plenty of options on how you want to display them to visitors.

I love this feature because you can see what works and what does not depend on how your visitors use your site. If an ad placement is not giving you the kind of payout you are hoping for, you can adjust where it is placed and see if that gives you better results. It’s easy to place ads, so play around with them and find what works best for your unique tube site!

Themes look dated, only seven themes
I am impressed by the functionality of the themes on MyTubePress. But in the end, the themes are starting to show their age. Look, these themes are like a redneck's 20-year-old Ford F-UFucktitty. It’s reliable, gets the job done, still has a fresh coat, but the rust is starting to form around the edges. There are so many competing themes out there that look cleaner and are as simple to browse. Thus, you may find yourself wishing that, visually, there was more of a ‘wow factor’ than what you are getting.

Add to the fact that there are only seven themes on MyTubePress, and it becomes clear that if you don’t find any themes that you like, you are basically fucked. That sucks, too. MyTubePress has impressive features that make these themes perfect for first-time tube site owners. Because these themes are starting to look dated and there isn’t much variety to begin with, the selection can leave a bit to be desired.

Still, MyTubePress is worth checking out. If you want themes that work for your new tube site, check it out and see if any of these themes are a good fit. If they are, then great! But for everyone else, you may want to keep looking and weigh your options. The functionality is there, but there need to be themes added that look a bit more modern.

MyTubePress is one of the easiest ways to get started with rolling out a tube site of your very own. It has helpful features that will get your site online and running optimally today. Unfortunately, some of the themes are beginning to look dated, and there are only seven themes available. The themes need to look more modern, and there needs to be more to choose from for MyTubePress to truly stand out from the competition.

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