People per Hour is a website that has all kinds of services for you to enjoy. You wouldn’t believe the sheer number of different freelancers and agencies that work through People per Hour. You can find anything from design and digital marketing services to more concrete things like buying site authority through backlink power. Today, we’re going to look at those backlink offers and see what you can get out of them. Who knows? Once you see the impact backlinks have on the SEO and authority of your site, you might get addicted to buying these services off of the people over at People per Hour.

Learn how backlinks affect your porn site
Before we get into the offers on People per Hour, we should probably talk a bit about backlinks in general. You should probably know a few things about this stuff before you start spending money on random backlinks on People per Hour. People pay for backlinks because the more high authority sites point towards your domain, the more search engines make your website visible. Think of it this way. If nobody talks about you, then search engines don’t give a shit about you, and you won’t show up in the first few pages. In fact, you might not even show up on the first 20 or so pages when you don’t work on your SEO. But if you have sites talking about you, then you’re cooking!

The more sites have links to your domain, the more it starts being visible, and eventually, you can even get your page to be featured at the top of the results when you Google something. If you can snatch that first position, then you’re golden. People usually don’t look past the first few results on Google, so being on page 2 is not good enough. Most people will stop on the first page, and if they don’t get what they want, they will try searching for something else or different keywords. But that’s when getting the right backlinks gets a lot trickier since we need to involve keywords in the anchors.

White hat and black hat SEO is available
Anchors are the text that is linked with your domain link. So, if your website’s domain name is, then you might want to anchor that link with text that goes something like “hire freelancers “or “get services for your website online “or something like that. The better the anchor, the more you’ll show up when those specific keywords are Googled. This is always worth it, in my opinion, since organic traffic is probably the most important resource you can aim for with a porn tube website. And when you get backlinks by paying for them on, you can choose the anchor text. In essence, this is how you’ll impact the SEO of your porn site through backlinks.

So yeah, a good anchor will be important to you, and you’ll need to keep that in mind when you are buying backlinks. If you don’t give good anchor text, then, in the end, all that money will be spent for nothing. The better you make the anchor text, the more it will make sense for the search engines, and your site will be optimized. And this is all if we’re talking about white hat SEO. There are also some black hat SEO tactics that you can also get on People per Hour. Now, the thing is, you can’t find anything that says black hat SEO on this site since that isn’t exactly by the rules.

All kinds of prices for different budgets
But hey, when you’re trying to get ahead in the porn game, you need to take any resource that is given to you. Usually, when a service is meant to be white hat SEO, it will be spelled out like that in the marketing text on People per Hour. If it’s got some black hat SEO in it, you will probably see it written between the lines. It might not be in the title; it might be hidden in the image promoting the service on this website, so you need to keep your eyes open if you want to try out these kinds of services. You will definitely want to try a bit of black hat SEO as a porn webmaster.

As for the prices, you can find them in the range of $10 to $500. When it comes to the cheap backlinks, these are usually backlinks on PBNs (also known as private block networks) that link to each other to raise their site authority like that. Then, if a few of them point towards your website, your authority and visibility will increase. This is something that search engines might be able to pick up on, and it’s not as effective as getting your links featured on real sites with real authority. There is a significant difference between these kinds of PBNs and actual sites.

Get as many backlinks as possible
PBN websites usually have a DA rating of around 20 to 30, while real sites have DA ratings that range from 90 up to 98. No website can reach 100 authority, I think, so don’t expect to find that here. With People per Hour, you can get a good deal with this backlinking, and it all depends on how much you’re trying to spend. There are a few other metrics that you need to take a look at, such as PA, DR, TO, and TF. I’m not going to go into all of those scores, but let’s say that they can all affect your site authority a lot. The more you pay, the better the sites will be when featuring your porn site. I would try adding as many PBNs first and look at real sites later on.

The first thing you need is as many links towards your site as possible. If that means spending 100 bucks on like 10 different listings on People per Hour, then so be it. You want to get that domain out there and raise that initial site authority so that the search engine can even pick your place up; the more of these links you have pointing towards your website, the better. And with over 6,600 listings on People per Hour, I’m sure you’ll find one that will be ideal for what you need. Mix in a bit of white hat and black hat SEO, and you can make the perfect mixture that will skyrocket your site’s SEO score online.

Listing filters to better specify what you need
You can also use the different sorting algorithms on to more specifically say what you need. Besides, you can use the filters which will allow you to sort these listings according to their delivery time, the country of the freelancer working on your SEO, the price of the listing, and the recently added listings. Play around with these settings to find the optimal services that you can get for a fair price. If you can do that, you will be able to get many things done with this website. All in all, this is the only way to make your porn site stand out truly.

Anyway, I think you have enough knowledge about backlinks and People per Hour at this point that you can do your research. Create a budget you’re willing to spend and start getting these things done. The sooner you start getting those backlinks online, the sooner you can start generating more organic traffic. In the end, this is what we all need as porn webmasters since it translates to how much money we’re making. I think that we’re all in this because we want to make more money, so stop fucking around and start getting more backlinks towards your porn domain today!

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