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NaughtyRevenue.com offers good affiliate programs where you get to promote Naughty America's websites and earn through the PPS or RevShar...


Naughty Revenue offers an adult affiliate program and is probably best known for its flagship site… Naughty America. Today, everyone has at least heard about that porn website, and that is what I am here to talk about. Keep in mind that NaughtyRevenue has many other websites you can promote as well… but at the end of the day, that is not why I am here for.

How much do you know about affiliate marketing? I mean, if you are not that familiar with affiliate money-making, maybe it is time to dip your toes in those waters. As for the fuckers who know exactly what the heck I am talking about, I think that you will enjoy what NaughtyRevenue.com has to offer. Though, that is also debatable, depending on what the fuck you are looking for in the first place.

Affiliate marketing is pretty simple. As an affiliate, you get to earn a commission simply for marketing another company’s or person’s product. Of course, the type of affiliate marketing can vary from one program to the other, and if you are interested in adult affiliate crap, welcome to NaughtyRevenue.com.

Now, I feel like I have to say this, but I am not here to give you a tutorial on how to get rich. I am simply here to provide useful info on all the crap that NaughtyRevenue has to offer, and you then get to decide whether this shit is worth your time or not. Though, they also have a pretty nice tour site you can visit.

With that said, they could have added some spunk to the overall design. For a website whose flagship site is Naughty America, I was expecting some bling-bling, if you know what I mean. If you visit any of Naughty America’s websites, they all look premium-quality. But then if you take NaughtyAmerica’s design, chew it up, swirl it around, and spit it out… you get NaughtyRevenue.com’s design… something just does not add up here… but whatever. At least the affiliate programs are pretty dope.

Naughty America VR is fucking dope!
Anyone who knows Naughty America will know that they have a lot of websites to offer. Well, since NaughtyRevenue.com’s flagship website is actually Naughty America, they offer about 37 of their websites. This means that you basically have 37 different websites to promote! Let’s also not forget that Naughty America is known to cover some of the nicest niches.

Have you ever heard about Naughty America VR? Well, you are missing out! Imagine the hottest HD porno videos that you already enjoy fapping to, and then add the VR option to it. Yep, if you have the VR headset and all that crap, Naughty America has a whole website dedicated to the beauty of Virtual Reality pornography!

I mean, VR is the easiest crap to promote, especially when it comes to pornos. You have the fill 180º view of all the porn videos, with head tracking. They offer immersive binaural sound, and their shit is compatible with all the major VR devices. So, whichever brand you have, you probably do not have to worry about it.

This is why I say that promoting Naughty America VR is so fucking easy. Everyone who has a VR device will surely enjoy watching their favorite pornstars in a virtual reality, as they suck or ride their hard cock. Not to mention that there are a shit ton of other websites you can promote on NaughtyRevenue.com… And I could just explain all of the sites they have to offer, but that will probably take me a while.

So, all I will actually say is that you can expect it all. NaughtyRevenue has a little bit of everything, from the usual taboo porn to specific niches like threesomes, Asians, ass… and so on. There is also a section on the site called ‘Our Sites’ where you have all that info listed… Plus, all the sites will have a description too, which I found incredibly useful.

So, how do I start earning?
Let’s be honest; all of you probably skipped to this part of the review, right? Well, let’s talk about how you can start earning by promoting Naughty America. First of all, the only real way you can start earning is if you register… duh! The registration on Naughty Revenue is free, which is always a nice start. Once you register, you will get to see all kinds of info regarding your affiliate program… But, you do not need any of that, if you just read my awesome review.

Anyway, the first way to earn a steady income is to use their 30% RevShare program! Be honest… how many of you are wondering what the fuck RevShare even means? In that case, you should probably take a step back and consult everyone’s good friend Google about further information.

All I can tell you is that RevShare, aka Revenue Sharing, is just the revenue that is shared with an affiliate for driving a sale. It is a blanket term that describes the way an advertiser rewards an affiliate. Do you understand it now? If you do not… I think we all know what you need to do. Google that shit, yo.

Other than RevShare, you also have the PPS option. PPS stands for Pay Per Signup and you get paid $20 on all signups. This means that you get paid no matter which subscription option they choose; as long as the users subscribe through your link, you get the money. I think the name of this program pretty much explains itself.

Last, but not least, you have the referral option. You could have expected this since most affiliate programs offer a referral option, which is basically just some pocket money on the side. On NaughtyRevenue, you have 5% referrals, but only on the qualified webmasters that you send to their website.

Payouts are nice!
I already gave you the gist of the payouts, but let me elaborate. Basically, you have to earn at least $100 if you want to get paid. That is pretty standard, and if you do not manage to make that much until the payment period comes, do not worry. The money will still be in your account until you finally get the minimum required.

The payments are sent out twice a month. You can get paid through wire transfer, check, and PayPal, depending on what the fuck you are comfortable with. I mean, you have most of this info on their website as well, and if you have any kinds of questions, you can always send them a message. Their support system is pretty nice, and they will respond quite quickly.

Let’s talk about their promo tools.
There is also a section for promo tools on their website… I mean, I did say that their tour page is good. Now, what promo tools can you look forward to when promoting Naughty America VR? On Naughty Revenue, they have free hosted galleries… aka they have HD free hosted video galleries and pictures. Every week, new galleries will be added, and they will keep you up to date with their latest porno scenes.

Their websites have downloadable content, which is always a nice addition to other shit. Basically, you can download the videos and create your own custom promo stuff. They have HD video clips with HD picture gallery sets that can be downloaded in a .zip format.

Then you have banners and ads. So, there will be various banners and ads you can choose from in a lot of different formats. They have both animated and static options, depending on what the fuck you prefer. Naughty Revenue offers Iframe and ad tools as well, featuring some of the naughtiest scenes.

One of the best bits is that you can ask for custom requests. So, if you have an idea to create your own cool custom ad, you can always just use their tools and do that. If the tools provided do not give you what you want, you can contact them and tell them your idea. Their support team will help you with whatever the fuck you are trying to create.

That’s that!
Keep in mind that no matter what kind of an issue you might have, NaughtyRevenue.com has a great support system that can help you out. On their tour page, just click on the ‘support’ tab… and the rest is self-explanatory. I think I pretty much covered all the important information regarding their flag website, aka Naughty America.

If I skipped anything, you would get that information from their website, so just visit NaughtyRevenue.com if you are interested. They have great affiliate options and a lot of sites available for promotion… I mean, Naughty America VR is pretty fucking dope on its own, so promoting this crap will be very fucking easy. There are many promo tools that can help you create the perfect banner or ad, and if you have any problems… as I have already said, you can just contact their customer support. Simple as that.

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