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If you’re an established webmaster, then you know that your worst nightmare, in theory, is if you woke up one morning and your site was just gone. It could happen. Your website might get a DDoS attack while you sleep or hackers could get all up in your logins and scrap your whole operation. You could lose your entire livelihood overnight. These are the lessons that up and coming webmasters rarely think about, because they’re too focused on the profits and the content. But, what if it all gets taken away in the blink of an eye. Well, that would fucking suck. You want to take every precaution to prevent this from happening.

The best way to protect something precious that other people might want to destroy or steal is to hide it away where no-one can get to it. This logic applies to websites. You take your site, shove it way out in the middle of the ocean and host it remotely. People can still access it and enjoy all of your content, but the site itself is so far away that no-one can fuck with it. That’s where Shinjiru comes in. They’re a simple company with a huge package deal for webmasters like you. They’re offering you all the hosting and security solutions you could possibly imagine. On top of that, they’ve got several offshore data centers to make sure that your site is never in a vulnerable spot. It’s everything you could ever want and more.

Offshore Data Centers
You might be thinking: What’s the big deal? The internet is a global network. It shouldn’t matter where your site is located. It’s accessible online, so it might as well be anywhere in the world. Unless you’re running a gaming site and you’re worried about latency, any country should be as good as another, as long as you have the bandwidth capacity. Well, that’s not wrong… it’s just extremely naïve. I’m not suggesting that hackers are going to walk their way down to your server farm and shoot your website with a gun. I’m saying that when you dive into the adult porn industry, you’re basically an open target for all kinds of legal bullshit, from DMCA strikes to government intervention. Just try making an amateur porn tube in Japan or China. I dare you. I double dare you. You’d be fucked six ways to Sunday before you cash your first check.

That’s why offshore data centers are the way to go. Shinjiru boasts 8 different data centers, which I would assume aren’t clumped together. The whole idea behind being remote is being hidden away from the public and from the government. Sure, they can send you traceroutes all they want, but there are more ways to hide your location. Besides, even if your site is clearly located on some island in the Maldives or what fucking have you, it won’t matter. As long as the person doing the snooping doesn’t have jurisdiction there, you don’t give a flying fuck about their threats.

Protecting Yourself, First
Another mistake that webmasters often make is forgetting that they themselves are even more vulnerable than their sites. If your server gets taken down, you’re free to start another. But if bad eggs get their hands on your address, you could find yourself permanently fucked. It’s kind of unfortunate that people have a very low opinion of porn webmasters, at least in mainstream circles. You could literally get religious moms protesting in front of your house and tossing eggs at your windows. And that’s just an optimistic scenario. It could get a lot worse.

Protecting your personal privacy is key. You want to stay as anonymous as possible. Ideally, you want to be completely invisible. You don’t want to have a single trace of evidence that you exist on the web. If you want to maintain a personal social media presence, you can do that. You can be a celebrity if you want. But, you can’t let any of that link back to your porn webmaster job. The second you establish a permanent link, the flood gates open. You might have noticed that I’m kind of exempt from this. Mostly, it’s because I don’t actually serve any porn. I just review it.

Stay Anonymous
The mainstream wackos don’t normally have a problem with people talking about porn. They have a problem with people hosting porn. Then, there’s also the angry competitors. Not to mention, porn has a very negative connotation, even today. We’re basically living in the wrong timeline. That much is clear. So, if you have a day job, you could risk losing that job if your employers decide to do a background check. It’s all very hypocritical.

Well, Shinjiru have you covered. They’ve got some amazing identity protection practices in place to make sure that your personal identity is never brought into play, anywhere. As long as you pay your bills, they don’t care who you are or where you come from. They’ll do all the hard work, you’ll do the site management and everyone will be making a profit in the end. There is simply no public exposure of your identity, unless you go out of your way to request it for some reason. As far as the public’s concerned, your site belongs to no-one. It’s just out there, floating in the vast spaces of the internet, along with cumshot vids and pictures of cats.

I haven’t even told you the best part yet. Even if you stay completely anonymous and Shinjiru can be trusted to keep their promise, there’s still a paper trail between you and them. Your government could still theoretically figure out who you are if they want to run a background check. It’s because of that pesky link between your bank and Shinjiru. It ruins the perfect anonymity. Well, Shinjiru has a way around that. You can pay them using cryptocurrencies. Just like that, you get absolute anonymity. Add to that some VPNs and a bit of caution and you’ll be setting up your web empire without exposing any of your personal information. No-one will ever know.

Protecting the Site Itself
Shinjiru has a ton of security features that pretty much cover the entire spread of counter-measures for every type of attack that might come your way. You’ve got state of the art DDoS protection, of course. Your server will also be maintained with the latest official software to ensure there’s no chance of you getting penetrated by some sort of brand new malicious hack. These servers all run Linux, as they fucking should be. There are not many ways to break into a Linux server, especially when it’s up to date and the site is set up properly.

Some of these features include a constantly updated operating system, with next to no downtime. All the access is securely encrypted, so no-one except you can actually get into the server. Even Shinjiru themselves shouldn’t be able to fiddle with your files, even though they’re the ones setting it all up for you. They do a fine job of being trustworthy; I’ll say that much. You even get anti-malware protection, which is a pretty rare countermeasure on Linux systems.

Now, the actual payment for these services is kind of complicated. There are way too many tiered offers on Shinjiru and I don’t honestly have a personal recommendation. It really depends on what you need. They offer the protection separately as a $99 one-time payment. They set all your shit up and your server is protected. This is kind of like calling IT to fix your computer when it craps out. Except, you’ll want to do this preemptively, before you get hacked.

There are also a lot of package deals on a subscription model that wildly range in price. The most basic website hosting package will only run you about $4 a month. Now, this is their cheapest offer and it is indeed safe and remote. They’re not trying to scam you. So, why is it so free? Well, first of all, you get none of those hands-on security features we talked about. You get one website, hosted remotely, accessible through CPanel. This means you’re free to do whatever you want to the site itself, but you don’t own the server. You only own the website. It’s shared hosting.

There are also a ton of limitations. You get 100GB of space, 10 email accounts and unmetered bandwidth. That last one might sound like a pro, but it’s actually a con. It means there’s no limit to how much data you can transfer, but you only get a set amount of bandwidth and they don’t even list what it is. Either way, if you’re hoping to run a porn tube on this offer, forget it. However, you can use it to run a white-label site or any other kind of content site that uses embeds from other sources. That way, you don’t need to upgrade.

Still, if you want proper security, additional space or DDoS protection, you’ll have to fork over some extra dough. Check their tiers slowly and make your choice carefully. There might be features here that you don’t need and Shinjiru has made it very simple for you to opt-out of shit you don’t want.

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