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Have you boys heard about Naughty America? Well, of course, you fucking have… I mean, that is one of the bigger names in the industry, making some of our dirtiest fantasies come to life. Naughty America has been running strong for well over a decade… But I am not really here to boast about how great the porn on that website is; I am here to talk about their affiliate program, called NaughtyRevenue.

Ah, but what exactly makes this program different from any other? That is what I am here for, to give you the overall crap of what you can expect from Naughty Revenue. I mean, going into this crap blind is not really that fun, trust me. With that said, if you do not know how affiliate programs work, maybe you should start from there. Lucky for us, Google has answers to everything we need, so just check that shit out.

What makes an affiliate program good? I think that all really depends on what the fuck you are looking for in the first place. So, I’m just going to talk generally about this crap, and you can decide whether is something you’d like to be a part of or not. Whether you decide to use their privileges is something that I utterly could not care less about. I am just here to give you the facts.

NaughtyRevenue is an adult affiliate program that is best known for its flagship website, aka (obviously). This affiliate program specializes in quality niche websites with HD porn videos, which are often re-packaged as DVDs. Yes, people apparently still like to purchase DVDs. Now, although their content is not entirely exclusive, because other programs could always buy the license and re-distribute it, the members of Naughty Revenue will always see it first.

From my own experience, all their videos and images are HD. You have some that are of SD, but overall everything they offer is clear. You will not get to see any pixelated tits and cunts, don’t worry. I do also want to mention that not all of the sites are the same, so some of them will not have promotional galleries. Anyway, if you are interested in the NaughtyRevenue adult affiliate program, I am here to explain it all. Enjoy.

The design is rather disappointing.
When we think of Naughty America and the content it provides, I’m sure we all think about quality. It can be described by just using Eminem lyrics – Wowzers! I just made a mess in my trousers. – Which speaks volumes here, from the quality content to the quality website. So, what the fuck happened in between? When I visited Naughty Revenue for the first time, I was disappointed in their design… at first, I did not even think they were working with such a huge network.

Their tour page is hella confusing because they are missing a lot of necessary details. When you create a website, you want the best things to pop first, and they really did not give two shits about that. But that doesn’t matter when you have me, right? You are always free to check out what the fuck the website has and what they say that they offer… Or you can continue reading and hear it from the pro instead. So, let’s get down to the crap that actually matters, and in the future, I hope they make this shit a lot more presentable.

Of course, if you actually want to check out what NaughtyRevenue has to offer, you should register. That is how it all starts, duh! So, if by the end of this review, you like what the fuck I am saying, then all you have to do is just register and use the privileges… it actually is that easy. Even a female would be able to do it… or maybe not. Let’s not give them too much credit. After all, we are the superior gender.

Affiliate programs and all that
Let’s get straight down to business. What kind of programs do you have on NaughtyRevenue? Let’s start with the easiest ways you can make a buck, the referrals. Basically, allows its affiliates to earn 5% on all referrals to qualified webmasters. So, every time you refer a webmaster who actually uses the privileges and all that crap, you will get 5% from the referral. This obviously only works once for each referral.

Then, there is the PPS option. The PPS stands for Pay per Signups, and that means that you will get an amount for each signup. From what I have understood, you will get $20 for each signup that is also verified, which is a solid number if you are able to build bigger traffic. However, without actual traffic, you will not be earning that much with this option.

The last option you have is the Revenue Share. Now, do you even know how this shit works? Usually, to shorten it, they call it RevShare. It is a type of commission structure or a payment agreement. It is offered to affiliates to promote third-party services and products, giving you a lot of advantages compared to other affiliate commission models, such as CPC or CPA.

On the other hand, whether the RevShare program actually suits your taste or not is a very different story. If you are still wondering how the RevShare program works, you have Google for that. There are some disadvantages and advantages, and as I always like to say… it all fucking depends on what the fuck you are searching for. Anyway, when talking about Naughty Revenue, you can expect to earn about 30% on all sales and recurring sales for life.

As for the frequency and all that bullshit, you can expect to be paid Bi-monthly… and if you do not know what that means, I am not your fucking nanny. Google it. You can use check, wire, and PayPal payment methods, and the minimum required for a payout is $100.

There is really no right way to go about this, but there are plenty of wrong ways to use the affiliate programs to your advantage. This is why I always like to preface that you guys should probably educate yourself on how this shit works. And I say ‘guys’ because I highly doubt any female brains would be able to even understand half of what the fuck I am saying.

Promotional tools
Let’s discuss the promotional tools and what you actually get with If you visit their website, you will have a tab with the promotional tools listed. But honestly, they could have made that shit a lot more user-friendly in general. Until you register, the tour page is really questionable, and I just cannot get over that crap.

Anyway, the first thing I want to mention are the free hosted galleries. On NaughtyRevenue, they offer high-quality free hosted video and picture galleries. New galleries are actually added each week, so you can keep up to date with all the promo materials of the latest and hottest new scenes. There is also downloadable content. You can download anything you want from there and create your own custom promo materials if you wish. Their videos are all in HD with high-res pictures that can be downloaded in a .zip format.

You have banner and ads, which I kind of think is very obvious. I mean, you can expect that from almost all affiliate programs, and the same applies to Naughty Revenue. They offer various banners and ads in a lot of different formats… which are appropriate for industry-standard sizes. They offer everything from animated to static formats, pretty neat, right?

Let’s also not forget about the IFrame ad tools, which are somewhat a new feature on NaughtyRevenue. In case you have an idea of your own, and you would like to create a custom ad, but you cannot find the tool, you can contact them. Their support service is surprisingly good. I say surprisingly because, when you see their website, it really looks shitty compared to others.

What about the websites?
What about them? I mean, do you really need me to list out all the NaughtyAmerica websites that you have on I think that that should be obvious and easy to find on your own, but in case you are extremely lazy, let me mention some of my favorites, at least. They have a bunch of websites that are like ‘My Friend’s Hot Mom’. For example, My Friends Hot Girl, My Sister's Hot Friend, My Girlfriends Busty Friend, and so on. Those basically speak for themselves, right?

But then you have some more niche websites, such as Naughty Bookworms, where you have lots of lovely COEDS in action. There are also a bunch of dirty MILF porn websites like Seduced by a Cougar or Diary of a MILF. Let’s also not forget the lovely world of anal porn, such as Ass Masterpiece… and many others. I could really go on and on, but the major thing here is that you really have a little bit of everything.

I think that their programs are quite nice. Now, as I have mentioned, this does depend on what the fuck you are searching for in the first place. They have the usual programs offered, with different rates, I guess. There are plenty of great promo tools on Naughty Revenue, and overall they offer everything that you would want to have as an affiliate. So, check that shit out if you are interested. What else do you want me to tell you?

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