Nobody is going to give a flying fuck about your hot website if you don’t drum up some worthwhile conversation. You could have the best goddamn fetish site in the world, but it won’t mean a thing if you’re not advertising and linking people to your fapworthy content. Not taking advantage of tools to boost your reach is like screaming out your site name in the middle of nowhere and hoping that people come to it. It simply isn’t going to work. You need others to talk about and mention your kinky site or network. But how do you do it?

Well, the answer is, like most good things in life, money. You need to pay a site to spin unique content and publish links to your website worldwide. It’s not something most of you cucks could make happen on your own. It requires a team of experts to make right, so that’s why I’m going to be talking about Fuck, I keep thinking it’s “canyon.” Why the hell did they go with “crayon?” It doesn’t make any sense. Anyway, these guys can spread the gospel about your footjob or facial site to the ends of the earth using quality backlinks and other outreach services.

A New Frontrunner in the Link Building Scene
The site launched back in 2018, so these are some very fresh faces to the game. Two years is still a good bit, but they are definitely outclassed by most of the industry veterans out there. But longevity isn’t everything! We’re still going to take a look and see what sort of quality services that these guys offer. They may have something that puts them a step above the rest.

It’s a quality site design. It’s sleek and modern. You’re not getting a janky looking site that feels like a relic from the early 2000s. That alone makes me more likely to stick around with this site. So many fucking link building sites seem to think that boring-ass designs and complicated layouts are the way to go. But, hey, that’s what you get when you tell a programmer to do a graphic designer’s job.

Effective Outreach Services Starting as Low as $60 per Package
It’d be like telling a dominatrix to bend over and get choked. Okay, well, maybe some of those bitches would be into that. But you get what I’m saying here. Where was I? Right, link building. They offer three main services to help you expand your reach on the cheap. First off, they do what’s called broken link building. We’ve all seen those links on sites that don’t lead anywhere anymore.

It’s a pain in the ass for the site that owns the article with the link. So, why not have your link there instead? That’s essentially what they do. You get your link slipped in like a surprise anal scene without anyone noticing. It does have to be a site/article with a similar niche, but it’s a decently affordable way to get your name out there. This costs $60-$100 per set for placements on high DA sites. Those prices get you anywhere from 10-30+ link placements.

Broken Link, Infographics, and Blogger Outreach
Next, they can hook you up with infographic placements. Sure, these may not be the sexiest way to promote your brand, but damn, are they effective. Something in our lizard brains makes us want to click on colorful charts with stats and shit on them. Anything you order from these fucks will be active for at least 180 days, so you have plenty of time to draw people in. This service will hit the same number of sites and blogs as their other offers for $80-$120 per set of placements.

Outreachcrayon even tells you how long to expect each service to take. You’re not left sitting in the dark twiddling your thumbs for months on end with nothing to show for it. You’ll get a few placements made for you in the first week, 5+ the second week, and 15+ in six weeks. I know that sounds like a long fucking time. You’ve got places to be and bitches to fuck. I get it. But it’s because this site has a team of experts that manually searches through sites for you to make sure you’re getting a solid placement. You do not have to deal with some shitty algorithm.

Get Custom Articles & Content Created for Your Site’s Niche
You can also order custom blogger outreach services. They’ll create custom descriptions, links, and short articles focused on trending topics that will drive traffic to your hardcore fisting site or whatever it is you’re running. They guarantee all of the content they make will be 100% unique, and they’ll even give you your money back if you’re not happy with what they’ve done. These blogger services target the same number of sites as their other services and will run you $60-$100 per set of placements.

At no point do you have to drum up any content on your own. These services all come with content creation. I know you poor cucks must be breathing a sigh of relief. You guys don’t have a creative bone in your goddamn bodies. The articles they craft for you range from 500-1200 words and are written by a team of in-house experts that you can trust. Same with all of the infographics. It’s all helmed by their quality team.

Monitor Your Backlinks with a Quality Customer Portal
Now, I get it if you’re not immediately on board. You can’t pre-approve articles, but you can monitor the performance of their services in a handy portal to see what’s working and what’s not. You’ll always be in the loop. And, again, they’ll refund you for anything you’re not happy with. That’s the kind of peace of mind I like to see from a link building site like this one. It fucking sucks not knowing what’s going on and then being charged out the ass for services you don’t fully understand.

Webmaster’s Favorite Features
They offer a few simple services. There’s nothing here that you have to parse apart or try to muddle through. It’s not like going down on a Brazilian slut who’s bush feels like the goddamn jungle. I swear I have to pull out a machete to get through that mess just to find the clit. This site is like a hot dimepiece with a flashing arrow pointing you in the direction of where you need to go. It’s simple to look through each service without having to worry about missing something. Every detail is there for you to see and review before you even click purchase.

And the bonuses they have for each service are great. You get your money back if you’re not happy, they tell you the timeline for deliverables and this shit is affordable! I couldn’t believe how cheap these packages were when you consider that you’re getting quality ghost-written content. It’s a fucking steal at these prices.

Webmaster’s Suggestions
The only thing I can think of is that I’d like to see, is more of a focus on adult content. They offer adult niche services, but it’s only on a case-by-case basis. You have to get with them and see what sort of shit they can work out for you, but they’ll do their best to make whatever niche you have work. I’d just like to see more of an adult focus or adult support going forward. I get that managing adult niches and shit like that can be a pain in the ass, but it’d be cool to see them expand and offer dedicated solutions for those areas. Hook us pornlords up with some quality services!

Webmaster’s Final Thoughts
Overall, is a damn good link builder for those of you who are on a bit of a budget. They offer quality broken link building, infographic, and blogger outreach services that blow the competition away in terms of content for the price. They’ll whip you up some unique content without you having to do a damn thing except dish out the dosh for their services. Get your brand or fetish site out there into the world with minimal hassle. They boast a quality money-back guarantee, live backlink monitoring, and manual link placements across the board. All of that, coupled with the fact that you get at least 180 days out of every backlink, makes giving this site a shot a no-brainer. I highly recommend you guys take a look at this awesome site!

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