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Traffic is a valuable commodity. And just like all other commodities, you can sell traffic to earn an income. If you have a lot of traffic, among the several ways that you can monetize it is by selling it to other websites that need it. Well, many sites are willing to pay for your traffic, especially if it is of high quality. I have reviewed many traffic-buying websites on this platform, and today, I have yet another option you can check out.

In case does not fit your style, consider partnering with the other websites on my list. Anyway, when looking for ways to sell their traffic and get paid, is a good place to start. I shall go over all the details that matter, but I’m sure most of you already know how this shit works. In case you don’t, my advice would be for you to educate yourself first.

I have provided a neat description of it all on this platform, but don’t be shy to do some research on your own on Google; Google always has the answer. Now, without more bullshitting, let’s get down to business –!

How to earn money selling traffic?
In this particular situation, you have a website that will pay for the traffic you send to them. This way, both parties gain from the transaction: you get paid for your traffic, and benefits from the traffic. With more traffic, SpankMasters will be able to earn more. Note that the more traffic you send, the more you are paid. It really is the best of both worlds, in a sense.

However, unlike selling traffic on traffic exchange sites, this works slightly differently. You are going to promote and send them traffic that way. So, if you have means of promoting, you are on a great path to earning a lot. SpankMasters will check the traffic you send them, and if it meets their standards, you will be compensated.

This works best if you have a porn website yourself because the easiest way to promote a porn site is through another porn site. The webmaster program that offers pays quite nicely, but as I have said, that will depend on the traffic that you send. Besides, there are different models to be considered, such as PPC, PPL, and CPM.

Each webmaster program where you can earn money through your traffic is essentially the same, but they also have different tweaks. Thus, might work differently from another program you are used to. Lucky for you, I took my sweet time to explain all the shit that you need to know about and how it works.

How to get started?
Getting started on SpankMasters is not that complicated. They are all easy steps that even a noob would figure out on themselves. But still, some find themselves in a state of confusion. The first step is to register, obviously. And once you get started, it all goes super easy.

The registration on is free, and you can do it in a couple of seconds. Once you are registered and your account is confirmed, you can start enjoying the privileges that has to offer. Not much will change in the design after registration, but you will get to see all your stats and get the tools needed to promote

You will be able to use their feeds or API to add embeds or thumbs to your website. The more experienced webmasters will be provided the API customization that allows them to get as creative as they want. Now, it is time to send the traffic to Your users will be redirected directly to their website when they click on the thumbs or embeds you added to your website.

Everything will be tracked competently; SpankMasters uses Google Analytics to count traffic. This is a good thing because Google Analytics does a great freaking job at this. After you send them traffic, you will get paid. Only unique traffic is paid for, and the following are the rates uses.

You will earn $3 per 1k unique visitors that you send to Where the visitors come from will affect the amount you are paid too. However, what the traffic you send decides to do on does not affect how much you are getting paid. As long as the traffic is of high quality, you are getting your money.

Let’s talk about the advantages
SpankMasters is a pretty great website and has a superb traffic program. As I said, you get paid for the quality traffic that you send them. The advantage of using over other programs is that they offer some of the highest payouts, up to $3 CPM. You will also be given a couple of nice tools.

In fact, Spank Masters offers custom tools for experienced webmasters. Thus, if this is not your first rodeo with such a program, you might want to check out the custom tools for promoting They also have fast integration. Their JS widget is perfect for small bogs and websites, and you can start earning money with ease.

Plus, you can expect fast and accurate payouts. You can track your statistics on your profile, and you will get paid accordingly. Now, if you have any questions regarding the payments, the program, or whatever the fuck else, you can always reach out to them. responds quite quickly, which is nice.

The content program is also pretty dope
Perhaps I should briefly mention that SpankMasters offers a content partner program as well. This program is different from the traffic program as you get to upload your videos to the website. Each video that you upload will go into the queue to be on their front page. The users on SpankMasters will get to check out your video and thus get introduced to your site.

SpankMasters is a rather popular website, attracting millions of clicks every month. Therefore, if you want to promote your porn content, this is a perfect place to start. I have reviewed Spank Masters’ content program in a separate article on this platform, and you are welcome to check it out.

What sites are you promoting?
Technically, with this traffic program, you will not be promoting Spank Masters but some of the websites in their network. They include Extreme Tube, PornXS, MofoSex, Spank Wire, Keez Movies, and so on. All of these are listed on the homepage of, so check that shit out. Most of these sites are free and filled with tons of hot content, so promoting the websites should not be difficult.

I mean, the easiest thing to promote is a mainstream tube website, which is what is all about. You have all kinds of content on these sites, and you are welcome to promote them with all of the tools they will provide you with on Take your time and explore the websites first, and if you have the right audience for this shit, you will easily make a steady income.

Are you looking for different ways you can earn money? Well, did you know that a lot of websites will pay you if your redirect traffic to their way? Spank Masters is among the many traffic-buying websites. I have reviewed all sites that offer this kind of program, and you can check them out. Nevertheless, do not hesitate to contact me if you find a program I have not included in my list.

Anyway, Spank Masters is a simple website where you can access both the traffic and content program. The traffic program provides you with a plethora of good tools to promote the website and get paid. You are going to be paid per 1k unique visits of the higher quality traffic.

The content partner program works differently. Rather than promoting the site, you get to promote your website. allows you to upload your naughty porn videos from your website. Considering how much traffic they get every month, you will see increased traffic if you provide them with good porn movies. That is a good thing because more traffic translates to more earnings.

The registration to Spank Masters is simple and free. And if you are interested in making some money online, check this website out to see their programs. Sometimes it can be all too much and confusing, but you can always contact them for help or any clarifications. Happy earning, folks!

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