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Orange Website is an Iceland Based Off-Shore Host that Ignores DMCAs. You may not be from a beautiful, scenic Northern European country, but you should highly consider hosting your lewd fetish blog there. Why? Well, you can’t take advantage of the panoramic views and busty blonde babes walking around. What you can take advantage of is freedom of press and speech. You may be some flag-touting American who thinks they’ve got it good, but other countries knock it out of the park when it comes to being able to upload or host anything you want. You can host premium siterips, hentai reuploads, and all sorts of other traditionally copyrighted content if you host your site somewhere in the area.

If that sounds tempting to you, then you should consider hopping on board with They call it that because they have an orange on it and not because it’s about oranges. I’d call it weird, but I’ve seen much worse domain names for hosting sites. Anyway, this site is based on the volcanic island of Iceland, where they simply take DMCA requests and fling them into one of their many volcanoes. And they’ve been around providing quality off-shore hosting solutions since 2009.

A Hosting Site Dedicated to Privacy and Free Speech
The whole country has a love-boner for free speech. They’re one of the most freedom-focused countries for freedom of the press and all of that good shit. You can upload just about anything you want without worrying about being sued for dumb shit like you would in the states. So, yeah, get your sketchy shit out there into the world. You can run your foot-fetish site full of “stolen” content or your full hentai movie reupload site. The world is your oyster, or, well, Iceland is your oyster, in this case.

Let’s dip our toes into the blue lagoon with their shared hosting plans. They have a simple selection of plans that range from €3.40 to €24.90 a month. And they don’t make promises that they can’t keep. Nothing here is “unlimited” because, well, that shit doesn’t exist. There’s always a limit. It’s like a cam girl’s loose holes. They may stretch and stretch, but there’s always a point of no return. Most sites that claim unlimited bandwidth have low limits that bottleneck your site or even shut it down when you exceed it.

Tiered Shared Hosting and VPS Plans for Any Sized Website or Blog
All of these options come with some decent bandwidth and web traffic support, as well as DDOS protection to boot. But the good shit doesn’t stop there. Nearly every single plan they offer on the site gives you access to a free backup service, expert spam filtering, and a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re unhappy with their services. But I doubt you will be. Orangewebsite promises that every price listed is the price that you pay. There aren’t any hidden fees or any of that bullshit.

But you can only get so far on shared hosting alone. Even their higher-tier plans aren’t going to cut it for you big boys out there, especially if you have a download-focused site where you draw in a fuck ton of horny fappers every month. You’ll want to at least step up to one of their VPS plans. They have seven levels of VPS plans to suit your needs. And, to note, a control panel doesn’t come standard. If you want to run or manage these servers on your own, then you’ll need to dish out an additional €14.90 a month, so keep that shit in mind.

Steeply Priced VPS Plans that Put Privacy Over Power
You can hop on board and nab one of these plans for €29.90 to €239.90 a month. Honestly, the prices are a bit steep for what you get. Their highest-priced plan only comes with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of disc space. That’s a lot of dosh for that kind of storage. I was expecting at least half a TB of SSD storage at that rate, but, hey, that’s the price you pay for a host that ignores DMCAs. Oh, and they offer plans that are 100% green in terms of renewable energy if you’re the kind of tree-hugging hippy who gives a shit about that.

I often find that the dedicated server options on sites are overpriced or nearly as powerful as other options. But Orangewebsite brings the fucking heat. You get significantly more horsepower for the price with these options. It’s like stepping up from a wobbly, poorly made dildo to a full-fledged fuck machine or Sybian. Yeah, they’re that good. You can even call these guys up and have them make a custom server just for you if their prepackaged options don’t cut it.

Competitively Priced Dedicated Servers & Dedicated DDOS Protection
Prices for their dedicated servers range from €199 to €349 a month. But even their bare-bones starter plan has just as much power as their top of the line VPS! That’s fucking insane. And these packages come with a control panel and all of the tools you need to manage your fetish-filled BDSM site from afar. Alternatively, you can let that shit run on auto-pilot and simply call up their 24/7 support line whenever you have an issue or want to try out a new approach. They have experts that can help you out round-the-clock.

But maybe you’re laying awake fielding threats to your site all fucking day. You’ve got some enemies who hold grudges, and the little bit of built-in protection you get isn’t cutting it. You need to pull out the big guns and grab one of Orangewebsite’s DDOS protection plans that range from €29.90 to €3,900 a month. Yeah, you read that last one right. Holy fucking shit. But, hey, protection is key to maintaining a site and making sure your shit stays online. And I’m sure that even that extreme option is just a drop in the bucket for some of you massive site owners out there.

Webmaster’s Favorite Features
This site makes just about every allowance possible for making sure your shit stays private, anonymous, and secure. They accept most forms of crypto-currency, only take the bare minimum bits of personal information, and make sure to back your site up with state of the art DDOS protection. All of that comes at a pretty premium price point, but I’d rather dish out some more dosh than suffer attacks or have my personal information leaked. It’s cheaper in the long run if you think about it that way. But, hey, it’s up to you to decide how at-risk you are or how anonymous you want to remain. I wouldn’t recommend these guys if you don’t give a flying fuck about any of that.

Of course, one of the biggest selling factors for most of you fucks is going to be that sweet, sweet copyright freedom. You can post just about whatever the hell you want as long as it’s not illegal in some other way. Watch the dosh roll in from your sketchy sites without risk of getting it taken down by DMCA happy companies or angry porn studios. You have the freedom to be as much of a dick here as you want. Aside from uploading shit, these services are great for keeping your identity secure and safe from phishing, attacks, or anything like that.

Webmaster’s Suggestions
The prices are pretty fucking high. There’s no getting around that. You’re paying for top-shelf service, and the cost is going to reflect that. If you want the full suite of protective features for your site, then it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg. But, hey, it just might be worth it for some of you. At least you can still make use of their lower-priced plans if you have a less demanding site or project. I’d still recommend they make their prices a bit more competitive, though. Some sites offer even better solutions for off-shore customers at lower costs.

Webmaster’s Final Thoughts
Overall, is a great off-shore hosting site for those of you porn lords with big wallets. They have enterprise-quality software, dedicated DDOS protection, and the ability to keep you anonymous while you run your fucked up fetish site. You can sit back and relax while those annoying DMCA requests get chucked out the goddamn window. You’ll never have to worry about getting fined, having your site taken down, or worse for hosting copyrighted material. I highly recommend you cucks check this site out if you have the money to make them work for you.

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