Everyone likes having more money in their pocket – or these days, it’s better to have some more money in your e-wallet or bank account.

If you are new to the site, you should be aware that there are all kinds of affiliate programs out on the web. As you may have seen elsewhere on my site, there are plenty of programs to pick from, and they all have their own advantages and tricks when it comes to leveraging them.

Some programs are so straightforward they truly do deserve the label turnkey, while others might be more challenging for those unfamiliar with how to make money with an affiliate program.

On its face, Porn Doe Cash is the former, but if you know what to look for, there are a few things some of you new to this business are going to want to be aware of.

Here Is What The Flagship Website Of This Program Is All About
To start, the titular website associated with this brand. Called DoeProjects.com, this website features a fine feast for the eyes.

Doe Projects has an incredible array of smut, which blurs the line between traditional hardcore action and experimental, almost artistic erotica. Just take a quick glance at the talent, and you'll see an incredible number of women who come in every shade of the flesh-colored rainbow.

That’s sure to have wide appeal, I’m sure. Further, since this site can be auto-translated into nearly two dozen languages, you should have no problem pitching it to an international audience. Is there any wonder that it's got such a broad appeal across the interwebs?

To give you an idea of how popular this website is, you can check a few ways without going through recent web traffic trends. For example, it's got a fine following with fap fans, as you can see by the site's social media following.

To be specific, their YouTube channel has more than 11,700 subscribers. On Twitter, they've got an excess of 86,500 fans, and on Instagram, they've scored over 122,000 followers! Even if thousands of those accounts are bots, I think we can all agree that is a good indication that they have approximately a dick ton of supporters for their leading smut site.

If that's not enough, there are a fair number of professional porn critics who like this site as well. In fact, Doe Projects has won two Venus Awards and three XBiz Awards as well between 2017 to 2020.

There Is Even More Exclusive Content To Promote
Doe Projects is a phenomenal series of webpages to promote, but it's not the only one. In fact, this affiliate program hooks you up with about forty fap-worthy websites, which you should be able to sell to almost anyone.

Shit, the smut on these sites is so good you might even get some conversions by converting some gay guys.

How can I be so confident? Well, just look at a few of the porn platforms you see on the PDC landing page. There are girls from all over the world represented, including Germany, France, Italy, Canada, Brazil, and Columbia.

Muy caliente!

And that's not all. The dozens of sites, these lovely lassies from every corner of the globe, go all out when they are performing a taste number of tricks on camera. Examples of their enthusiastic erotic performances include standard vanilla sex to scenario-driven encounters like those seen on X Chimera.

To give you a little more of a taste, the seventh-ranked website is called Scam Angels and hosts a hot array of amorous chicks getting into all kinds of wacky adventures worth wanking to. A lot of the action takes place outdoors, though you get to see sexy babes get fucked on all sorts of stellar sets as well.

And if that wasn't enough, threeways are a common stable on this site, which I'm sure you and you customers-to-be all enjoy seeing.

The number three ranking site, Her Limit, tests the endurance of fine women ranging from how big a dick can they take up the ass, the amount of humiliation they can endure, and how far an above-sized sausage they can get stuffed down their throat.

Unlike other BDSM scenes, viewers don't have to worry about squinting through a video due to low lighting. On no, these adult movies are well-lit, so prospects can see the whole thing without missing anything.

Besides those mentioned, all of these websites are sure to get loads of conversions from your load spilling prospects.

The Testimonials Engender A Good Deal Of Optimism
Usually, when doing these reviews, the only opinion I really care about is my own. Sometimes, though, I will take note of what other critics are saying, especially when the website or service in question brags about it.

In this case, PDC has no qualms about sharing the people who have heaped praise on them, and I can see why. After all, they've received spectacular recommendations from the best porn review site – second only to ThePornDude, of course – Rabbit's Review.

Besides them, PDC and its partner sites have garnered praise from Fame Cash, Dorcel, and, shockingly enough, PornTube. Not only that, one of the classic adult magazines, Penthouse, said this…

“It’s always a pleasure working with the Porndoecash affiliate team. They are at the Top of their League, and always ahead of the game with insight and know how. Even their Top Executive engages with Partners, which is rare in this day and age. Great Content, Clean User Experience and a Product that Sells!”

When it comes to professional recommendations for this line of work, I can think of know better source for an endorsement – except mine, that is.

Yowza! The Registration Process Takes A While
It's not terribly annoying, but getting an account will take you longer than most other affiliate websites for whatever reason. I guess it might be to streamline payment, but besides the usual – username, biographical information, address, etc. – they want to know the exact details of your bank information upfront, and you can't skimp on any of the details.

Alternatively, if you use Paxum, they only want your Paxum ID and – if you are a US citizen – your tax identification or Social Security number. Too bad it's nearly impossible for Americans to register with Paxum these days.

Anyway, I should note that if you want – why I’m not sure – you can increase the minimum payout threshold from a hundred to half a grand in increments of $100. IDK having choices is nice, I guess, though this does not apply to the currency in which you get paid.

For another reason I still can't fathom, the only currency that PDC pays its affiliate in is in US dollars, which I think is weird since they are based out of Romania. You'd think, if anything, they would solely pay in leu or euros. But whatever, I guess, money is money.

Once You've Signed Up, The Staff Wants To Hear From You
Overall, this is a fine website, and from what I can tell, you shouldn't have any issues when it comes to the first stages of joining this program. In a couple of sections, we'll get to why you might want to contact the staff, but first, I'm going to focus on how you get in touch with these folks.

To get any questions or issues sorted, all you need to do is contact either Tyna or Alin through one of three means. As with other websites, you can send a message through their Contact Us page.

Unlike most of the competition, PDC even encourages you to contact the two aforementioned support staff through their email addresses or even Skype IDs. Apparently, they operate 24/7, so whatever query you have should be addressed promptly.

While it may seem minor, this is one of the finer services PDC offers if you ask me.

This Platform For Has Somethings I Like And You Will, Too
Before I get into what I'd change, you all should know that there are several awesome benefits to this program, which aren't (completely) obvious when you glance at the landing page. For instance, the PDC homepage claims that the program is the "highest paying glam program" and being "the [best-tiered] payout program."

While claiming to be the best is certainly a bold claim, it certainly is true, not that you can tell from the website itself. To make sure, I checked all around the web (your welcome) and did manage to get plenty of specifics on the payment minimum and rate.

The minimum threshold is reasonable but not great since it’s set at one hundred US dollars. And I’m not entirely thrilled by the two fucking payment transfer methods: a bank wire or Paxum exchange. Then again, unlike certain other businesses, there are no transfer fees, even for international payments.

When it comes to earnings, there is a range; you can make up to 70% of revenue sharing with this program. Compared to similar programs, this really isn't all that bad. Similarly, you can make a badass 70 USD with each sign up you score. In case that doesn’t mean much to you, that is one of the best flat rates I’ve ever seen.

I Can Think Of Some Things Which I’d Like To See Touched Up
When it comes to fundamentals, this website has all of the necessities down flat. The landing page looks slick and helps sell the opportunity. All of the enrapturing raunchy promo pics from the dozens of sites helps you even more.

And there is an attempt to describe how the whole system works.

However, on this last point, this program falls a little flat. I did do my due diligence and scoured the net to find out more about this platform. The thing is, I shouldn't have to – an affiliate program should have all of the necessary information presented onsite.

To correct for this, I would list even more specific info about exactly how much marketers are paid and how often on the website itself.

Furthermore, it would also be great to see the one thing this website is lacking: advanced marketing tools. To clarify, by ‘great’ I really mean abso-fucking-lutely required if you’re going to pitch an affiliate program to marketers.

You Can Do It If You Put Your Mind To It
Porn Doe Cash’s slogan is “money talks; bullshit walks. Start making money today.”

That's a bold claim which you would expect from a company, but do I agree with them? Well, let's summarize all of the pertinent and related facts.

#1 – Anyone has the opportunity to promote forty porn sites featuring females from the world over.

To me, this is a definite plus. After all, it's hard to argue against the idea of promoting a series of websites that get me hard instantly.

#2 – The registration is a pain in the ass, and your payment options are extremely limited.

Once again, I’ve got to point out that this aspect of the platform really pisses me off and needs to be amended ASAP.

#3 – You get two channels of customer support, and you are paid far better than other affiliate programs.

That's awesome, no doubt about it. If only that latter part were actually presented on the PDC landing page.

#4 – You do not seem to be provided with the same suite of marketing tools that are standard with other affiliate programs.

This has to be the biggest weakness of the program. I am more than a little perplexed as to why this is the case. With that factor and all others were taken into consideration, I do think that the right person could clean up by promoting these trouser arousing websites.

But to clarify, only someone who has plenty of experience in the online marketing space has access to superior promotional tools, and steady web traffic could do well.

However, if you are a newbie, I'd steer clear of this one at least until you get your digital sea legs, so to speak. If that applies to you, don't sweat it. I've got loads of other reviews on affiliate programs that are ideal for beginners.

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