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In today’s online world, it is difficult finding the right ad network that would satisfy your needs… Why? Well, simply because there are a shit ton of them, and with every single one offering something different, knowing what to choose is tricky. Aren’t you lucky to have me here? I have reviewed a ton of great ad networks, and I here to introduce yet another one. It is called, and it is great for a couple of reasons, which I shall discuss as we go along.

First of all, why do you need an ad network? An advertising network is designed to connect businesses that want to run ads with websites that want to post them. I think that explains this crap in the best way possible. The main difference between the online and traditional ad networks is simply that the online advertising networks will deliver the ads through the ad server to the public.

To be fair, if you are interested in ad networks, you probably already know how the fuck they work, right? If not, don’t fret. They are simple, and you have all the information that you could possibly need online. So, go all out and educate yourself. is an adult advertising network, which is pretty neat. If you want to know more about the network and what it offers, just continue reading or check out the site yourself.

Great for both webmasters and advertisers!
As I said, is an adult ad network, and it is designed for both advertisers and webmasters. They have a ton of amazing opportunities and offer solutions for monetization for not only desktop but also mobile traffic. On, you get to use the most innovative advertising formats. In addition, the registration to is simple and free, which is definitely a big plus.

Upon visiting the website for the first time, you might be confused by its presentation. I am not saying that it is bad; I just want to point out that it is extraordinary, to say the least. You have a yellow background with purple letters, which oddly enough works nice. There is a suggestive image on the side, and right off the bat, you get to choose whether you want to use privileges as an advertiser or webmaster.

From what I have seen, does not really provide enough information for both parties. I mean, unless you know what the fuck an ad network is supposed to offer, you might be confused. Considering their great design and uniqueness, they obviously know what the fuck they are doing. So, I am not sure who was in charge of providing information, because they should obviously be fired.

How do AD networks work?
In the simplest words, an ad network has an inventory of unsold ads from publishers, and they are selling them to advertisers. The network earns money by taking a cut of the ad revenue. The ads will be delivered to the site of the publisher through the ad network’s ad server through a code on the publisher’s site. The performance will be known through a tracking pixel from the ad network, which the advertiser will put on the conversion pages, like a thank you page on its website.

The ad network server will power ad tracking, targeting, and reporting on the campaign. Of course, there are different types of ad networks out there, but this is how works. The best thing about this is that if you have any questions about their network, offers or whatever the fuck, you are free to contact them first. Their customer support service did not disappoint me!

However, you should only actually contact if you have legit questions about what the fuck they have to offer… otherwise, use Google. You can reach them through email, Skype, and telegram, pretty standard. They tend to answer rather quickly, which is also a big plus.

On the other hand, an even bigger plus would have been if they actually provided a good FAQ page, answering all the frequent questions… There is an FAQ page, but it is pretty much useless if you ask me. Not to mention that you will only get suggested the FAQ page once you open the page for either the webmasters or affiliates.

Let’s talk about advertisers…
If you are an advertiser, I think that you will like what is all about. This ad network offers great conversion leads, has an enormous reach for the targeted audience, only offers high-quality traffic, and gives you a custom approach. Their targeting methods are pretty nice, not to mention that you have both desktop and mobile formats.

As an advertiser, you are probably looking for high-quality live traffic, right? I mean, that is the best kind of traffic, and has your back. Their support has qualified specialists who can help you with the advertising campaign, as well as just answer random questions you might have about You will be given a personal manager who will be available 24/7, as well.

Once you register, the website will change a tad bit, and you will have a convenient personal account. Honestly, understanding how works, if you already know what an adult network is all about, is not that difficult. You will have a variety of traffic topics for many products and services.

Of course, before you can actually enjoy what has to offer, you need to register. During your registration, which I already mentioned is free, you will be asked whether you want to register as a webmaster or as an advertiser. After you do that, a manager will contact you soon enough and help you organize your work with

You should be prepared to ask anything you are interested in when it comes to working with to make the working process so much easier for everyone. All of this applies to webmasters as well… You can’t really take advantage of unless you register… I mean, that should have been fucking obvious if you ask me.

For advertisers, the price will be formed separately based on the category and statistics of the project. If this doesn’t make a lick of sense to you, just contact your manager. is suitable for adult content, which I already sort of mentioned. But, they are also great for News, Entertainment, Music, and Cinema. If you need help launching your campaign, just make sure to contact, and their team will develop banners and landing pages for you.

How about the webmasters?
Now, let’s talk about the webmasters. If you are still confused about all of this shit, let me simplify it even more. Basically, an AD network is an intermediary between an advertiser and a publisher. An advertiser is an affiliate with an offer from an affiliate network, while the publisher is the webmaster or the owner of the traffic. An ad network is designed to aggregate traffic from countless websites, and advertisers can choose to buy and promote their offers.

So, where do Webmasters really come in? As a webmaster, you will be given high rates and stable redemption, with details, real-time statistics, and, again, a custom approach. You can expect to have high rates on the go and a personal manager to help you with the perks of the website. will not interfere with other advertising formats; they will just increase the total income. You are offered multi-currency payments, a convenient personal account, with high quality and safe advertising.

There will be a couple of things that you should not do, obviously. They are basic rules, which you can check out on their FAQ page. But, let me give you an overall explanation. There are some requirements for sites, such as attendance of 1k visits a day or more. There should not be any advertisements on the site already that could overlap their formats. No CAP or bot traffic is allowed. Now, these are just the basics; you can check out the rest on the website.

Both mobile and desktop banners available!
Another great thing about is that they offer options for both desktop and mobile. When talking about mobile banners, you have the standard viewing options… 500x200 for vertical and 728x90 for horizontal view on the phone. They accept .gif, .png, and .jpg formats. As for the desktop, the banner is 980x150 and is offered in the same formats. You have preview images of how this shit looks like if you open their FAQ page.

They also offer content, as in you have Banners in .html, .jpg, and .gif formats, allowing you to advertise whatever the fuck you want. There will be landing pages and videos as well… As I said, all of this is explained on their FAQ page. In addition, will make one or two banners for you to choose from in .jpg and .gif format, which will cost you $500. If you pay $1000, you can expect two or three banners (.jpg, .gif) and a landing page or a banner in .html. Last, they will make a landing page and one banner in .html for $2000.

Bottom line…
Everything that they forgot to mention on, I have covered in my review. So, I advise you not to skip, since I know a lot of you fuckers prefer to just read the conclusion. The most important aspect is that accepts adult content, and it is suitable for sites with over 1k or more visitors a day. However, that is not really the end of the line… as in, if you have any custom requests or hope for them to make an exception, just contact them.

When talking about payments, they are made weekly on Mondays. The minimum that is required for payment is 150 ₽, which is basically $1.99. The payments are all made through the WebMoney payment system, but if you want to withdraw money through other systems, you can just contact them. Okay, I think that pretty much covers everything… is a pretty solid adult ad network for advertisers and webmasters, so explore and enjoy advertising whatever.

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