RadicalCash! From what I can tell, everyone is looking to make money online these days. Even if you're not, it's always a great idea to consider a side hustle of some sort, even if you have a decent amount of money. Just consider the old saying, you can never have too much health or wealth -- or good sex for that matter, but that's beside the point.

Or is it? After all, if there is one thing that I know sells like no other, it is anything that excites the human libido. There are a ton of different products out there that do that these days, so how do you choose which one to promote?

I have pointed out dozens already, but if you're new at this, a nearly surefire money-making product would be an affiliate program connected to pornography. But I wouldn't go and sign up with any old program, though. Instead, I'd promote a specific type of smut that a growing number of people are enjoying.

With all of that laid out, let's get into Radical Cash's VR affiliate program and why you should give a damn in seven easy steps.

“So First, What Exactly Is Radical Cash?”
Unlike many other affiliate programs, both shady and legitimate, this program has a long history that means that they have an excellent reputation and are trustworthy to me. After all, you don't make it long on the internet running scams or incompetent company.

Moving onto the details, Radical Cash was put out there in the early days of high(ish)-speed internet in 2005. Back then, they specialized in promoting popular and niche porn. Over the years, they saw the rise and decline of several competitors while they thrived.

Since then, Radical Cash has expanded the number of porn sites they networked with and keeping with trends they've brought on a couple of VR sites. Not only that, but according to them, if you join up as an affiliate, "you have our commitment to [helping] you succeed in any way possible."

“Second, Why Should I Bother Promoting VR Porn?”
Whenever I talk about the new hot thing, I sometimes get blown off using the excuse that what I am talking about is just another trend. To be honest, I kind of get it; the novel thing that everyone is supposedly into crops up all the time. It's easy to ignore something on the basis that it's just another stupid trend.

But believe me, virtual reality porn is something entirely different – or better yet, don’t just search around looking at porn trends over the past few years.

If you don’t have time for all of that, I’ll break down the rise and rise of VR arousing material here. At the end of the first decade of the 21st century, there were whispers about a novel way to experience virtual reality. But unlike the old days, it could be enjoyed on a handheld device about as affordable that everyone was getting back in those days: a smartphone.

The first of these was the Oculus Rift, which caught the eye of two industries: video games and porn. In fact, four of the five major companies involved in the development of that device specifically were affiliated with the adult entertainment industry. Throughout the 2010s, a flurry of VR devices flooded the market and at the same time, so did torrents of VR porn.

In recent years, virtual reality is one of the top ways that people enjoy porn – just look at PornHub’s annual reports. If you need any more convincing, consider the fact that the anti-porn activists like Josh McDowell are freaking the fuck out over how popular this format of porn is.

Seriously, do it; it’s worth it just for the chuckles.

Anyway, as we shall see, this is a trending type of erotica material that is going nowhere and surely be getting bigger as time goes on.

“Third, What Are The Sites I Can Promote?”
Okay, here is where we get to the critical part, what are the websites you are going to be promoting. It's a little shitty to me that there are only two platforms to promote. However, these have some sweet features, which I should highlight so that you have an edge when you get started with Radical Cash.

VR Hush

Monthly membership: $19.95

Number of experiences: 288

Compatible devices: Oculus, Vive, Playstation VR, Samsung GEAR, smartphone

This is probably one of the premier porn sites affiliated with Radical Cash, no matter which niche you are looking at. Despite being young relative to so many of the others, their library is quite impressive and affordable just about all porn users. When you consider the signup cost and the slice that you get, you can make a marvelous amount of money with enough effort.

VR Allure

Monthly membership: $14.95

Number of experiences: 79

Compatible devices: Vive, Oculus, Oculus Go, Daydream, Gear VR, Windows Mixed Reality, Playstation VR, smartphone

As great as VR Hush is, this website isn’t one to pass up either. In fact, I would say that while it doesn’t have as many experiences as Hush, it could be a great upsell. On the other hand, given the fact that this site’s VRs are compatible with eight devices – which I don’t think I’ve seen before – this is a site you promote to just about anyone these days.

“Fourth, Tell Me, How Much Can I Make With This Program?”
Having a product that can sell with ease is great and all, but if you are getting paid dick, you have to ask, why put the effort in? Isn't it a good thing that this system's compensation feature is fantastic? To start, with each person you get to sign up, you'll either get $25 or a 50% revenue sharing scheme. To make things even better, you can workout custom payouts if you manage to drive massive amounts of traffic.

As with other affiliate programs, there is yet another way to make money with Radical Cash! If you manage to bring in another affiliate, you get a sweet 10% of their profits. Just make sure that they signup using your links instead of looking up Radical Cash through a google search.

“Fifth, Is There Anything Else I Should Be Aware Of?”
One thing which isn’t so much of a red flag but something to be considered is the lack of promotional tools. Again, I’m sure that just about anyone can make money with this program but be aware that this program isn't exactly known for its promotional programs.

Other affiliate systems dole out tons of tools to make an affiliate's job easier. That's not so much the case here, so it would be a good idea to look up a free tutorial or two on affiliate marketing.

While modest, this program does charge you money to get paid. Yeah, it sucks, but it's not too much money. If you want to collect a check, you'll be charged a $2 fee, while Paxum transfers will run you $5. Furthermore, the minimum payout amount is $100, which isn't too bad, I think.

“Sixth, How Do I Get Started Working With These People?”
Registering as an affiliate is a snap, but it will take time compared to many others I’ve looked at. They will expect you to fill out the usual (username, password, and legal address, contact info) but then a ton more information, which seems unnecessary.

But you have to do it, so get ready to plug in your company name and web domain. If you don't have the former, you can probably just conjure something up. If you lack the latter, then I imagine that a link to your Twitter or LinkedIn page will be fine.

However, to be successful at affiliate marketing, you will probably want to get a full website or at least a landing page. Again, if you need help with that, I’ve got recommendations throughout this site on where to go.

Anyway, this affiliate program will require your billing address information and your social security number or tax ID if you hail from the United States. Other than that, simply specify your preferred payment method and minimum amount.

“Seventh, What Is Your Personal Opinion?”
It's not entirely perfect, but I do have to say again that this program has got some stuff going for it. Besides, if you need even more help when it comes to marketing, then look up the dozens of other articles I've done on this site.

To sum up, I’d say beginners should look this website up, check out the program, and give it a try. It is free, after all, so there is no risk to you. You make up your own mind, but I’m going to give this affiliate program four hands.

With that said, if you've got any more questions, don't go to me. Just reach out to Radical Cash's staff through their Contact Us page.

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