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If you are looking for a new theme for your adult site, it goes without saying that you have a plethora of options. Some themes seem to fit for nearly any kind of adult site, so which resources should you choose? It can be a lot of information to process. While you may be willing to ignore a site like RichWP that only has one theme that’s perfect for your adult site, you should explore all of your options before making a final decision.

Because if you don’t explore your options, you may accidentally miss out on the perfect theme for your adult site. That is especially true when it comes to the Video World theme on RichWP. It isn’t every day that you will see my ass only touting one theme for a place to has plenty of other themes to choose from. But that’s exactly what I’m doing here.

If you visit RichWP, Video World is the theme that should grab your attention. Check it out and see if it is perfect for your adult brand. If you are building a free tube site, I think you are going to be happy with what you find. Check it out, and see how it can assist to make your free tube site easier than ever to browse!

A true modern tube theme
If you have checked out tube themes until your eyes have fucking bled out of their sockets, you may feel jaded by what you have found. There is an abundance of amazing themes out there that can make any tube site look amazing. That stands true for adult theme sites as well. Even though you have plenty of options to choose from, you still want a tube theme that will stand out and look unique enough that it will turn heads. Further – and perhaps most importantly – you want a theme that does not actually ‘feel’ like a theme.

There is a huge difference between themes that look amazing and those that are just average. RichWP has pulled this off thanks to its Video World theme. Browse the live demo to see what’s up, and you will discover that the theme looks like it could have been created from scratch.

The one thing I appreciated is that although RichWP’s Video World theme looks similar to other tube sites, the demo feels like you are browsing a unique site. That may sound like an oxymoron, but that’s not the case. It looks and feels similar, but feels like an actual website. Unlike other tube site themes that look dated and like every dime-a-dozen tube site you have seen in the past, Video World doesn’t feel like that at all. Again, it feels similar, but like you are truly browsing a site that was built from the ground up.

What Video World accomplishes is two-fold. Again, the similarity factor makes it super simple for anyone to browse your tube site. But also, it never feels like you are looking at a cookie-cutter tube site. It looks and browses beautifully, and you are going to be pleased with what RichWP has done once you browse the live demo.

For those that wish there was a brighter version of the theme, don’t worry! RichWP offers a Clear and Clean Video World version of its theme. The only difference is the color scheme, so check it out, and choose the right theme for you!

Simple to install and setup
For those that have installed WordPress themes in the past, you will find that RichWP’s Video World theme is extremely easy to install. Interested parties that have no idea how in the hell to do this will figure out fairly quickly that it’s super simple to install Video World. It only takes a few moments, plus RichWP has included a helpful guide that tells you how to do it anyway. There is no excuse for not taking advantage of Video World just because you don’t think you have the knowledge to install a WordPress theme all on your own.

Once you have followed the guide and installed Video World on your site, you can then begin browsing the website as you always would have! You may find that it does not matter which browser you use to visit your site powered by Video World. That is because the theme works with all popular browsers. And they have even gone so far as to state that the theme works with outdated versions of Internet Explorer, as far back as IE8!

It’s crazy that Video World supports browsers that are this outdated. But it goes to show that they want sites running Video World to be accessible to everyone. It does not matter if you are browsing on the desktop version of Chrome, Android, or even a Windows Phone. The device you are using supports Video World, and it’s good to know that you can be assured of that no matter how you or your visitors choose to browse your site.

Self-host your own content!
One of the hallmarks of any tube theme is that you should be able to embed all kinds of videos to your tube site. It should also be easy as hell to do this, and it should be possible to embed a shitload of videos simultaneously. But this isn’t the only answer to adding content to your tube site. In addition to this mandatory feature, you also need the option to add your own content.

Unfortunately, not every tube site theme has this kind of feature. It’s somewhat rare, but fortunately, that is not the fucking case with Video World. RichWP has made the right decision by allowing you to easily self-host your own content.

In fact, if you want to primarily self-host your content, you can do this. If you own your own server and don’t want to rely on third-party cloud storage services or other parties altogether to host your content, you don’t have to go that route with Video World. RichWP makes it simple to add your own content for those that would prefer to be at the mercy of their own server. If you can manage and keep tabs on how well your server is functioning and do not mind the extra tasks that self-hosting content demands, Video World makes it happen.

Responsive as hell
I don’t have to fucking tell you that we live in a world where you’re not tied to a desktop if you want to browse the Web. Why in the hell are so many sites created with this kind of thinking? Nothing is more infuriating than visiting a website, only to notice that it doesn’t load well on mobile. It will make you click the ‘back button’ in a hurry and move on to another site altogether.

Don’t let this happen! Instead of creating a desktop-only site in the second decade of the 21st century, ensure that it’s optimized with mobile in mind with Video World. RichWP knows the value of ensuring that your site has to look good and perform perfectly across the board. That’s why no matter if you visit your tube site on a mobile device or a browser on desktop, it’s going to be at its best, no matter how you browse the Web.

Responsiveness is absolutely mandatory to appeal to every visitor that visits your site. You simply do not know all of the ways that your site is visited, so you need to be prepared. Responsive design makes it all happen. Take solace in the fact that when someone visits your site, it’s going to look exactly like you want it to with your original vision in mind!

Customizable options, plugin and widget-friendly
RichWP also knows the value in ensuring that your site looks like your own. Video World once again makes its mark as a tube theme. It brings a look to your site that looks anything but like it was made using a theme. That’s all thanks to its customizable options that allow you to do simple things like add a logo, change lead colors, and so on. The theme customizer allows you to truly make your site look like your own, and it’s a welcomed addition for anyone of any skill level. Whether you are interested in creating a site that looks totally your own or has minimal customization options, RichWP’s Video World theme makes it happen.

The customizable options do not stop there. Video World also offers compatible plugins like WooCommerce and other widgets that allow you to add advertising, sign up boxes, and so much more. If you are even remotely curious about making your site even easier to browse and use with widgets, plugins, and the like, Video World is what you need. Check out this inexpensive tube theme, and be amazed by how beautiful it looks on your tube site!

RichWP can transform your tube site into a beautiful tube website that looks like it was built from scratch. Complete with building unlimited sites per license, RichWP’s Video World makes tube sites look amazing. They should keep doing exactly as they are doing, though more websites with the functionality of Video World would be welcomed.

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