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Pop Cash! Figuring out ads, formats, and all of that bullshit can be such a chore. You fiddle with banners, redirects, push notifications, and native ads for hours without really knowing what’s working. Sure, most sites give you a chart full of stats, but we all know that shit is always shifting and changing. It takes an expert in site traffic to be able to figure out a solution for narrowing down what works, what doesn’t, and when to display ads that work at the best times. Or you can say fuck all of that and go with a simplified network with effective ads that are displayed for you. is a simple ad network that can make you quick cash as an advertiser or publisher with minimal hassle. They focus on one ad and one ad only: popunders. Popunders are ads that, well, pop up under the site window being used. They are, arguably, one of the most effective ads for bringing in quality traffic. Plus, these ads have some of the best payouts in the fucking industry. So, you’ll make more money with significantly less ad clutter when compared to a standard ad layout.

Join a Growing Ad Network Full of Real People that You Can Trust
And these guys aren’t some vague company with no faces and questionable experience. They’ve been focusing solely on popunder ads since 2012. That’s a single focused mindset that you can trust. It’s like getting with a hot babe that knows how to deepthroat cock. That’s all she does. It’s all she wants. And, goddamn, you’ll never forget that night with her.

Oh, anyway, I got off track. Like I was saying, you get faces with the names. You can take a look at their “about us” page to get a full list of every single person that works with this company, so you know you’re concerns aren’t getting pushed off to some off-shore call center where people don’t know what the fuck they are doing or how to help you.

Get Your Site Monetized in as Little as One Hour!
Let’s take a look at publisher options first. You can get your site monetized in a fucking instant. They’ll look at your site and have it approved within an hour during the week or 12 hours during the weekend. That’s not too bad when it comes to turnaround time. Oh, and these guys aren’t prudes. You can run ads on your adult site as long as it’s not some super fucked up illegal site or something. And they make sure that any ads that run on your site are free of malware and are safe for your users to visit.

And they won’t treat you like some stuck up girlfriend. Popcash doesn’t mind if you play the field and get with other ad networks. They’ll still hook you up with their deal, which is very simple. They’ll run a single popunder ad every 24 hours per IP. That’s it. You don’t have to worry about fiddling with complex monitoring tools or any of that bullshit. You get a single popunder ad that you can plug and play, and you can just sit back and watch that money roll into your bank account.

High CPM Rates & Quality User Targeting Options make you Money
In terms of cash, it varies. I know that’s a shitty answer, but they custom tailor your CPM estimate depending on your site’s traffic, GEO, and some other factors. But they do boast 80% revenue share from their direct advertisers, so you’re getting the king’s share of the pot. And you won’t have to wait around weeks to get your cash. You can get paid whenever the fuck you want as long as you reach their $10 withdrawal threshold, which is fairly low for the industry. So, you’ll have your hard-earned cash as soon as possible.

But publishers aren’t the only ones making money here. Advertisers can pair up with Popcash and get their ads shown across the web. Plus, you won’t have to worry about making a dozen different ad formats that might not perform. You only need to submit a single popunder ad to get started with these guys. And that makes it easier to see how your ad is performing. You won’t have to parse apart any complex figures or any bullshit like that.

Get an Ad Campaign Started for just $5
It only costs you five bucks to get started. No, seriously. You can get an ad campaign up and rolling for as little as $5. They claim that most campaigns are approved for use in well under an hour, so at least you won’t be waiting around too long for some neckbeard to let you start earning money. And you can land your ads on thousands of sites across every GEO. They have a self-service platform that allows you to fully customize your campaign and target your exact audience.

And they’ll make sure you’re not getting taken advantage of like a loose slut at a frat party. They make sure the traffic you get is legitimate and free of fraud. But they really want to make you money. So, they give you some solid white and blacklist features that let you optimize your ROIs and ensure that you’re getting as much money per-click as possible.

Make Passive Cash with a 10% Referral Program
If you think you’re a silver-tongued fuck who can get some other horny site owner hooked with these guys, then you can rake in a passive 10% of their ad revenue with a built-in referral program. And they make it so easy to run other ad options. You can run Google Adsense, other popunders, and just about anything else you want to. However, more isn’t always better. The more ads you have, the worse quality the traffic tends to be. It’s like a hot babe. If she knows how to fuck then she’ll make you feel like a king. If she opens her legs to any man with a pulse, then it’ll feel like slinging a hot dog down a tunnel. Moderation is key.

Pornwebmaster’s Favorite Features
Man, I wish more sites had such a single focused approach. You don’t have to fuck around with dozens of different menus or ad formats. They just have one. It’s as easy as plugging in a single piece of code and having it display a highly effective ad for your audience. From there, you simply sit back and let the cash roll in. It’s one of the easiest ways to make practically free money. And they make sure that the ads being shown to your audience are safe and free of malware attacks. With simply a single popunder ad, you’re not going to have to worry about excessive ad clutter.

And you get paid fast. After all, it’s your money. These fucks have no interest in holding onto it any longer than necessary. And that $10 withdrawal limit is low as fuck when compared to other names in the ad industry. Speaking of low, it’ll only cost you five bucks to get a campaign running! That’s fucking insane.

Pornwebmaster’s Suggestions
Don’t get me wrong; I like the single focus nature of this site. I just wish the elaborated more on exact figures and partners. Give me sample CPMs for different GEOs like other sites do. Tell me who these mysterious direct publishers and advertisers are. I want to know what names are going to appear on my sexy foot fetish site. I want to know that my ads are going to get quality traffic from people who actually want to see my product or site. Listing off some big-name partners and publishers would go a long way in making me more confident in these fucks. A little bit of reassurance goes a long way.

Pornwebmaster’s Final Thoughts
Overall, is a great ad network for those of you looking for an additional source of revenue for your site. It’s simple. It’s easy. You just run some code and you’ll be good to go with some safe, malware-free popunder ads. I wouldn’t recommend these guys as your sole source of ad revenue, but they make for a great add-on for your existing ad plan. They’re also great for getting your popunder ads out into the world since that’s all these nerds focus on. I highly recommend you check these guys out if you want to bring in some passive income without the hassle of a normal, high-maintenance ad plan.

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