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Are you searching for the best place for offshore servers? Well, there is a website called and guess what the fuck they have to offer? That is right. You have offshore servers for all your needs. Now the real question is, do you even know what the heck these servers are made for? If you do not, maybe that is where the fuck you should start. Lucky for us, Google exists.

Their tour page was quite interesting. There was no ‘about’ page to check out and see who the fuck they are and what the heck you can expect… so that is new. Usually, these types of websites like to boast about themselves and all that crap. On top of the site, you have all kinds of sections to lead you through and give you the info that you need.

I mean, there is really no rocket science here. It is all in the name. But, there are still some other things I’d like to mention about Offshore-Servers. So, if you are interested in knowing more about this particular website, what it has to offer, and all of that shit, you are welcome to stay and read. Though the Offshore-Servers tour page is very fucking nice, so you can check that out as well.

What are offshore servers?
An offshore server means that that server is located in a different country when talking about your business. Why is this good? Well, there are some privileges that you might get in foreign countries that you cannot get in your own. There are also things that are allowed or not allowed in certain areas, so it all really depends on what the fuck you want to host.

With offshore servers, you get to enjoy the freedom of speech and anonymity. It is one of the biggest offshore VPS benefits. You are protected because of the anonymity, and you get to use all the privileges from that certain country. Now, there are many servers that offer similar shit as, so it all comes down to the specifics, aka things you are looking for in an offshore server.

Secure and reliable servers with fast connections
Here, you will be given high physical security and power redundancy. Thus, you can rest assured that will keep all your data secure. They also offer connections up to 10 GB/sec, with a lot of routing locations globally. Your data will be transferred to the end-user incredibly fast, so that is one less thing to worry about.

Plus, you can look forward to uptime and reliability. Offshore-Servers offers proactive monitoring with great solutions, and there are weekly and daily backups. Their customer support service is also pretty neat. Their team is dedicated and will help with almost any kind of issue you might have. You could also chat with them via live chat, or just send them an email instead. Whatever the fuck you are most comfortable with.

Lots of great features
Obviously, the first thing you need to do is purchase the membership you find the most appealing. After you do that, your web hosting, domain names, and VPS will be activated. Your servers will be in good hands, considering that their data centers have the best technology when it comes to maintaining the optimum performance for the servers.

After paying, you will also get premium support as they like to call it… although there is nothing wrong with their usual support. However, the premium support will respond much faster and in better detail, so there is that. All the hosting accounts will also get the latest version of the cPanel, which can make everyone’s life so much easier.

The hosting accounts on Offshore-Servers will allow you to install the most popular software, like Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, and Magneto. Plus, you get the latest PHP and MySQL; as their network runs the latest secure and stable versions of PHP and MySQL. With their strict firewall and security rules, your website will be protected from unwanted visitors at all times.

Oh, and they also claim that no matter what the fuck you need, they are here to help. So, if you run into a problem, you have a question, or you just need something very specific when it comes to their services, you are more than welcome to send them a message or reach out however the fuck you want. It is actually as simple as that.

Offshore-Servers let you stream your media offshore on their streaming servers, and you will not experience any buffering. Their servers all come with premium bandwidth and high-speed ports. All of the necessary info will be written on their tour page, which is nice. Including all the payment options as well. You can expect 99% uptime, with reliable and fast servers.

In simple words, is offering host services that will meet your requirements... probably. I mean, it still all depends on what you are looking for. Their customized and cheap dedicated hosting plans will help your business grow. Of course, they will not be free, and you will be given eight affordable streaming server memberships and eight enterprise streaming server memberships.

All of this information and what each plan will give you is written in the “streaming” section of the website. The data center on Offshore-Servers is protected from all the DDoS attacks. Thus, all the customers will be protected from those kinds of attacks, as well.

Web Hosting
They will offer the cPanel file manager, and you will be given an unlimited number of FTP accounts. You will be able to select any PHP version from the cPanel account, and you will also be able to install platforms, which I have already mentioned (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and many more known platforms). From what I have seen, loves to repeat themselves when it comes to keeping your privacy secure… And they do a good job with that. As for the plans and pricing, the same applies as with the previous options. Basically, the prices and what you can expect from each of the memberships are written in the “web hosting” part of the website.

Offshore VPS
So, there will be the Offshore HDD VPS, Offshore SSD VPS, Managed SSD Plans, and Offshore Windows VPS. Let’s start with the Offshore SSD VPS plan and pricing. The plans are tailored to suit your needs, and they are perfect for skilled developers and users. You get a custom operating system with great support and instant activation.

There will be nine different memberships for the Linux SSD VPS, all offering various kinds of privileges. All the VPS will come with a 1 GB shared port, which means that you will have great internet speed on your server. Offshore-Servers also have the self-managed VPS, but if you need any help with your VPS, you can always just contact them.

To better manage your VPS, all of your VPS will include the Virtualizor Control panel. Ah, but what the fuck is that? Well, this panel will offer a full management, which will be hella great for the clients. I mean, they are using the KVM virtualization for their VPS, which is like the most powerful virtualization technique out there.

The offshore HDD VPS plans and pricing can be found basically in the same tab as the previous ones. Again, the plans are tailored to suit your needs, and are great for those who know what the fuck they are doing. Also, everything that I have mentioned for the Offshore SSD VPS applies to Offshore HDD VPS too. The only difference is in the plans, which you can check out on their website.

The windows VPS plans are very self-explanatory. They have a self-managed VPS, but if you have any kinds of questions, as I have said many times, you can just contact customer support. Their VPS will support Windows as well as Linux. All you need to do is install or just reinstall the OS of your choice.

Are inexperienced?
Well, the managed Offshore SSD plans are a great choice for inexperienced users. You will be given the WHM/cPanel, and the private name serves in all the plans. They have great security and firewall. All managed plans will be running on the premium SSD Evo 860, just to make sure that you will be given maximum performance and speed.

With their managed servers being fully optimized by their experts for the best performance, they will tune your MySQL and Apache configuration. Offshore-Servers is also offering the LiteSpeed webserver option, as that will significantly increase the service performance. You will be given six different offers here, so choose whatever the fuck suits your taste.

The servers from Offshore-Servers are located in Russia, and they offer great privacy and anonymity. They also have a lot of different plans, so there is a high chance that you will find whatever the fuck you are looking for. I know I have mentioned this ton of times, but their customer support is also great, and you can contact them 24/7... so if you have any questions, you know what to do.

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