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Porn Affs! A perfect porn affiliate program does not exist since we are all looking for something different. However, there are affiliate programs that are probably close to perfection, which is why I am here. Today, I shall tell you more about a site called, an affiliate porn game program with great offers. Whether this affiliate program will suit your taste or not all depends on your personal preferences, obviously.

Lucky for you, I exist. See, my job is to find the best of the best and then review them all on my handy website. Thus, even if you are not really impressed by Porn Affs, you can just check out other websites I have reviewed instead. Now, you could also just visit by yourself, or you can stick around and continue reading. That’s completely up to you.

What is an affiliate porn game program?
If some of you are confused about what the fuck you can expect from PornAffs, you might be on the wrong website. This is a porn game affiliate program, which means that you get paid to promote their websites. Keep in mind that I am not really here to give you a tutorial about being a good affiliate; for that, you can check out Google. I am just here to introduce Porn Affs and tell you more about their programs.

When you open, the homepage looks like a train wreck. They could have made it look aesthetically pleasing since that is really not that difficult to do. Not to mention that is supposed to be a porn game affiliate program, so adding two porn sluts on the homepage, with a random car picture, is really fucking confusing.

For those who find my review, they are in luck. But for the people who randomly stumble upon this website, I am pretty sure that you will be confused as heck. Their website does not have a good design, it just looks like an amateur’s starting project, and I am pretty sure nobody is impressed. While I am not expecting them to go all out, they could have made a design that looks aesthetically pleasing, at least.

How to start earning?
First of all, you have to register. The registration process is simple and free, and once you register, you will be able to access all the offers on Porn Affs. There will be a couple of ways you can earn on, and you can choose which method you prefer. Plus, if you are not that happy with what this site offers, there are many others you can check out, I already told you!

You can register just by clicking on the Signup page, and you will be taken to another section of the website. There you can input the most important information to become an affiliate, and after your account is reviewed, you will be able to use the privileges. This is all pretty standard and simple.

Let’s first talk about their RevShare program. Do you know what the fuck RevShare even is? If you do not, again, Google is your friend. I can give you an overall simple explanation too. Basically, the RevShare is a term that is used for the revenue that will be shared with an affiliate for driving a sale. It is a combination of words Revenue and Sharing.

On, there is the 50/50 RevShare program, which is pretty dope. You get a 50% revenue share on daily, monthly or yearly subscriptions. Considering the websites that you can promote with PornAffs, it is not difficult to get random perverts to register. Their RevShare program goes up to 60% for all the purchases that were made by referred customers.

There is a referral program too, which lets you refer other webmasters. However, for you to earn through this referral, you need to refer actual Webmasters, which means that they need to be active. Otherwise, you will not be paid for referring Webmasters.

Now, let’s talk about the payment and all that. The pay period from the 1st to the 15th in the month will be sent out on the 24th of each month, while the checks for the pay period from the 16th to the end of the month will be sent on the 9th of the next month. I know this is a bit confusing to me as well, but at least has a good support system, so just contact them.

What about the minimum required for a payment? Now, while on their FAQ page, which was very difficult to find, they state that the default minimum payout is $50, that is not really true. When you register, you can select the minimum required, and the least you can choose is $100. So, I think it is safe to say that the minimum payout on Porn Affs is $100 unless you select differently. I mean, you can choose up to $6000. uses Epoch, meaning that you can get payouts via wire transfer, PayPal, or Paxum. If none of these work for you, just contact their customer support. They might find a solution for an easier transfer of money. From my experience, PornAffs has great customer support service, and they were able to help me with all the issues I encountered.

It is worth becoming an active affiliate since the top affiliates will get paid a lot more. If you want to learn more about this and how it works, you should concoct them. I mean, if you will use to earn some good bucks, you might as well work a bit harder to earn more and become a top affiliate.

What sites can you promote?
Okay, so… what kind of sites can you actually promote? Are they worth your time? I mean, if the sites are shit, you will probably not earn much promoting them, right? Well, do not worry. All their websites are fucking hot, not to mention that they have exclusive content… Personally, I think that all porn-game lovers will enjoy the websites that Porn Affs offers.

The first website I want to mention is called, and let’s be honest… the name basically speaks for itself. This website is filled with some of the most hardcore porn scenes with hot 3D hentai girls. They put a lot of detail into their porn scenes, so whoever enjoys virtual fucking will surely enjoy this website. The price for accessing the site is pretty standard.

The second website is called, and yet again a very straightforward name. Here, you can find immersive porn games with a lot of beautiful 3D girls. This website is dedicated to operating the most realistic sex simulations with a lot of interesting plots. The prices are the same as with the previous website.

The third website is called, and I am guessing you are seeing a pattern already. I will definitely not go over all the games that they have to offer, but I did want to mention a couple that are fucking amazing. This one is also filled with animated hardcore sex simulations with a lot of beautiful 3D women. All the websites will offer different types of fucking and games, and they are all exclusive.

From what I have seen, all the websites are the same in the sense of payment and quality. You can expect all the sites to have the same kind of membership offers, and they are all filled with HD porn games. It also looks like all their websites will offer 3D fuck-fests, so if you are looking for those shitty flash games, this is not for you.

I think that with such quality, promoting any of these sites will not be difficult. I mean, the promotion is basically done for you once you get people to visit any of these websites. They are all nicely designed, get straight down to the point, and most importantly, they offer a nice array of porn games. That is all that matters, to be fair.

Some web tools and a good support
On PornAffs, you will find all the necessary promo tools for you to promote any of the websites. I mean, the easiest way to promote them is to use their Banner promotional tools, but this all depends on you. Keep in mind that if you cannot find the right promo tools, they offer exclusive support. So, you can just contact the admins and ask them for help.

Even if you need custom-made promotional tools, if it is possible, the support will help you. To contact them, you can just select the “support” tab. Though, it would be much easier for you to be registered and then contact them since then they will already know who the fuck they are talking to.

That’s that, basically.
I am sure that covers it all. PornAffs is a great affiliate program where you can promote porn game websites and earn a lot. You can also refer to other webmasters. If you do a great job and become one of the top affiliates, you will be awarded with better payment options! All the sites available for promotion are 3D porn game websites offering exclusive HD games. Thus, promoting them is a piece of cake.

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