A simple, brand-orientated domain name goes a long way. What the fuck does that mean? Well, if you’re running a spread eagle pussy picture blog, then you’ll want a dope name like Luxuriouslips.xxx. At the time of writing this, you could pick up that lovely domain! Don’t worry; you can thank me later.

But that site wouldn’t be nearly as recognizable or searchable with a different domain that misses the mark. You want people to know your brand or be able to get an idea of what your site is with ease. If that same site was named something like Slipandslide.xxx, they might expect a squirt fetish instead. Side note, that domain is also available right now.

Partner with a Long-Running Site that’s been around since 2000
Besides a decent bit of forethought, you need a quality domain registrar with quality options and extensions to choose from. We’ll be diving deep and taking a look at a registrar called Netim.com this time around. Their site claims to have been running for 15 years, but the information I pulled up says they started kicking back in 2000. Which would be 20 years for you fucks who can’t do simple math. Either way, that’s a long fucking time. The only thing you betas have been doing for that long is watching anime and disappointing your parents.

The site looks dated. It’s not like an old AOL site or anything that bad, but it has that blue and white 2000s style. It’s not a bad looking site, but it does look a bit boring compared to some of their competitors that go the extra mile for modern designs, eye-catching graphics, and that kind of shit. Sure, that doesn’t mean much in the great scheme of things. But you bet your ass I’d probably end up taking the 10/10 babe at the club over the 4/10 girl that has a great personality.

Seemingly Steep Domain Prices that are Actually Damn Good Deals
Let’s hope they make up for their lack of looks with stellar domain options. The home page has a slew of generic domain extensions that you can grab. Most of you betas probably want a standard .com domain for your fanservice blog or whatever. That will run you $14.50 a year. And there’s this big red “i” next to that entry, which makes me think there’s a catch. But you don’t get any additional information when you hover over that icon, and there’s nothing that mentions it on the main page. So, I don’t fucking know what that is all about.

$14.50 is fucking steep for a .com. Most competitors offer a .com for as low as $8 a year. Even backing the domain with premium privacy features shouldn’t run that much, fuck. Honestly, I don’t see any mention of DDOS protection or anything like it on the page. They claim that every domain is backed with free customer service in French or English, which is certainly nice. They also mention “free services” included with every domain deal. And this is where things start to make a little more sense.

Every Domain has a Light Hosting Packaged Included in the Price
They should really mention this shit on the main page. The reason their prices are higher is that each domain comes with a light hosting package built-in. Alright, now these fucks have got my attention. It’s nothing powerful, but you get a damn good deal. The package includes one email, 250MB of SSD disk space, an SSL certification, and access to a complete control panel. Now, that disk space is fucking pitiful, but it will be enough to run most lower-traffic blogs or forums. And you get that with no additional monthly cost.

This deal is a bit of a double-edged sword. If you already have a hosting solution lined up, then you’re paying five extra bucks a year for nothing. At that rate, you might as well get your domain from somewhere that will do a standalone deal. But, again, this is a fantastic deal for those of you who just need something simple to get your site hosted and online. It cuts out the hassle of paying a monthly fee or going somewhere else for more expensive hosting.

Limited Selection of Domain Extensions
I hate to do it, but I have to circle over to a drawback. Netim doesn’t have a ton of extension options. They’ve got 981 to be exact, while other sites have five times that number. So, some of you looking for very specific extensions will be shit out of luck. They have most of the popular ones and quite a few regional domains, but it sucks that they don’t have nearly enough to offer a truly robust selection.

To find a domain, you can do a plain old search or pop over to their discounted domain names section to try and land a sweet deal. They don’t have a live marketplace for bidding on expiring or backorder domains, so you’ll have to stick with the basics here. As far as I could see, they don’t have a bulk domain search tool either. That can make things a pain in the ass for you more ambitious alphas who want to stake your claim on multiple domains at a time.

No Brokerage Service for Existing Domains & No Online Marketplace
Search results list the domain you searched for as well as the closest options with different extensions. You get a price per year and all of that good stuff. But they won’t do anything about existing domains. You can’t send inquiries through them or pay for any sort of brokerage service. You’ll have to stick with available domains if you’re going to work with Netim. I get it, but I love taking shit from somebody and making offers they can’t refuse. It’s why I fuck married bitches all the time. I can’t tell you how many pathetic husbands I’ve turned into cucks over the years.

Pornwebmaster’s Favorite Features
I liked the unique approach that this site took when it came to their hosting deals. I didn’t expect that going in, and it really should be advertised more on the front page. I had to go through a few different pages just to figure out why their prices were so damn high compared to everybody else. But at least the service they offer is solid as fuck. You get a hosting plan that would probably cost you a few bucks a month anywhere else. That saves you a fair bit of dosh every year if you don’t already have a hosting plan lined up. It’s fucking great.

I didn’t get to mention it above, but their standalone hosting solutions are pretty affordable and worth checking out as well. They have shared and WordPress hosting options that make it easy as fuck to get your voyeur blog up and running in no time at all. Plus, you can even buy some SSL certificates if you want to keep your site safe from any malicious attacks.

Pornwebmaster’s Suggestions
To come back to that hosting package, I wish you could take it off and separate it from the domain name as an option. Some of us fucks already have a hosting network that we want to stick with, and I’m not going to buy from you if I have to pay out for some service that I’m never going to fucking use. Besides that, I also wish they would expand upon their number of extensions, offer a domain buying service for existing domains, and toss in some better search features. Oh, and spruce up the visuals of the site a bit. If they did all of that, then they’d be a damn good contender with their hosting shit as the cherry on top.

Pornwebmaster’s Final Thoughts
Overall, Netmin.com is a decent domain registrar that makes up for its lack of extensions with a packaged hosting plan that saves you money. It’s not super powerful, but it will get your kinky blog or forum up and running at no additional cost. And it comes with an SSL certification for encryption. Fuck yeah. I still wish that the site had better search features, a marketplace, and a way to bid on existing domains. But, hey, I can’t always have everything, right? This site is still well worth your time, and I highly recommend you give it a look if you’ve got a small blog or website that you want to get registered and running at a very low price.

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