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Searching for the best offshore hosting offers? Do you even know what the fuck offshore hosting is all about? Offshore hosting means that the website will be hosted on servers that are outside of your country. Now, if you are not sure whether you need those kinds of services or not, you can always use Google to educate yourself. Anyway, I am here to talk about OffshoreDedicated, so if you are interested in the privileges this website has to offer, you are welcome to continue reading.

There are many reasons why people are interested in offshore hosting. For example, hosting copyrighted content, hacking websites, adult content and warez hosting, DMCA content… and so on. In most cases, offshore hosting will often be used to promote or host things that are forbidden, illegitimate, or banned in their own countries. Well, on, you will be given offshore hosting and some other nice privileges.

The first thing I like to check out when I visit a random website is their ‘about us’ page. They have that shit listed on the bottom of the website, but after you click on that, you are taken to nowhere. Why the fuck do they have a button on their website that does not work? I mean, it ain’t that hard to just remove it, especially when they have a small description about Offshore Dedicated on the side anyway. This just does not make any fucking sense, but whatever.

OffshoreDedicated is designed to keep your websites up and running through offshore hosting… I think that their tour page pretty much covers all the important aspects. So, if you already know what the fuck offshore hosting is all about, and you are just interested in the offers and prices, you can visit Offshore Dedicated website. As for the rest of you folk, who want to know more about the website, what hosting services it provides and whether it is worth the money, stick around to find out.

Offshore web hosting
As I said, in case you want to host a website outside of your country for any of the reasons mentioned, offshore hosting is the way to go. I mean, technically speaking, every time you host a website on a foreign server, you are actually engaging in offshore hosting. But, in this case, offshore hosting is a term that implies that you are deliberately hosting your website outside of your country to achieve a specific goal.

On Offshore Dedicated, you have more offers than just this sort of hosting, but let’s start with this crap. The first tab, aka ‘Web Hosting’, is where you have all the information about offshore hosting services they provide. There will be four different offers and prices for their offshore hosting privileges.

The cheapest one is $4.99/month. With this membership, you get 2GB SSD storage, 1000GB traffic, two add-on domains, 5 MySQL databases, and five email accounts. The more expensive the membership, the more privileges you get… duh! A membership will cost $7.99/month, $11.99/month, and the most expensive one is $14.99/month. Within the most costly offer, you get 20 GB SSD storage, unlimited traffic, MySQL databases and email accounts, and 20 add-on domains. Neat!

Of course, there will be some content that is not allowed to be hosted. This is also written on their tour page, and it is obvious that you should pay attention to this shit; for example, child and beastiality porno content, bulk/spam mailing, violence, terrorism, and fascism, punishing and fraud, and so on. I mean, they already listed it out on their website, so check it out there… plus, I think it should be fairly obvious what is not allowed.

VPS Servers
Okay, so what the fuck is VPS hosting? This is an available option for both dedicated and shared servers. VPS hosting is a great platform for personal websites, so I’d say from small to medium-sized business websites or just eCommerce marketplaces. I mean, whether OffshoreDedicated’s offers will actually suit your taste all depends on what the fuck you want.

VPS stands for a virtual private server, and sometimes it is called the virtual dedicated server, aka VDS. Here, you will be provided a virtual server, and if you do not know what the fuck that means, you can just Google that shit. I keep telling you, mates… Google has all the answers, and I am not here to give you a tutorial, just the gist of what OffshoreDedicated specifically has to offer.

On, you will have a couple of good VPS hosting features that are worth the mention. So, there is the KVM virtualization. All of their VPS nodes are using KVM virtualization to offer reliable and stable services for all your needs. Your privacy is obviously protected, as they are an anonymous hosting provider, and they do not need to know much about your shit to give you the privileges.

You will have full root access. So, their clients will get root access together with a VPS management panel, which means that you will get full control over your VPS. Plus, the overall uptime of Offshore Dedicated’s network exceeds %99.9. Again, most of this crap will be written on their website, so check it out.

You will be given three offers for VPS servers… You can choose the Bulgaria, Russia, or DDOS offshore VPS servers. Within each one, you will have three payment options as well. The cheapest option for Bulgaria and Russia offshore VPS servers is $14.99/month, while the priciest option is $34.99/month. As for DDOS-protected VPS servers, the cheapest option is $89.99/month, while the most expensive one is $189.99/month.

How does it work? Well, first thing’s first, you need to create your account. Of course, you do not need to provide your actual information; all they really need is a good email address. Then you will get to choose the plan/location that best suits your needs… depending on what the fuck you are planning to do. After that, all that is left for you to do is to get online.

Dedicated servers
At, there are different offshore dedicated server hosting locations, such as Bulgaria, Poland, and the Netherlands. Dedicated hosting is the best option for companies that are trying to run mission-critical applications or attract thousands of users. You will be given a physical server that offers dedicated resources. So, unlike the shared or VPS option, with dedicated hosting, you will have full control over the server… hence the name ‘dedicated’.

There will be Bulgaria, Swiss, and Poland offshore dedicated servers, each of which will have five different offers. You have all of this listed on their tour page; I will just mention the cheapest and most expensive offers. For Bulgaria offshore dedicated servers, the lowest price is $95/month, while the most expensive offer is $209/month.

When it comes to Swiss offshore dedicated servers, the cheapest option is $135/month, while the most expensive offer is $225/month. And then there are the Poland offshore dedicated servers, where the cheapest option is $165/month, while the most expensive is $299/month. As for what you get with each offer... has all the info, my dudes.

Streaming servers
Last but not least, there are streaming servers. How do they work? Well, basically, when you access a website, and you choose a certain file you want to access, you are just sending a signal to a streaming server that will then deliver the required file (or a live stream) to you. After this request is sent and received, the streaming server will communicate directly with your PC, which means that it will bypass the webserver.

On, you will have five different offers to choose from. The cheapest offer for streaming servers is $190/month, while the most expensive offer is $265/month. There is also one offer that lets you get custom RAM and storage, with unmetered uplink ports and other self-managed crap… but it is not priced. So, for the price of this crap, you will actually have to send them a message.

Good support!
Overall, there isn’t much else to be said. I could go into detail about what each hosting service offers, but that will take me hours to actually explain. Not to mention that it is unnecessary when everything is neatly listed on their tour page. I just gave you the gist of everything OffshoreDedicated has to offer; thus, that should be enough.

In case there are any issues with the website, or you just want to ask something, you can contact OffshoreDedicated’s support. They are very active, and will respond quite fast. Plus, they are also really helpful, so there is a chance that your issue will be resolved. That’s it from me; the rest of the information about Offshore Dedicated you can find on the website, or just use Google. Cheers!

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