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In the past, there were not a lot of gray areas on the internet, so there was no purpose of purchasing domain registrars that ignore DMCA’s. But today, that is a huge deal and is something a lot of people take for granted. Porn webmasters will surely agree with me when I say that this shit is very important. Now, I am here to introduce a website called that offers a lot more than what I just mentioned.

So, let me start by introducing the website first. is a specialized hosting provider. They are located in Sweden, which is essentially known for being a “free speech haven,” as they like to put it. They are here to help a growing community of interracial clients who need hosting services and that sort of crap.

The website was founded in 2004 and is being run by net veterans with a lot of experience. Since it has been online for well over ten years, they obviously know what the fuck they are doing. The website was designed with the goal to help a broad range of individuals and companies publish whatever they want. is known for offering refugee-hosting, as with their commitment to free speech has been proven many times. Basically, anything that is legal in Sweden, will gladly host it for you, even if there is any pressure for that shit to be taken down. Of course, all the crap that is not actually legal or is considered spam is not allowed. Duh!

Now, this is just a bit of what is all about. I shall go over their impeccable domain registration offers and everything else that has to offer, in case you are interested. So, stick around and continue reading, or just visit the site yourself. I mean, this does not really fucking concern me, but I think that my review will explain what this website is all about much better than itself.

Let’s discuss domains.
What do I mean by that? Well, if you do not know, you might have come to the wrong website. I think I pretty much covered what you can expect from overall. So, let us talk about the offers they have for those searching to register domains. Basically, will register domains for you in case you are searching for anonymous registrations. I already mentioned why and how this could be very fucking useful.

This service is not free. I mean, why the fuck would they offer something like this for free? What I did find odd is that they offer prices in SEK but also in BTC… You will be able to expect TLD domains, such as .com, .net, .biz, .org, .name, .se, .info, .nu, and .fr… and for these you will have five different offers of payment.

The first one is a 1-year payment of 375 SEK / 0.00463 BTC, the 2-year payment of 700 SEK / 0.0087 BTC, the 3-year payment of 1,000 SEK / 0.01241 BTC, the 5-year payment of 1,500 SEK / 0.01852 BTC and the 10-year payment of 2,750 SEK / 0.03389 BTC. As you can see, they are really here to stay… when you can get privileges for ten years!

As for the .ca, .in, .co, .pl, .games, you have different prices. The membership length is the same, but the amount you need to pay will change. So the 1-year payment will cost you 750 SEK / 0.00926 BTC, 2-year payment is 1,500 SEK / 0.01852 BTC, the 3-year is 2,250 SEK / 0.02778 BTC, the 5-year payment is 3,750 SEK / 0.0463 BTC and finally, the 10-year payment is 7,000 SEK / 0.08648 BTC.

This all depends on just how much of this shit you actually need, how dedicated you are to the domains. They did also mention that if the prices do not really work for you, they can come up with a custom plan instead. prides itself on the fact that they are a small company or whatever, so they can be very personal and responsive to their customers.

The prices I all mentioned include taxes and fees, so the written prices are as much as you actually need to pay. Of course, for the BTC prices, it all depends on how much BTC is worth. So they are more like estimates, if nothing else. You have all these prices listed on their website as well; just click on the “domains” tab.

Questionable design…
The first thing I thought when I visited is that the site looks like utter garbage. I highly doubt that they could not have found somebody qualified to make their website a bit more presentable because whatever the fuck this is… is a joke. This is not even worthy of a programmer newbie; it is more like a slacker’s homework.

At least they have all the necessary information listed on their website… so they obviously know what the fuck they are doing, but I am not sure who the heck ‘OK’ that design. The homepage will just give you the gist of what is really all about, but overall you have a separate tab for everything. It all comes down to what you are looking for.

Good customer support service
From what I have seen and experienced, the support service at is pretty dope. They will respond as soon as they can, and they can also customize the prices, depending on what you would be comfortable with. Of course, this does not mean you will be getting free shit, but some tweaks here and there, I guess.

If you check out their ‘contact’ section, you will get to see all their contact info. You can talk to them through email about anything, basically. Whether you want to know more about their sales services, about their finance invoicing, customer administration, or you just need some information about what the fuck they offer. They also have a mail specific to shit considered abuse, as in any kind of shit.

How do you get their services?
I understand how it can be confusing how to get their services. I mean, you can learn more about their domain services under that tab, but while there will be prices listed, you do not have an option to purchase any of that shit. Instead, if you are interested in purchasing their offers, you need to check out a tab labeled as “Order”.

Personally, I find this stupid. They should have just offered everything within their tabs… which would have been much easier. Anyway, if you want to order any of the services has to offer, you should contact them through [email protected], and then tell them what exactly you want. Also, be specific when you are telling them about the service that you are interested in. They have a couple of different payment methods available. You can pay them through Bitcoin, wire transfer, Visa, MasterCard, cash, or Bankgiro.

In addition, you can have discounts if you pay smart. What the fuck do I mean by this? Well, you have 20% off all prices if you pay them a year in advance and 10% off if you pay them six months in advance. If not, you just have to pay them a month in advance… or well, it differs depending on the service you would like to get.

So, for the tunnel, web, shell, and mail services, you will have to pay at least one month in advance before you can get the service. For co-location, the invoice has to be sent after the server is received and put online. For the domain registration, the payment needs to be sent before the domain is registered, and for the domain transfer, the invoice is sent before the domain has successfully been transferred.

What else do they offer?
What makes Web, shell, and mail services so fucking amazing, even if it looks like shit, is the fact that they offer a lot more than just domain registration services. You also have the Raspberry Pi Hosting, which is basically hosting for both dedicated and co-located servers of Raspberry Pi’s. These are great for smaller services, and all the info is listed within that tab… just like it will be for all the rest of the shit I mention.

They offer dedicated server hosting, which is based on high-quality hardware. Plus, they can offer fully customized configurations if none of the ones they mentioned suit your taste. Then there are the co-location services, with a high-performance net connection, stable power supply, and a good perimeter. Of course, there is more to this, which you can read on the website.

Let’s also not forget the email hosting. It used to be web and email hosting, but if you check out their website, the web has been scratched out. Instead, they recommend that you use the RPi hosting services instead, as the shared web service has been canceled. The mail hosting is pretty self-explanatory, if you ask me.

Last, but not least, there is the OpenVPN services, aka the tunnel service. With your own reverse DNS, this service will allow you to get real static IP addresses and then bypass all the filters and surveillances with your ISP. If you need any more info about this shit or anything else, check out or visit their forum page instead.

That’s about it, mates.
If you are interested in having register domains for you, for the anonymous registration, you are more than welcome to check out Their website is incredibly simple and really looks cheap, but at least they get the job done. Plus, there are a bunch of other services that you can check out, depending on what the fuck you are interested in.

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