PolluxNetwork! It seems like affiliate money making businesses are a cottage industry these days. And to be honest, many of them don't have much flair or "special sauce" to grab more sales.

That's not true of all of them, of course, but there are so many of these programs which are so-so. Things can be even more confusing for newbies when it comes to program landing pages that are a bit technical or have suspicious names.

Pollux Network might catch some eyes for having such a tantalizing name, but if they look at the site, they might be a little confused when you consider the more pornographic affiliate programs I cover. After all, there aren't any naked chicks or staff carrying dudes in a purple coat to be seen on any page.

But don't let that throw you – this program is far more fascinating than you think. In fact, it might be an incredible way to become flush with cash.

To not make things too complicated – and because there are so many things to go over – let's break this program's many features down in bite-sized chunks.

Here Are The Many Offers You Can Promote
To start with the beginning, Pollux Network is well on its way to becoming an industry-leading affiliate performance network. Specializing in developing and promoting digital products, specifically networking with all sorts of content providers all over the interwebs. With this level of diversity, there's no way you can't make money slinging these products.

Do you Like Using Tools? They Provide Plenty of Them
One of the biggest barriers to getting your affiliate campaign off the ground is having the suite of marketing gimmicks to grab a prospect's attention. As with other firms who start affiliate programs, the Pollux Network gives you several that you typically find, along with some extra goodies you may not expect.

Quality Advertising Content

Pollux immediately gives you a sweet selection of display banners, popunder ads, and interstitial programs to integrate on your webpages. Of course, seeing that one of the ways you get paid is through a CPC scheme, you also get a series of direct links, which should boost your traffic.

What's more, advertisers bid in real-time and on a global scale using ads that have been thoroughly optimized and continuously updated. Since Pollux and its allies only make money when you do, they are always investing in different ways to improve their advertising.

That way, making money is symbiotic; or as they would put it:

"After all, if you're winning, we're winning too!"

One way they have stepped up their game, for instance, is by making it so you can geo-target prospects. In other words, you can select which countries, browsing programs, even operating systems to target so your campaign can be tailored to your specifications.

While you can make the customizations you wish, everything is streamlined, so you don't need to have any technical knowledge to begin.

Dominate The Mobile Space

If you don't know, most web browsing is done through mobile devices these days. This is why I often look at how a website looks on tablets and smartphones. Anyway, keeping up with the times, Pollux provides affiliates with many ads geared specifically for mobile machines.

Also, if you want to gear your campaign more toward iPhones or Androids, there are filtering options for that as well. I can honestly say this is probably the first time I've seen such an option on any affiliate program.

The Pollux Network Team Has You Covered

Some other affiliate programs will give you a few slapped together tools and leave you to your own devices. Following that comes the expectation that you'll be able to make bank without any other assistance or support.

That sort of process might work for some people, but most people will run into some kind of snag. Pollux is different in that its team provides additional assistance to all affiliates. To quote the site directly…

"We constantly monitor campaigns on a daily basis to make sure you're getting the most out of your performance."

Even if, after all of this, you still aren't convinced that this program will work for you, Pollux Network will get you set up with a trial account.

Getting Started And Connecting to Staff With Lightning Speed
Like any worthwhile (read: not scammy) affiliate scheme, there is no cost to signup, and Pollux Network doesn't require any probing information. Of course, they need to verify your identity by getting your username, chosen password, and what role you as an affiliate. But don't freak out, as I'll go over later, this website is totally secure.

One thing that people who are new to e-commerce might be thrown by is the fact that you have to have some sort of business name. Fortunately, your business doesn't have to be a major corporation, and you can simply submit your name instead.

Be sure to go over the terms of service and privacy policy, and I would recommend signing up for their newsletter. Seeing as the webmasters are likely to add more tools, programs, or upgrade one of the two, this is a great cost-free service that will make it easier to keep up.

There Are External Reviews Which Make Me Trust This Program
When I do these reviews, I am careful not to judge a book purely by its cover – or rather, I don't take a program based purely on what the webpages claim. While they can be informative, it's always good to check with people who have participated in an affiliate program. Other means can be to look up the age of a site and the level of organic traffic it gets.

There's good news when it comes to Pollux Network, as they get a significant amount of traffic from what looks like real people. This also means that this domain ranks pretty high when it comes to its Alexa ranking, too. That and the fact that this is an SSL secure website means you should have no problem when it comes to getting hacked or taken advantage of.

Payment Options Are Wonderful And a Little Weird
Alright, this is is the part of the website which I did have mixed feelings about when I looked at it. As with other programs, you can make money via standard cost-per-action, cost-per-click, and cost-per-view, and the minimum payout is only $100. While it would be cool if you could get paid weekly, you can still collect your earnings once a fortnight.

So far, there's nothing unusual or unfair.

The strange thing I found when going over this program are the very limited number of ways you can get paid. Usually, I find that there are at least three if not four or more ways you can collect your earnings.

But strangely, you can only get paid through an old fashioned bank transfer or through Paxum. When it comes to Paxum, this is particularly shitty if you're an American since you can't get a personal account through that service, and I've heard it's difficult for people Stateside to get a business account. Still, if you want to put up with the transfer fees, a third option to get paid is through PayPal.

On the other hand, they do pay on-time every time you are scheduled to get that gold.

There is one last thing when it comes to payment to bring up, or more specifically, performance linked to payment. Different types of ads get different impressions per day, depending on the country.

For example, popunder ads in France net 2.849 impressions a day at a rate of € 1.12 CPM. On the flip side, Canadian popunders get an average of 491 hits in a 24-hour period and earn only € 0.76 CPM. Consequently, I would go over the site and maybe even reach out to the Pollux staff to get some more details before you execute your campaign.

Can You Make Baller Money Leveraging Pollux Network?
When it comes to things I would change, there really isn't all that much other than expanding the number of ways people can get money into their accounts. Still, with so much verifiable info about the site online, this isn't a big deal for me.

If you can put up with some of the strangeness of the way payment works, I think you'll agree that this program deserves a top-notch five hands. But don't take my word for it; signup and give it a whirl.

My final decree when judging this site is a winning four and a half hands out of five.

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