is a self-service, fully customizable SEO management tool. I know a few select nerds out there actually like being in control and learning a thing or two. I’m not saying you have to be a dominant alpha that chokes bitches and plows pussy. Don’t worry; I know the thought of merely seeing a woman in public probably makes you break out in hives and hyperventilate. Or, hell, maybe you’re just cheap. Either way, you have reasons for not dishing out thousands of dollars a year to an SEO marketing company. If you have the free time and determination to learn some new skills, then there are dirt-cheap SEO tools that will deliver you similar, if not better results than those big-ticket companies out there.

Just like SEO companies, there are a fuck ton of SEO tools that you can try out and fiddle around with. Finding the right one for you can be a pain in the ass. Lucky for you, that’s where I come in. I know my shit, and I have gone through the trouble of checking out all of the popular options for you. I wanted to find a simple, cheap, and trusted tool that even the big-wig networks out there use. That’s how I came across

Get Lifetime Access to the Software for Just $97
This tool has been around since 2009, so that’s already a damn good sign. I don’t mind newer SEO tools, but I’m always a bit warier of them. As I said, this isn’t some network run by greasy neckbeards. You can download the software straight from this site and get started managing the SEO of however many kinky porn sites you have. You can use it for a single site like a lewd blog, and you can use it for a massive network with dozens of sites. It’s got scalability that other tools lack.

Before we get into what the hell this thing is, let’s talk cost. There is no free trial listed anywhere that I could find. You have to pay a one-time fee of $97 to get your hands on this software for life. Fuck, that’s a damn good deal. I’ve seen similar software charge upwards of $500 for a lifetime license to their software. So, nearly one-fifth of the price is pretty sweet if you ask me. It’s like finding a strip club running a happy hour special for five-dollar lap dances. It’s all of the fun for half of the price!

Fully Customize the Base Software with Free and Premium add-ons
And it sure as hell has more than one-fifth of the features compared to its competitors. In fact, it might do more than some of those expensive options that I’ve seen touted recently. Let’s get into this shit. This tool is practically infinitely customizable. Whatever doesn’t come stock on the software can be added through the site and/or user-made plugins that you can get for free or buy for an additional cost. This way, you can tailor the program to suit any needs your site has.

That doesn’t mean that the base toolset is lacking. You get a whole suite of excellent tools that are more than enough to kickstart your SEO presence. The biggest timesaver that they have built-in is their search engine crawler/harvester. You won’t have to spend hours or even days manually sorting through new sites that might accept your offers for links. Fuck that. This tool has an algorithm that skims through websites based on the criteria you give it and gives you an instant list every day that you can check out.

Built-In Backlink Crawler, Keyword Harvester, Domain Searcher, and Much More
For some SEO tools, that would be it. But not Scrapebox! You get a fuck ton of bang for your buck. There’s a keyword harvester that can produce thousands of long-tail keywords based on a single word or phrase. It’s perfect for saturating all of the discussion surrounding your brand! You can harvest proxies, automatically post comments with links to your site on thousands of websites at a time, search for unregistered domains, index pages, extract emails, verify backlinks, and so much more.

Are you impressed yet? You should be. This site whips out its dick and couples all of those features at a highly competitive price. Need article spinning? Tack that shit on with a premium addon. It’s that simple. And they show you exactly what you’ll be dealing with in terms of interface. Some SEO software sites tell you all about their excellent tool and then when you pay for it, you’re met with a shitty, clunky interface that doesn’t make for a good user experience. You don’t want that.

Simple Interface that You can Customize as You see Fit
It’s one of those tools where you can’t let its simple looks fool you. The interface is bare-bones, which gives you room to customize the layout and tools however you see fit. If you’ve ever fucked around with something like OBS, then you’ll be right at home with this sort of interface. It’s like seeing a modestly dressed MILF. You take that cumslut home and she’ll do whatever dirty things you tell her to. This tool is the MILF of the SEO software industry. It may look plain, but it’s got a lot going on under the hood.

On top of that, Scrapebox has a knowledgeable support team that is available to field your hard-hitting questions round the clock. Though keep in mind that this license is for one PC. You can move it around once a month, but you’ll need multiple subscriptions if you have a bunch of employees who will be using this. And they’ll even let you buy their software with BITCOIN if you shoot them a message. Talk about being flexible. Oh, and this software will run on Windows and Mac. You’ll have to emulate Windows if you want to run this shit on Linux or whatever.

Pornwebmaster’s Favorite Features
This tool can function however you want it to. You’re not limited by a strict software that doesn’t let you customize it or add additional features down the line. For under $100, you’re getting an SEO tool that can be formed and changed to fit your site or network’s goals. You’re not paying for shit you won’t use. Install what you want and fuck the rest. There are over 30 free add-ons that you can tack on later, and there are loads of premium ones as well. It’s such a simple tool, but sometimes the simplest solution is the best.

And it’s not like the base package is lacking. It has everything you’d expect from a robust SEO tool. You get backlinks, keyword harvesting, domain acquisition, proxy monitoring, and much more. Seriously, I’ve seen software that offer fewer features than this try to charge you nearly $100 a month! You get more for a single purchase here than you do for a year of membership elsewhere. I see why multiple Fortune 500 companies make use of this software. It kicks ass.

Pornwebmaster’s Suggestions
My only complaint is that there’s no free trial or a money-back guarantee. I don’t care if it’s only for a couple of days. Let me check this shit out before I dish out my hard-earned dosh. It’d be like buying a car without test driving it first. I need to check for rattles, road noise, and all of that shit. At least they show you the software, but I want to see these results first hand before committing. And I’m sure loads of you nerds and webmasters feel the same way. Unfortunately, that’s a fairly big negative for me. I always feel like I’m getting scammed if I don’t get to try something out first.

Pornwebmaster’s Final Thoughts
Overall, should be your go-to SEO if you’re on a budget and have time to fiddle around with all of the tools. Trust me; it will save you thousands in the long run! Especially when you consider that monthly SEO subscriptions can be a few hundred bucks on their own. With this tool, you can take control of your site, brand, or network's online presence for cheap. You get all of the tools you need to get started and grow with ease. You can install add-ons down the line if you need some more features for free. I highly recommend you check it out if you’re trying to boost your SEO on a budget.

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