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So, what is Pussy Cash all about? This is home to a lot of Affiliate Programs of high converting adult websites – or well, that is how they like to describe themselves. PussyCash has been on the market ever since 2002, and that makes it one of the oldest affiliate programs for webcam sex… which is still alive today. If you are interested in whether is for you or not, that is something that you have to decide on your own, but I can help.

I shall give you the overall of what Pussy Cash is all about, and you can decide whether this website is something you’d be interested in. They are obviously an adult-friendly affiliate program, and since 2015, they have been launching new adult webcam products as well. There is actually a lot you might not even know about the website and how they work.

From how much you can earn with PussyCash, to what else the fuck it has to offer. Just by looking at their tour page, I can see how you can be very confused about what the fuck you can expect, but do not worry, that is why I am here. They offer different kinds of options for those who decide to become affiliates and use to their advantage… but that also means you need to know what the fuck you are getting into.

How to get started?
I think it should be obvious that the first thing you need to do is actually register with them. Their tour page is very nice; it tells you all the shit you need to know if you want to become a part of their crap. So, once you click on the signup, you will be asked to give all the usual information. First, you do the login information, then contact, and then payment. This is where you should pay attention to what they have to offer.

The registration on Pussy Cash is free, so if you are interested, you can always just register and see where this shit takes you. They have over 66 million registered members, which is quite a lot. I mean, not everyone is probably active, but still. Those are some high fucking numbers if you ask me. Also, seeing that they are still active after such a long time, they must be doing something right.

On their about page, you can also see that they have partnered up with PornHub and BeNaughty, which are two big names. For some reason, they like to call their people the ‘Alpha Cats’, which I just find to be hecking silly. But oh well. At least they offer great customer support service, so anytime you are in a jiffy, and you do not know what the fuck to do, you can always contact their customer support. Simple as that, really.

Their leading brands and all that
Let’s start with ImLive! This is a very well-known webcam website with a lot of wonderful girls at your service. It offers like 80k + hosts, which just means that eventually, your people will be happy. I mean, with so many hotties at your service, that is a given. ImLive can be promoted in a couple of languages and has one of the largest user bases in the webcam world, which is great.

Then you have This is a website designed for both the audience and webmasters. It is a premium webcam website that will convert traffic immediately, with no distractions… So the models can easily convert your traffic to cash. The is yet another website you can take advantage of, and this is a cross-platform cam sex chat website with great packages for purchasing online coins. The FetishGalaxy is a webcam site for all the dirty fetish lovers. It offers all kinds of exclusive premium content, with the dirtiest fetishes performed by the hottest cam sluts.

Let’s not forget that PussyCash also has listed, aka a website dedicated to tgirls who are incredibly hot and sexy. So, no matter what your dick is interested in, or what you think your audience would prefer, has your back. I believe that it is more than obvious. Some other shit you can expect are Super Trip, Cams Creative, Super Men, Whiplr, Idesires Live… Just form the titles, you already know that you can expect a little bit of everything.

The good thing is that all of the sites and the amount you can expect from them is listed on PussyCash. So all you really have to do is check out that website, and you will get the gist of what the fuck you can expect. Plus, all the information about each website and all other important crap will be listed on the tour page. Isn’t that a neat thing?

How much can you earn?
If you choose to become an affiliate, you will obviously be able to earn here and there. But how much can you actually make? Well, let me give you the gist of that as well. You will also get some information about this shit on the tour page if you are really interested. But it usually offers the PPS option, which is the Pay Per Signup. I think the name basically speaks for itself.

Basically, every time a person signs up through the link you provided, you will be given a certain amount. That amount depends on the number of signups. So, you will get $150 for your first to fifth signup, $200 for your sixth to twentieth signup, then $225 for your twenty-first to 40th signup, and last but not least, $250 for the 41th signup and everything above that.

Those are some nice bucks, don’t you think. But this applies to those who want to earn money this way. There are other ways you can make a buck or two as well. So, there is the Rev Share program, if you are interested. How does RevShare work? Well, Revenue Share is the revenue you will share with an affiliate for sale, in simple terms. RevShare is a term to describe the way an advertiser will reward an affiliate, and so on.

It is straightforward once you get into the whole RevShare extravaganza, and if you do not know much about this crap, that is where you should start. Luckily for all of us, we live in Google times, so whatever the fuck you might not understand, you can simply ask Google to help you out. As for Pussy Cash, you can expect a 35% commission on the number of purchased credits or whatever the fuck was the pre-agreement. Don’t worry; it all makes sense once you get into it.

You get to profit from their good convert rates, but then again, this does depend on the website you choose to earn from. But basically, when the webmasters you refer to PussyCash actually send traffic to any of the sites PussyCash promotes, you will get to make $2 per signup. This applies to the first 100 signups, and then from the 101st and above, you get to earn $3.

Payments and all that
Now, how much you will actually get paid per signup all really depends, and honestly, everything is explained. Just check out their FAQ page; you have most of the shit there, and if not, contact their customer support. As for the payments, when you register on Pussy Cash, you will get to choose your minimum requirement and preferred payment option.

You can choose to have your checks mailed when your earnings get to $100, $200, $500 or $1k; that is completely your choice. If you reach the minimum payment you selected, you will get the check, and if not, the money will be transferred to the next pay period. It works basically the same with most other affiliate programs.

How about the promotional tools?
As for the promo tools and all that, you will find that has all the usual promo tools too. You can find text links, pop-ups, banners, XML, RSS, and exit pages in the section called Promo Tools. All the marketing tools you might need will be arranged according to the websites you are promoting. On PussyCash, the marketing tools will contain HTML codes, which include an identifier or WID.

I mean, everything is really listed on their website, so check that shit out before you decide to actually become a part of whatever has to offer. But anyway, that is as much as you need to know about Pussy Cash before you decide to check it out. Remember, you can always just register and see the privileges first-hand; it is free. Then again, I pretty much cover all that you need to know; you are welcome.

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