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Time to talk about guest posting everyone – the super-easy SEO trick that’s sure to skyrocket your website to the very top of any search engine. I’m just kidding; it’s probably useless. These days it’s more common to talk about guest posting than it is to actually get guest posts written for you. But, just like backlinks, this business practice is far from expired. For some reason, a lot of old school SEO tricks are just straight-up refusing to go away. I’m still seeing countless webmasters use guest posting to grow their reach and it seems to be working. Granted, they’d probably do a better job by investing more money into more conventional marketing methods, but I’m not here to judge. I’m here to review. Besides, I do website link aggregation and reviews and I write my own content. It’s not like I need a lot of guest posts. If anyone wanted to host my writing, I’d write the shit myself. I wouldn’t outsource.

That being said, you can and should outsource if you’re desperate for tons of content and you need that shit done fast. The downside to content production is always the time constraint. I’d like to think that I write good copy, but I’d be lying if I said this shit was a breeze, because it takes for-fucking-ever. Your average review can take anywhere between 30 minutes to several days, depending on the amount of research, typing and editing. Besides, if you’re not a seasoned writer, you’ll get writer’s block. I can pretty much guarantee it. I know some writers in the business operate entirely on coffee and energy drinks and they just barely keep up with demands. That’s why if you need guest posts, you’re best off leaving it to the professionals on SEOClerk.

A Bustling Marketplace
SEOClerk is a large website that tries to be a one-stop-shop for all of your SEO needs. It’s a freelancing site at its core, but they seem to be trying hard to stick to SEO practices exclusively. You could theoretically find more generic work on the site, but I suspect that SEOClerk are aware that they can’t compete with monopolies like Upwork in that regard. Plus, having a website that’s dedicated to SEO freelancing is better than going to a monopoly if you’re looking for some grey area bullshit like black hat. It’s always possible that sites like Upwork might get involved and pull the plug on your operation if they think you’re being shady. This can happen even if what you’re doing is perfectly legal. They’re free to deny service to anyone.

Well, you won’t have that problem on SEOClerk. Not only are they encouraging guest posting on this site, they straight up have a category for it. Hell, it’s even described as a great way to increase your site’s authority by SEOClerk themselves. They put that shit on there. It’s not like they’re turning a blind eye. They’re encouraging guest posts. Now, you could say that this is a good sign for the value of guest posts, but really they’re just trying to meet the demand. All of the jobs posted on this section are put there by random users such as you and me. These are people who are trying to make a living by churning out content. But, it gets a bit more complicated than that. They’re not just here to type the content; they’re also here to post it. That’s why we’re not just calling it content writing.

Guest Posting is a Breeze
This is quite possibly my favorite part of the whole guest posting process. If you had a bunch of writers write a ton of copy for you, you’d still have a steaming pile of shit on your hands that you’d have to sort out for hours on end. First, you’d have to hire an editor or go through all the copy yourself, manually. That would take forever. Then, you’d have to figure out where to put all of this content. You could use it for your own blog and target specific keywords to get some inward traffic, but that’s not going to work great in the porn business. People don’t want to read about porn; they want to see porn.

When you hire a freelancer on SEOClerk, their offer comes with the promise of posting as well. Meaning, they have to find websites that they can post the shit on and link back to your site. They can follow through with whatever instruction you have along the way. They don’t outright say it, but it’s kind of a given – you can give them whatever keyword specifics you’ve got. If you’ve got other expectations, you’re more than welcome to add that into the offer.

For example, you could have them use Grammarly to check through the content. This might drive up the price depending on how much you want them to sweat the editing. On top of that, you could also drive the price down if you use content spinners to get tons of articles out fast, then just have these freelancers do the posting for you. Any way you want to coordinate your efforts, it’s all welcome on SEOClerk.

It’s Extremely Affordable
If you’re an up and coming webmaster, this is arguably the best part of hiring freelancers to guest post for you. Their rates cannot be beaten. The average content writer tries to, at the very least, get a C-note out of a single article. When you break that down to per-hour rates, you’ll realize they’re trying to make minimum wage. You can’t fault them for that. Well, SEOClerk is a completely different story. You can get 10 articles for as little as $20. That’s $20 for the whole deal, not per article. On top of that, you also get them published on remote websites. All of this is included in the price.

Now, you might be wondering what the catch is. After all, $20 is barely worth an hour of clicking for the average freelancer. Are all of these people dyslexic and illiterate? Is it a scam? Not really. It’s a sort of “bottom of the barrel” approach to content. First of all, you can’t prove that they’re not using content spinning tools. Secondly, you can’t make sure they won’t plagiarize. They post the articles for you, so it’s not like you can run Q and A on them after they’re live. Granted, SEOClerk will escrow the money until the service has been rendered, so you have some control there. But, for the most part, guest posting is cheap because it’s not about getting quality content. It’s about getting quality backlinks. Speaking of…

Reputable Sites
This is the bread and butter of guest posting. The quality of the actual writing only needs to be high enough to pass a standard Google scan. It’s not like you care about the source site’s reputation in the long term. You just want to make sure that they have some amount of traffic and that Google knows they’re not a scam site. As long as they’re above average, they should do just fine. That being said, you do want them to be as good as possible. The better the source site’s reputation metrics, the more you’ll be charged.

You’ll notice that these freelancers already know that this is what you’ll be most curious about, so they pretty much outline the websites' authority metrics where they do their guest posting. They don’t link the actual websites for reasons of privacy, but if you reach out to them, they’re sure to send you a sample link or two.

To really make sense of these job listings, you have to get well versed in page authority metrics lingo. At the very least, look up some Google-friendly tutorial on what levels of authority are desirable and try to stay above a certain threshold. Remember, guest posting isn’t geared towards moving actual visitors to your site, even though that is a nice bonus. The bottom line here is that you want Google to see that you’re being linked to by reputable sites. They do this automatically, using web scraping tools. So, as long as your network is growing and you’re not affiliated with any low authority sites, you’re golden.

Check through these listings, have a look at the tons of freelancers and check their metrics. I’m pretty sure that there’s a sort of ballpark of quality here, so there might not be a lot of difference between different freelancers. Chances are, you’ll hire several of them at a time to spread your network as wide as you can. Either way, always make sure to ask for samples of the source sites before you hire them and don’t let them get away with extremely subpar content. The shit has to at the very least be grammatically correct.

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