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PopUnder is an advertising network known for selling and buying traffic. It is a website that is constantly buying traffic at max prices, making advertisers compete for visitors. For the advertisers, Pop Under is a great place to increase the traffic to get your targeted visitors! As for publishers, this website allows you to repurchase traffic at great prices. You also have a good deal of promotion and bonuses.

Of course, it is never as peachy as just saying that an ad network is doing what it is supposed to be doing. If you are interested in this ad network founded in 2007 and is still going strong, I have some things to share. Thus, if you want, you are more than welcome to continue reading. Then again, has a good tour page, so you can visit the site yourself.

The first time I opened PopUnder, it actually took some time for their website to load. If this happens, do not worry. Oh, and while I think this is very straightforward, you should not have Ad-block if you want to visit Pop Under. Don’t get me wrong, I freaking love ad-block, but in this situation, the website will simply not load… so, if you have any issues with that, check out whether you disabled ad-block.

Audience targeting
Right off the bat, Pop Under is advertising that their audience targeting is the best. They also give you many different ways you can target your audience. For example, you have categories that will fit your certain needs, depending on the traffic you want. You could also use geography targeting and specify visitors by city, region, or country.

If you have a website that performs better in Chrome than it does in Firefox (or vice-versa), or any other browser, you can target users with specific browsers only. The same applies to mobile browsers and platforms. You can target users with specific OS, both on PC, and mobile! In case your website is in a different language, target your audience by the language, or get the visitors by their latest search keywords.

Select days and hours when you want your campaign to be active, and if you want, you can auto-pause your campaign when they reach the number of visitors or budget that you wanted. There is also the retargeting option, aka to track and return the audience to your website. will analyze your visitors by using action-code, pixel, or postback Url, and give you more relevant visitors by using the “black” and “white” lists.

Now, most of this will be written on the site as well. And if you register to PopUnder, you will get to see even more options in general, obviously. In case you run into any kind of a problem, you can simply contact their customer support. From what I have seen, they are very responsive and will try to resolve the issues you might be having as fast as possible.

Ad formats
Everyone has their own preferred way of advertising random crap on their website. Well, PopUnder has its own ad formats to offer. They offer a lot of them, so chances are you will find just what the fuck you are looking for. So, let me give you the overall about the ad formats you can expect to get from PopUnder…

There is the message ad format, which gives you a small picture avatar and a place for the text. It will be displayed in the bottom right corner, and personally, I find these to be the most annoying. There is the Vinstant ad format, where you get to fully advertise whatever the fuck you want… with an option for full-screen banners and hundreds of templates that can be optimized.

Of course, there are the video and push formats that are very self-explanatory. The topline, bottomline, and slider ad formats come in many different sizes, and jpg, jpeg, gif, and png extensions. Let’s also not forget about the top and bottom text ads… which are just that. Ads displayed at the top or bottom of the page.

Then you have the HTML ads that can be displayed as topline, bottomline, or slider, and of course, there are ClickUnder and PopUnder ad formats. I mean, if the website did not have the PopUnder ad formats, I would very much question the name of the site. All of these formats should be self-explanatory to those who already know what the fuck they are doing. But do not worry, PopUnder explains the gist of them as well… and if that is not enough, you always have Google.

How to get money?
Well, this all depends on the advertising format. So, for display ads, fullscreen, and video, PopUnder will pay you using the CPM and PPC models. CPM stands for Cost Per Mile, and this is a paid advertising option, where a company/site will pay for every 1k impressions that an ad gets. In case you are utterly confused, an “impression” is basically when somebody sees the campaign on social media, search engine, or somewhere else.

PPC stands for Pay Per Click, and this is an internet marketing model where the advertisers will pay a fee every time their ads get clicked on. Now, for PopUnder and ClickUnder formats, will pay using only the PPC model. What does this mean? Every time a visitor on your website clicks on the “close” button of the ad on the screen or on any place on your site, you will get paid for this operation. On the other hand, the visitor will be given a new window of the advertiser’s page on it.

Payments will be made the next day of the order, and the minimum required for withdrawal is $2. There are also the options for “urgent”, “automated” and “immediate” payments… but you can read more about this in the "Finance" section once you sign up. As for the income of publishers, there are no fixed values, if that is what you were looking for. They explain the gist on the FAQ page, so check that out.

“Best partner” bonus
They have some conditions for the “Best Partner” bonus, but what the fuck do you get if you fulfill those conditions? The requirements will be given when you register, and just so you know, the registration to PopUnder is free. If you can fulfill all that they ask for, excluding some tasks mentioned in the FAQ, you can get a 0.5%/1%/1.5% loyalty increase bonus for each full term, aka 30 days. Keep in mind that every activated option will also increase your profit significantly.

There are also bonuses/rewards!
After you register, you will have a separate section that is dedicated to bonuses and rewards. They explain all that you need to know about this bullshit in that section, but let me give you a sneak peek, I guess. Basically, publishers who continuously work with will get a 3% bonus of their earnings.

Within two months of having continuous cooperation, you will get a bonus of 5%, and with three months of continuous working or more, you get 7% + monthly. Downtime that is acceptable a month is not more than two days at a time, or not more than three days in total. Your traffic should not drop more than half, aka 50%.

You have bonuses for deposits. There are discounts for advertisers, where you can top up your balance with $15k at once, and then instantly get a bonus of 5%. Bonus for referrals is good for both advertisers and publishers. You will receive 7% of the earnings that are made by the network publishers and 7% of the expenses of the involved advertisers.

There will be a bonus for publishers for their quality. So publishers who give Pop Under network some good traffic, which will be tested daily with a couple of advertisers in different areas, will receive 3% extra of their income. If you are one of the top publishers, you will also get a bonus. The first place gets $50 added to their balance. From 2nd to 20th place, a % of $50 will be added to your pay.

There is also a geography discount. Basically, if you get visitors from specific countries, you can get a 50% discount, which is pretty nice. All of these countries will be written on their website, as I am not about to list all of them here. I have better things to do.

Conclusion is an ad network with an informative tour page. All that you need to know will be listed there, and what they might have forgotten, I have reviewed above. This network is good for both advertisers and publishers; they have regular payments, with tons of payment options, and a lot of rewards and bonuses. Earning on Pop-Under is actually very simple, so take advantage of that.

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