Porno Mental! I love amateur sluts. Seeing some bitch who isn’t even a pornstar bend over and take a massive hog like a champ gets me going more than anything. It’s the kind of shit that feels like it shouldn't be shared. Give me the shaky phone camera. Let me see unknown whores getting hot facials. I’m all about amateur babes and I know many of you cucks feel the same way. You tell fucking everybody about it. I get it. But you need to stop doing it for free. You can get paid simply for spreading the word about your favorite amateur girls, sites, and shows. It’s easier than you think. You just need to pair yourself up with a dope affiliate network that will pay you handsomely for your efforts.

You want to work with an affiliate site like These guys have been around since way, way back in 2001. That’s right, around 20 years of experience creating content of amateur sluts getting creampied. They are known for popular sites like Bitchstop, Amateursexteens, CzechVR, and more! I’m sure you horny fappers have heard of at least one of these hot amateur sites. Hell, some of you have likely blown dozens of loads to these quality sites.

Earn 50% Lifetime Revshare for Each Paying Fapper You Convert
But you can do that later. I’m not here to tell you to jerk your dicks to this hot content. I’m here to tell you how you can rake in fat stacks of dosh by sending other horny betas to these sites. All of the sites listed here are exclusively owned by the folks behind Pornomental, so you won’t have to deal with any middle-men or workarounds. All of the rates I’ll be talking about will be consistent across the platform and won’t vary from site to site.

The site is easy to browse. All of the details you need about revshare and the websites you’ll be promoting on your kinky porntube site or growing fetish blog is the first thing you see. They pay you a flat 50% revshare for every paying customer you lead to any of their sites. It says “up to”, but I couldn’t find anything here about a traffic threshold or requirement. From what I could tell, you start right off with that 50% figure. And there weren't any notes or ways that I saw for that number to go up. You’re stuck as a 50/50 affiliate with these guys, which is a bummer when you consider that their competitors can offer upwards of 70% for their programs.

Ridiculously High Minimum Payment Threshold of $500
You can also take advantage of a pretty standard 5% revshare rate for any webmasters you refer that end up becoming affiliates. There’s nothing crazy there. That’s the same rate that most other sites offer. And this site will pay you using the standard methods like Paypal, Paxum, or Wire Transfer. Though you’ll have to pay a whopping $25 fee for the transfer option. Fuck that. I’d stick with Paypal or Paxum if you can help it.

It is pretty nice that they pay you every 14 days. Some sites make you sit on your hands and wait months to get your hands on your own hard-earned dosh. Though, well, you might have to end up waiting around anyway. Most affiliate sites have minimum payment thresholds around $50-$100, which I think are pretty reasonable. Well, Pornomental decided to say fuck that reasonable shit and make their payment threshold $500. How many affiliates are actually earning that much money every 14 days, let alone every year? That’s fucking wild.

Direct Traffic to Any of Their Many Paid Amateur Porn Sites
If you’ve got a smaller site, then you shouldn’t even bother with this affiliate network. Best case scenario, you’ll get paid after a year of hosting free ads on your site. Worst-case scenario, you never meet that threshold and waste dozens of hours of time and ad space that could have been used working for an affiliate or ad network that will actually pay you. How the fuck did they think this was a good or reasonable idea? I just don’t get it. Actually, I do. They want to keep as much money as possible by not paying smaller affiliates. That dosh adds up in their favor.

Though it does help that most, if not all, of these sites are premium paid porn sites. You’re not sending users over who are going to fap to a bunch of free videos and then fuck off without spending a dime. You’re going to hook paying users who actually spend a fair bit of dosh on these premium sites. So, that’s at least one small benefit of working with a network like this, even if they make it a pain in the ass to get your money. You really need to be able to go into this shit and hit the ground running. It’s essential to have a high-traffic porn site to be at all successful with Pornomental.

No Custom Ads or Samples of Promotional Material
I wish I could see what the promotional material would look like. They don’t even mention what the hell any of it is. Do I get banners, hosted galleries, videos, and/or any custom-made material for my site? They simply don’t say. It’d be as simple as providing a short video or sample for webmasters to check out. I don’t want to go through the headache of signing up and all of that shit only to find that I’m left with shitty, low-resolution ads or something like that. It’s happened to me before, and I wish I could rule that out here. I’m sure that they give you premium tools to work with, but they don’t elaborate or go into detail about any of them.

Pornwebmaster’s Favorite Features
This site is pretty transparent in most aspects. You get to see which websites you’ll be promoting, how much you’ll get paid, how often you’ll get paid, and how much you need to make before you can get paid. You know, the important shit. I know that may all sound like basic stuff, but so many sites manage to fuck that up. It’s almost impressive when you think about it. But, yeah, this site tells you what’s up, right from the start. They even provide you with links to every single one of their fapworthy sites so that you can check them out for yourself.

I liked the site design and layout as well. It was easy to browse and get all of the important information I needed quickly. I didn’t have to sign-up or go through a bunch of hassle just to get these details. And I liked that they paid out twice a month. I can’t stand sites that make you wait for more than a couple of weeks in-between payments—what a pain in the ass. Here, you get paid promptly as long as you meet that steep payment threshold I mentioned earlier.

Pornwebmaster’s Suggestions
Speaking of that payment threshold, fucking lower it. Having to make $500 before you get paid out is such a steep figure that the vast majority of affiliates aren’t going to be able to reach. And they don’t even mention if that money rolls over if you don’t meet that figure in the two-week payment cycle. If they dropped a zero off of that figure, then we’d be talking. Again, I’d also like to see some promotional material. I want to know exactly what sort of hot content and ads that I’ll be publishing to my site or blog before I go through the entire sign-up process. Aside from those gripes, this site does better than most at delivering and displaying the information you need to make an informed decision as a webmaster.

Pornwebmaster’s Final Thoughts
Overall, is a great affiliate network for you cucks who have loads of horny fappers who love amateur porn. This site has a vast catalog of premium amateur porn sites that your audience will love. But you’ll need to have a big fucking audience to make this program work for you since they won’t give you any of your hard-earned dosh until you reach their staggeringly high $500 payment threshold. If you’ve got the numbers needed to hit that goal, then this is a reliable site where you’ll earn 50% revshare for every single paying fuck that you bring to their sites. I recommend at least checking out their sites and seeing if they have the right content and options for you!

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