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This is a bit of a confusing review for me, because the only other service I’ve currently got listed under the auto-posting category is XRumer and these guys literally refer to that service as if they should be used in tandem. It’s been really hard, making heads or tails of Senuke VPS. On the surface, they’re a standard VPS package, which has nothing to do with auto-posting. At least, not implicitly. VPS solutions are literally just remote computers that you use for privacy or performance. They can also be used as remote storage, if your package comes with a lot of hard drive space. So, what makes Senuke VPS so special?

Well, they don’t outright say it, but they allude to it. If you look at the list of tools they offer, it should be pretty clear. These guys are basically running a marketing VPS package for you that they set up in advance when you first get your VPS deal. In other words, they’re giving you a virtual computer that you can access remotely with a ton of tools pre-installed and ready to go. So, instead of marketing your offers from your own computer and having to pay for a bunch of tools, you get all of that neatly packaged and installed onto a computer that you can access from anywhere in the world. On top of that, there’s the guarantee that no-one will actually be able to track this remote PC. At least, they certainly can’t track it back to you. That’s the main appeal of Senuke VPS.

Affordable VPS Packages
The first thing you’ll notice about Senuke VPS and Scrape Box’s offers, in general, is that their pricing is… way too low. Either that, or they’re misrepresenting something. I’m confused as to how anyone could offer you a $20 VPS server with an uncountable amount of web marketing tools, all neatly packaged and securely installed with sufficient storage and an actual support team on stand-by. I don’t get it. They say they’re operating out of Bolivia, so maybe the dollar goes a lot further there than it does where I live, but that’s still painfully cheap.

They have several tiers and I’ll go through them carefully at the end of the review, but for now, let’s just say that I don’t see how their asses can cash the checks their website is signing. This is way too much software for you to get under one $20 package. I won’t even get into the shit that the higher tiers are offering. I mean, these servers even come with NVMe SSDs and unlimited bandwidth. You’re literally free to use them for as much throughput as you’ll ever need. Something’s just not right about this landing page. I keep getting the vibe that these guys are just full of it. And yet, they are indeed a legitimate company. I checked their personal information and they are a small team operating out of Bolivia. They are indeed a real company. Weird.

Some Inconsistent Promises
XRumer is a tool that is not affiliated with ScrapeBox. We know that much. That’s a spam posting tool for forum sites. On the other hand, ScrapeBox is a company that rents out VPS servers with software already installed on them. So far, so good. But, they have four different payment tiers, for different kinds of servers and their most expensive one is called XRumer VPS. Why? It’s not their brand name. I don’t even think they’re supposed to be using that name in such a way. I’d understand if that was the one server that actually came with XRumer pre-installed, but I happen to know that that software is more expensive than what they’re charging.

So… are they hoping to get their money back down the line since XRumer only charges you once for the lifetime license? That must be the case. But then, why does the XRumer tier under ScrapeBox list a ton of tools except for XRumer? They put it in the name, but not under the actual list of software solutions that you get under that package. So, are they saying that this server is optimized for XRumer and you have to buy it yourself or are they saying that it’s included in the package? I haven’t the slightest fucking idea. This website confuses the hell out of me.

If you thought that was weird, just scroll down past the tiers, right where they talk about the server specifications. They say that your VPS server comes with 58GB of RAM. Yeah… no, it fucking doesn’t. Maybe the machine that runs the servers does, but your personal server is not going to be running 58GB of RAM. Not at $20 a month, not at $50 a month. It’s just not going to happen. How do I know that? Well, because ScrapeBox also offers dedicated server solutions and their highest tier there costs $200 a month. That one comes with 64GB of RAM.

The Other Tools
They do indeed have a bunch of tools listed on here that probably are included in the installation, because they’re all fucking free. They say they’ve got web scraping tools and web SEO crawlers. There are also social media tools. All of these are available for free on the web in one form or another. So, it’s not like they’re boasting functionality. They’re literally trying to pad the price of a server that’s already underpriced to begin with. I don’t understand why they felt the need to pad out their offers. They could have just fucking said that they were renting out cheap servers. There’s nothing wrong with that. Oh well.

They also offer content spinning tools and usually, these are not free, so I’d actually like to know more about which specific tools are included. Unfortunately, I’ll be having no such luck any time soon. They do not name any of the software that’s included in any of their packages. XRumer is the only exception and that’s the only one they don’t flat out state will be included for sure. The servers are just optimized for it.

They also list a free captcha service, but I’m pretty sure this is supposed to trick you. A captcha service is the opposite of a captcha solving service. So, there’s no way of guaranteeing what exactly they meant here. Is it a typo or are they seriously offering you a captcha service? There are tons of free captcha services, so who the fuck cares?

Finally, we’ve got a couple of social marketing tools that don’t matter in the slightest. And then there’s Dropbox. They boast… that they have Dropbox. Why? Dropbox isn’t theirs to own. It’s also not like they’re going to give you space on their own Dropbox account. Even if they were, why the fuck would they encourage that? The whole point of having a VPS is using the storage of the actual server. And they don’t even bother to tell you how much storage you get in the first place. They just say that the SSDs are optimized. Well, that’s great, but what if they’re fucking full of the bloatware that ScrapeBox installed and I can’t even fit a single picture of a titty on there? What then?

The Actual Tiers
The first tier costs $20. That’s the one I’ve been going through this entire review. There’s also a $30 tier, a $50 tier and a $60 tier. That last one is the one they call XRumer. Anyways, the first two tiers are damn identical. The big difference is that the $30 tier comes with SEO optimization tools. The real impressive offers can be found under the $50 tier. They say that you get lead generation tools that are worth more than a cumulative $1000. I’m skeptical. I’m sure you get some tools, but whether they’re really worth that much is up for debate. I’d like to see the actual tools; else, why would I pay for the package?

Finally, the XRumer tier states that you also get forum marketing tools. This is the part where I got confused, because they say tools, plural. That means you get more than one. So, what’s the guarantee that you get XRumer? Is it the fact that the tier is named after it? I don’t know, man. I’m skeptical. I’ve been let down in the past, so I’m just trying to make sure I don’t get duped. I’d also like it if you don’t get duped either.

I recommend that you consider ScrapeBox and the Senuke VPS offers. But, and this is a big but, talk to them first. Ask them about the tools you’re getting in the packages and be crystal clear before you pay them a single cent. Don’t get fooled by the boasts on their landing page. Make sure you know what you’re getting before you pay.

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