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Pop My Ads! Specializing in popunder advertisements and founded in 2011, I am here to talk about PopMyAds; a cute little website that turned into a rather well-established ad network for both publishers and advertisers. It is available globally, which is obviously a good fucking aspect. It has great flexibility, and I recommend it for all beginners. Of course, it is also not bad for those who know what the fuck they are doing… aka experts.

Pop My Ads offers rather high CPM rates, and it is good for both mobile and desktop traffic. There is no minimum requirement of traffic that you need, to be able to take advantage of what Pop My Ads has to offer. Almost all registrations are approved, after examinations, of course. Plus, PopMyAds can be used for both the mainstream and adult content, which is why I assume y’all are really here. Oh, and their support system is pretty nice as well. So, even if you do run into an issue, you can just contact them directly.

If you know at least a bit about the life of an advertiser or publisher, I am pretty sure that you will have no issues. I mean, PopMyAds’s website is pretty fucking dope. I called it ‘cute” unsarcastically… It really does look pretty fucking nice. But at the same time, they provide you with all the info that you could possibly need if you are interested in registering. And for the information they forgot, I am here to give you the gist of it all. You are bloody welcome, mates.

Before you can get started with, you will have to register. But that is a very simple process. On their tour page, you’ll have a Sing Up button on top; you can’t miss it. The registration is very straightforward, and it really only takes a couple of minutes, at best. It’s simple, and plus, the registration on Pop My Ads is free.

Let’s talk about advertisers!
You have to love when a website actually includes separate sections for their offers. For example, on Pop My Ads, you have a separate section for advertisers and publishers. Pretty neat, isn’t it? Well, let’s talk about what the advertisers get since that is why I assume you are reading this part of the review. Basically, will connect brands to the most engaged audiences.

First of all, they have low stakes; the minimum deposit will only cost 50 USD through PayPal. You also get to manage your campaigns at your convenience. They will give you full control over your account. Some of the targeting options you will have are: source, GEO, OS, frequency, browsing… etc. All you have to do is create campaigns, set a budget, bid, modify, and pause whenever the fuck you want… it’s simple if you know what you are doing.

The quality of the traffic is very important, so does PopMyAds actually offer what they claim? Pretty much. They have a great support system, with a devoted staff that you can contact 24/7. They also have a hardworking team that has developed a superb anti-fraud system that will filter the proxy, low-quality traffic, and bots out.

Simply put, at Pop My Ads, you get a partnership with a monetization team that knows what the fuck they are doing. They offer clean traffic, and they have a good fraud-detection system. Plus, they provide good CPM rates, which is always a big plus. As for those who do not know what CPM stands for, it is basically Cost Per Mile. And for those who are utterly clueless, this is the amount that an advertiser will pay a website per 1k visitors who will see the ad. It is effortless if you know what the fuck you are doing, and if you do not, maybe it is time to use the beauty of Google to your advantage, boys.

So, how much will it cost for you to actually advertise on PopMyAds? Well, this website has a dynamic system, where you will be able to see just how many campaigns are there for each country, as well as how much they are bidding. Because of this, you will have total control over how many visitors you can get and your CPM.

After making a campaign, it will take some hours to be approved. I mean, it could take less than an hour to be approved, but usually, it will not take longer than 12h. As I have mentioned, the minimum deposit is $50, and you can deposit it through PayPal. Now, there are other ways you can deposit as well, but for that, you will need to contact them.

What about publishers?
Just like you have a section for advertisers, there is a one for publishers. Here you can read all about the offers has for the publishers, duh! You are given an ad inventory coverage, which is global, with great fill rates. Most of what I shall mention is written on their page for publishers, but in case you want it simplified, continue reading.

On Pop My Ads, you have great leading rates and amazing traffic coverage; international obviously. You get paid for all the visitors, which means nobody is left out. Again, you will have full control of your panel, with easy access to analyze your profits, making everything as simple and clean as possible. Trust me; even women will understand this shit; that is how simple PopMyAds has made it. tests the campaigns' landing pages a couple of times a day, so you can expect clean ads. Plus, almost all sites will be accepted, which is always neat. They will have to be reviewed but do not worry, that lasts 24 – 48h tops. Their advertisements will be tailored to your customized channels, and they have no limits. Aka, they pay for all the traffic, worldwide.

As for the rates, they are dynamic and will mostly depend on other factors. For example, the country of the visitor, the quality of your website as well as the niche, or even the day of the week, time, date… and so on. PopMyAds has an automated bidding system that will ensure that the publishers will get the max possible revenue.

Both pounders and popups are available on PopMyAds. However, if you would like to use a different ad network together with, you could experience a rate drop. There are some pop-under ad codes that will interfere with PopMyAds, and that can cause lower revenue. So, how about Google Adsense?

Well, on Google’s FAQ, as well as on FAQ, they state that they will allow you to have 3 popunders or popups on your website. But that is not set in stone… aka what Google chooses to do, at the end of the day, is none of PopMyAds’s business.

The minimum amount required for a withdrawal is $5 for PayPal. As for those who want to get money through wire transfer, you need a minimum of $500. Also, you will first have to contact the customer support to actually get shit done through wire transfer. Personally, I prefer PayPal since that shit tends to be fast and simple. But do whatever the fuck you want.

PopMyAds will not charge you for deposit and withdrawal. However, we all know that some payment systems will have fees included, and again, that is out of PopMyAds’s control. Payouts are made upon request, so you can have them daily if you are good enough. Funds can be withdrawn within one to seven days.

Referral program
Just like most other popular ad networks, PopMyAds will have a referral program. So, if there is a publisher who would like to join this website, you can give them your referral link. If you do that, you will get like 10% of their income for a lifetime, which is quite nice.

In case you were too fucking lazy to actually read my review, here is a summarization. Welcome to a simplistic popunder advertising network that gets straight down to business. PopMyAds has high CPM rates, and all its publishers will get great international traffic coverage. There is a high number of advertisers on from all over the globe. They are one of the fastest paying ad networks, and since there is no min requirement of traffic for you to sign up, do whatever the fuck you want.

This website is great for both publishers and advertisers. Publishers will get a partnership with an experienced monetization team. The landing pages of the campaigns are tested a couple of times, which means they have clean ads. All the websites will be accepted within 24h, after they are examined… plus adult shit is also allowed; otherwise, I would not be here reviewing in the first place.

The advertisers get the same deal; partnership with an experienced monetization team. You will have clean traffic, since just like the test the campaigns, they monitor the traffic to guarantee good quality. There are great CPM rates, real-time stats, and instant deposits. I mean, it is all written above, and you have a lot of info on their tour page as well. So, if you are interested, check this shit out!

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