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Paper Street Cash has been alive since 2003, which makes it one of the longest-running affiliate marketing sites around. It is actually one of the better adult affiliate programs for paysites, and although the site has been created ages ago, that does not mean that they have no clue what the fuck they are doing. But that is also where I come in, as I explain the gist of it all.

Before you actually go straight to the website itself, you should know more about what to expect from You should also educate yourself on the whole affiliate topic as well. I mean, how the fuck do you want to get into such a business, if you do not even know what the heck you are supposed to do… right?

As a part of the affiliate program, you would have sort of an arrangement in which the online merchant site will pay the affiliate site a certain commission for sending them traffic. That commission is known ahead, obviously, and it all really depends on a variety of crap. In this case, we are talking about PaperStreetCash, an adult paysite affiliate program, which already speaks for itself.

I do want to mention, before I get to the details and all that crap, that PaperStreetCash has a rather splendid portfolio. So, even if your lazy ass is not in the mood to read my amazing review, you could always check the site out yourself. Now, for those who do not know much about being an affiliate or how this shit even works, I shall explain most of it.

User-friendly website
As you open the site yourself, you will already get to see the majority of what the fuck PaperStreetCash has to offer, which is pretty neat. Although the website's design should not really affect your decision when it comes to whether you’d work with or not… they could have done better. The website looks quite dated, or as Gordon Ramsey loves to say, “It’s fucking bland”.

I do want to say that even with the blandness of it, I still enjoyed browsing… This is probably because everything is where you’d expect it to be. On top of the site, you have the basic options, and you also get to see a list of the websites they offer. There is a list of their programs, their sales tools, and if you run into any trouble, you can contact their customer support.

From my own experience, their customer support is friendly and helpful. They answer fast and will help you if that is possible. It is always good to have customer support on your side when starting on new affiliate programs. Plus, seeing that on Paper Street Cash, you have a huge library of resources, such as hundreds of free hosted galleries, 24/7 support service, exclusive content… and so on, I think you’d enjoy what PaperStreetCash is all about. Then again, this always comes back to what the fuck you are searching for in the first place.

Sites that are affiliated with PaperStreetCash
Okay, but what kind of sites does PaperStreetCash actually offer? First of all, I think I was already clear that you have a fucking list on their website, where all the sites are listed… I mean, you can just check that shit out. I will mention some of my personal favorites, because honestly if I was to mention them all, this review would never end.

Anyway, Paper Street Cash has an amazing stable of adult websites, which I am sure that it will make your connoisseur's mouth water. Let’s start with the teen niche, shall we? There is the heavenly father of all teen porn, aka Team Skeet. They are known for offering loads of naughty content featuring the cutest teen girls. Then we have a site called Exxxtra Small, which I am sure speaks volumes with just that name.

How could we forget Innocent High, She’s New, Teens Do Porn, Rub A Teen, Teen Pies, Teens Love Money, Teen Curves… and many other porn paysites that are known for having a specific teen niche. Then again, you have the POV Life, where all the videos are done up close and personal with amateur sluts. In case you are into the feisty Latina whores, you could be interested in Oye Loca. And if you just love chicks who enjoy a hot workout, you have loads of gym rats on The Real Workout porn website.

In addition to many other porn websites, which I shall not list because you have the list on their website, they decided to add another addition to their taboo family. Sis Loves Me, is one of the hottest taboo websites out there. Of course, also offers websites such as Daughter Swap, Black Step Dad, Step Siblings… etc. Let’s also not forget the MVP of taboo pornography, Family Strokes.

What about their affiliate programs?
There will be a couple of ways to earn money by using PaperStreetCash. The first program I want to mention is called PPS, aka Pay Per Sale. This is a program where a web publisher will get a commission for every single sale that is generated by his site. This is the most commonly used method of payment in affiliate marketing.

In simpler terms, PPS requires payment as a commission, each time a product is sold. Of course, how this program works in its entirety all depends on the website as well. In this case, when talking about Paper Street Cash, with the PPS method, you will get paid up to $40 for every sale you send, including trials.

The next method I want to mention is Rev Share, aka Revenue Sharing. In case you are unfamiliar with the term, I think that you might want to start using Google to your advantage. Anyway, Rev Share can take many different forms. RevShare is a distribution of Revenue… meaning that it is the total amount of income generated by the sale of services and goods, among the contributors and stakeholders.

RevShare in marketing is also known as CPS, aka Cost Per Sale, where the advertising cost is determined by the Revenue that is generated as a result of the advertisement. This method is also very popular in affiliate marketing programs, so make sure to educate yourself about it… if you have no fucking clue what I am talking about. In this case, on PaperStreetCash, you have the 70% Revenue Share on every sale and rebill you make.

Oh yeah, there is also the referral program they have. So if you refer an active webmaster, you will be paid $200. However, if you are actually interested in this, you should contact them to find out how this shit actually works, because it is different from other programs and that crap.

Payout details
So, on, you will have pretty standard payment methods. Aka, you have checks, wire transfers, and Paxum. They also mention that if you are interested in other payment options, you can contact them, which is always nice. How much you will actually get paid all depends on what you do, but I gave you the overall in the paragraphs above.

When are the payouts sent? Well, on PaperStreetCash, the pay periods will end on the 1st and 16th of each month. The payments will be held for about one month before they are sent, which is just to account for fraudulent chargebacks and charges. You will see ‘Paper Street Media, LLC’ as the name that sent the payment on your check.

They can also purchase domains and host them with no charge. The sites on Paper Street Cash are usually updated 7 times/week, with new exclusive content to make the surfers happy to fap. As for mail and chat traffic, they do not accept any form of chat traffic. However, you can contact their affiliate managers for mail traffic to have a more personalized response instead. You can actually contact their manager/support through Skype, or you can send them an email.

Tools and all that
Now, last but not least, let’s briefly go over the sales tools. I say briefly, because all of this is again, neatly listed on their website so you can check it out there. Anyway, you have free hosted galleries. The gallery hosting is complimentary, and you can get them customized as well, which is always a good option to have.

PaperStreetCash also offers multiple banner options, in an assortment of sizes. Again, all the banners can be customized if needed. There is the Tube Exporter Tool, where you have the 1, 3, and 5 minute WMV and FLV clips for download. You can choose export options if you’d like. Plus, there are the detailed stats, aka the feature-rich stats that are powered by the industry trusted NATS 4.1 system…

Ah, so for the overall, I think that the majority of you fuckers who are looking for a good adult affiliate program, I think Paper Street Cash is probably the way to go. I mean, they are a bit vanilla, not going to lie. But at the same time, maybe that is a good thing. So, if you are an affiliate searching for an adult program with gorgeously slutty pornstar content to promote, I’d definitely suggest But at the end of the day, this is your choice to make.

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