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Founded in late 2007, Plug Rush has a lot of experience and great shit to offer to its users. It has gone through a lot of changes to become the ad network we all love today. In the beginning, their main idea was to simply let people automatically and accurately trade traffic without wasting time doing it. But, after a ton of demands from the webmasters (or so they claim), they decided to open a system that will allow both selling and buying of the traffic quickly.

Today, you are allowed to trade traffic, sell and buy clicked traffic, popunder traffic, and mobile traffic quite easily. Of course, that does not mean that Plug Rush will perfectly suit your needs. This is where I like to state that this all depends on each individual’s needs, I guess. All I want to say is that is open for both publishers and advertisers, and the offers are pretty nice.

In simple words, before I move down to a more detailed review, Plug Rush is an ad network that will purchase both desktop and mobile traffic from webmasters. It offers a complete monetization solution to publishers worldwide. As the perfect solution, you will have some of the best ad formats, which will actually generate higher revenue.

You also get to receive high-quality traffic through their automatic and deep targeting optimization from thousands of websites. Now, if that seems like something you’d be interested in, you are welcome to check out on your own. Their tour page is pretty fucking dope and informative. Or you can continue reading.

How to start?
The first thing you need to do is register. The registration is free and straightforward, plus you do not require separate accounts for advertising and publishing. Since PlugRush is a global advertising network, you can expect to have 99% worldwide coverage. What does this mean? Well, it simply means that none of your traffic will be unsold. Not to mention that for high-quality traffic, this network has great premium rates.

They provide a great user-experience from my point of view. You have everything you need as a publisher/advertiser, which is what matters. Their tour page is very well-made, and all the information you need is there. Well, sort of. I shall mention the info that is not there in my review, y’all are very fucking welcome. Plus, their customer support service is also great. So, if you have any issues, just contact them.

For advertisers…
The good thing about PlugRush is that you have a section for the advertisers and publishers on their website. So you get to learn what the fuck to expect. Now, let me get into it. You get to receive high-quality traffic because of their automatic and deep targeting optimization from lots of sites. You can access billions of impressions worldwide, all through their easy-to-use and fast advertising platform.

Their advanced targeting options can help you reach your goals. You can save time if you simply set up the automatic rules on a metric range, and that lets their system optimize the campaigns for you. There is also the S2S (server to server) conversion tracking postback URL, which can pass back the info of conversion to Plug Rush, allowing auto-optimization.

Let’s also mention the re-targeting that allows you to increase the ROI, as you keep getting high-value users back. PlugRush has a great system that will automatically filter out scanners, bots, and other automated traffic crap, while keeping your campaigns safe. Plus, as I have said, they do have an excellent support center, so contact them if you run into any shit.

If you are interested in the ad formats, they have them all listed as well. On top, you have a section labeled as ‘advertisers,’ and in that drop menu, you can choose to see the ad formats. They list all of this shit, and if you are too lazy to check it out on your own… they have: push notifications, display banners, popunders, and native ads.

If you do not understand what I have already mentioned or what I will mention below, you should know that Plug Rush has everything explained. How the fuck are you supposed to use the self-serving platform to your advantage and implement the main ad code, or what the heck is the S2S conversion tracking postback URL… everything will have a proper guide.

For publishers…
As a publisher, you can increase your earnings by simply tapping into thousands of successful campaigns. Ah, but don’t you just love it when you find a typo on a tour page? It does not really look good if they are unable to read the shit they post at least twice, but oh well… PlugRush will monetize your worldwide traffic through the partners and advertisers. All the visitors you have will be given advertisements that are targeted.

On, you will be given premium rates… so the higher the quality, the better the rates. The advertisers and partners of PlugRush can offer better rates. Plus, you get to follow the progress and all that crap as PlugRush has real-time statistics. Use their self-serve platform, and implement the main ad code in just a couple of minutes to put an ad on your website.

On the other hand, allows you to trade high quality clicked traffic as well, with their fancy trade program. They will expose your site to billions of impressions, and they use selected targeting to give you relevant visitors. Once you are approved for their trade program, you can just relax and enjoy yourself while they basically handle the rest.

Commission types
Ah, so you are interested in the commissions, and what you can expect? Well, there are the CPC, CPV, and CPM (somewhat) commission types, and I shall mention them all soon enough. However, if you do not know what the heck I am talking about, then you might want to educate yourself on different commission types and how the fuck they work beforehand. Simple.

So, let’s talk about CPC first. CPC stands for Cost Per Click, and it refers to the actual price that you will be paying for every single click in your marketing campaign. As an advertiser, the cost per click will always be equal to or less than the maximum bid. Due to the way of how Google’s AdWords auction functions, the actual CPC will heavily be influenced not only by your closest competitor’s rank but also by the quality score and maximum bid.

The CPV stands for Cost Per View, which is a bidding method for video campaigns. Here, you will pay for a view, which will be counted if a viewer watches at least 30 seconds of the video or interacts with the ad. Okay, now, I am sure that you are wondering why the fuck have I said ‘somewhat’ after CPM, right? Well, let me explain it simply.

The traffic that you send to Plug Rush will be paid out on a CPC basis. They are not paying on the CPM basis on banners or different display ads. With that said, some of the traffic that you send to PlugRush directly, such as a desktop or mobile pops, can actually be classified as being paid in CPM… CPM stands for Cost Per 1k Impressions, in case you are wondering.

What about the payments?
It is actually not possible for me to tell you how much you will earn on PlugRush. There are too many parameters to be considered, but generally speaking, you can make more on mobile than desktop traffic. And you will also earn more from Western countries.

The minimum required payment for PlugRush is $50, which is quite basic. The payments on will be added weekly to your account, on Mondays. If you do not have the minimum sum required, you will get paid once you do, simple. You can also choose to withdraw funds whenever the fuck you want.

On PlugRush, you have the following payment options: Paxum, PayPal, and Bank Wire. If you plan to make a withdrawal, it is important to give them at least five business days to process the money, as they have a high volume of payments. If you are interested in how the earnings will be calculated, what are your payment options, how to verify your website, use the main ad code, etc. does have a useful FAQ page, so check that shit out.

PlugRush is a good adult ad network that provides you with a hybrid account where the users can perform publishing activities or simply advertise… PlugRush’s platform will let you generate real-time stats and ad codes easily, allowing you to easily optimize your ad units. Other than what I have already mentioned, offers other great facilities, which are all mentioned on the website, such as low minimum payout requirement, fast and regular payments, dedicated support (email or Skype), a 5% referral program… etc.

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