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Tags: is a Russian based CPA network with unique ads formats. Are you ready to take control of your success and income? Don’t worry; I’m not about to lecture you on stocks or making #YOLO bets on RobinHood. There are subreddits and communities for that. I’ve got something that will make you some passive income without, well, any risk. It’s foolproof! I’m talking about ads. More specifically, I’m talking about pairing up with a network built around lowering your CPA and boosting your monetization rates. Or, hey, you could try and sell your body on the streets if you’re a smoking hot babe who doesn’t mind getting nutted in by betas. It’s honest work and will make you some good cash.

If you’re not one of those very few sluts who has what it takes to take a pounding on the regular, then you should stick around and hear me out about the CPA networks. But who should you work with? There are loads of options, and most of them are good. Some CPA networks just aren’t aggressive enough. They sit back and play the long game when your site might need traffic now. They may be a little sketchier and have more direct methods, but I want a network that isn’t afraid to twist some arms if you know what I mean.

High Verticals for Gambling, Download, and Dating Sites
If that sounds up your alley, then you should consider pairing up with They’ve been helping adult sites like yours get advertised and monetized since back in 2016. This site is based in Russia, but any of you betas can use their tools and offers. Though keep in mind that they’ll likely be better at hitting Russian and European GEOs in general. If you’re looking to land traffic primarily from the United States, then you might want to keep on trucking.

The site looks good. It’s not like it’s some crazy looking Russian porn site or anything. The website is simple with some stock graphics and a plain layout. Basically, it looks like most other ad network sites that you’d stumble across. One of the first things you’ll see listed is their top-performing verticals. Fucking finally. Some websites hide that shit behind a dozen pages or don’t even tell you to begin with. This site excels in marketing dating, gambling, software download, and e-commerce sites.

Software-Download Ads that Get You Short-Term Traffic Fast
“Software download” is what you horny cucks like to see. That means they’ll get your sketchy porn downloader site out into the world with ease. But how do they do it? Well, most CPA sites have a gimmick or strategy that they use across the board. It might be targeting #1 GEOs or using highly-precise targeting. I’m sure they use some of that here, but Offergate has a slightly different focus that they employ.

They have aggressive ads. There’s no getting around or sugar-coating that fact. They have ads that initiate downloads with your app, product, link, or software on it. It’s sketchy as fuck, and I get if that’s not the route you want to take with your brand. But some of you may find that forced or tricky downloads are the way to go with your shit. You may not care about brand image as much as you care about spreading your content to as many unsuspecting cucks as absolutely possible.

Varied Ad Formats and Wide GEO Coverage for Advertisers
This site also offers push notifications, popunders, links, and all of your regular ads as well. But their main driver seems to be their download ads. And they will help you tailor your marketing plan based on the type of traffic you aim to bring in. There are approaches for organic, push, contextual, and popunder traffic. Of course, you can mix and match a few or focus solely on one depending on your site or brand’s needs.

I do like that they actually list out some of the people they’re working with like Innova, Wargaming, and Gaijin Entertainment. It’s nice to see whose ads might actually pop up on your site. Oh, and speaking of that shit, let’s talk about you horny fappers who have a website that needs to be monetized. You can make use of the ad formats listed above, and you can work directly with Offergate to pick and choose advertisers and formats that work for your JAV movie downloader site.

Monetize Your Adult Site with Ads from Brands You can Trust
They boast over 1 million targeted users a day, over 20 thousand partners to work with, and 15 thousand publisher sites. So, yeah, you’ve got a lot at your disposal. And they target 50+ GEOs. Now, all of that is great information to have. But it’s like when a babe takes you out to dinner with the whole “we need to talk” spiel and then doesn’t get to the fucking point. We all know what’s going on. I fucked her sister. She just needs to come out and say it.

Ah, shit. Where was I? Right, they don’t list any sample rates or tell you how much you could potentially make by pairing up with them. I get that they can’t tell you exactly what you will make, but give me an idea. Or, hell, give me some sample numbers for potential traffic. You get nothing from these tight-lipped bastards. But you can keep track of real-time analytics for your ads, so you’ll know which ones are performing well and which ones aren’t. If you’re unhappy, you can call these fucks up 24/7 and get some expert help.

Not a Whole Lot of Focus on Lowering CPAs
But I couldn’t help but feel like this site wasn’t all that focused on CPAs compared to other ad networks. They have all of the regular ad shit on there, but it doesn’t seem like it’s tailored towards lowering the cost of your CPA by bringing in quality, lasting traffic. It’s more of your plain Jane ad network with more aggressive ads. Maybe I’m just missing the point, but they don’t do much to stand out as a CPA focused network.

Pornwebmaster’s Favorite Features
This site isn’t going to make you sit around with your flaccid cock in hand for months while you wait for traffic to start trickling in. They take the bull by the horns and slap users with aggressive ads that will give you a fair bit of short-term traffic. It may not stick, but the number of users you bring in is bound to skyrocket when you partner with these fucks. Now, I don’t think they should be your sole source of ads or your main partner for lowering your CPAs. This is the kind of site you use as a shotgun blast when you need a boost in horny fappers. Maybe during a sale, promotion, or some shit like that.

Despite having slightly questionable methods of securing traffic, they have some proven partners and results. I liked that they listed out the names of some of their advertisers so that you know who you might be working with down the line. And the fact that adult categories are their highest verticals is a damn good sign. These fucks know porn better than more general sites that might be bigger or have more connections. Those connections don’t mean shit if they aren’t tailored for an adult audience.

Pornwebmaster’s Suggestions
I wanted some exact rates or sample numbers to go off or. As is, I have no idea how much dosh you can make here. Give me a chart with rates by GEO for these various ads. I especially want to know what the payouts are for those aggressive download ads. With a high enough rate, they might be too lucrative not to try. At least they payout daily. Yeah, that’s fucking right. You don’t have to wait weeks for some company to pay you your hard-earned dosh. You get paid directly within 24 hours of requesting your cash here.

Pornwebmaster’s Final Thoughts
Overall, has a lot to offer for advertisers and publishers who don’t mind playing fast and loose with their ads. It’s a different strategy than other CPA networks. These guys focus on getting your traffic as quickly as possible without really having initiatives in place that help you keep traffic or lower your CPAs. It’s not a bad approach, but it might not be what some of you webmasters are looking for. But, hey, it’s a damn good site for spreading the word about your adult fetish site, blog, or product. Check them out!

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