Making fat stacks of cash isn’t easy. You need to hustle for that shit every single day. And, even then, you still might come out broke or in the negative. Don’t worry; I’m not some rich asshole here to give you some fake answers to success that never fucking work. I just know how to play the system a bit. And one thing you can do to get some easy peasy passive income with minimal work is to monetize your site or blog. Sure, you have to do the leg-work of making a site that garners some traffic first, but I’m sure you cucks can manage one way or another.

Once you do have a fapworthy fetish blog or a lewd porntube site up and rolling, then you’ll want to pair yourself with an ad network that can help you earn dosh. And you don’t want just any old ad network. Most of the ones out there wouldn’t know what the fuck to do with your sick stomach inflation site, let alone a standard vanilla porntube. You need a team of expert neckbeards to help you secure lewd advertisers or help you get your kinky product out into the world. That’s where comes in.

Pair up with a Fresh Ad Network with Modern Solutions
Now, I can’t say that you’re getting veteran nerds this time around. This site has only been around since 2016, but I wouldn’t count them out yet. New is good. A new ad network can sometimes bring some dope concepts to the table that the old wrinkly boomers haven’t thought of. Imagine if we stuck with the same pornstars for 20+ years. Nobody would want to fap to that. So, yeah, let’s give this new blood a chance.

They have options for publishers and advertisers alike. This makes it easy as fuck if you have a site you want to run ads on as well as get some ads out on other sites for your site. It’s like one of those infinite energy machines or a double-sided dildo. Your visitors give other sites traffic, and those sites run your ads to bring you traffic. It’s fucking brilliant. So, let’s see what sort of features these guys have for publishers.

Load Your Site up with Popunders, Pre-Rolls, Banners, and More!
First off, they boast that they can increase your revenue by upwards of 200%. Compared to what, sitting on the fucking road with my thumb up my ass? Sure, yeah, I bet. I imagine they’re comparing themselves to other ad networks with that figure, but they don’t say that or name any other networks. I like getting promises like this, but I want some concrete fucking evidence instead of empty figures.

You can make use of pop-unders, pre-rolls, banners, and more. No, it’s not me taking the cop-out here. They just say “more” and let me use my damn imagination. No, give me all of your popular formats and tell me how much money I can make. I want some sample CPVs or CPMs. I don’t care if it’s just an average for a certain GEO or whatever. Squren seems great at giving you almost enough information. Like how you offer on-time payments and then never elaborate further. I’d hope they pay on fucking time. But do they pay quickly? I couldn’t tell you.

Get Direct Offers and Quality Deals from Advertisers
But I’ll stop bitching for a second and tell you about something I do like. These guys have secondary monetization options. Alright, now I’ll tell you what that means without the nerd lingo. The standard way of doing business is like being a slutty hooker working the streets. Her pimp will set her up with dudes who will plow that pussy all night. But the secondary monetization works like a freelance hoe who schedules her own visits with high-paying gents. In ad terms, you get direct offers from advertisers that will pay top dollar for your site’s ad space.

I imagine they think this comes without saying, but they don’t mention any sort of malware screening or safe ad practices. I can’t imagine them not doing that shit, but they should really mention it somewhere. If you monetize your fuck blog with these guys, then you can monitor your income in real-time. If you have a question, you can call up their 24/7/365 support line to help you out. So, you can give these nerds a call at any time of day to chat about your site or ad campaign.

Make use of Advanced Targeting Features to Pinpoint Your Audience
Squren promises advanced targeting features for advertisers that will boost ROIs and ensure that you’re getting traffic from an audience of horny fucks who actually care about your content. What are these advanced targeting tools? Do they target multiple devices, regions, or niches? I sure hope so. But, again, this site is more tight-lipped than a celebrity dude that just got hit with a #metoo. If only they’d link to more in-depth pages or list out the quality shit they do.

To give credit where credit is due, they do mention a fraud prevention system for traffic. So, at least you can rest assured that you won’t be getting fake traffic or whatever the fuck. And there are multiple ways for you nerds to get ads for your turbo fister fuck machine out into the world. There is a flat-rate marketplace where you can easily rent out some ad-space. Alternatively, you can pitch deals directly to publishers if there’s a specific site that you want to run your ads on. This makes it easy to tailor your campaign and target precisely who you want to.

Get Approved and Get Your Site Monetized in a Few Days
Now, one thing worth noting about Squren is that it’s not instant. There’s an approval process where you may have to sit on your hands and wait a few days to get approved. That fucking sucks, but there is a benefit to doing it this way. It filters out sites that don’t bring in quality traffic, and that means your ads won’t be flung onto some hole-in-the-wall site that nobody goes to. You need to have a half-decent website to get paired up with these big boys.

Pornwebmaster’s Favorite Features
My favorite feature was definitely the multiple forms of monetization. You can sit back and run ads on your site the old fashioned way without breaking a sweat. If you do well, then horny advertisers will flock to your site like incels to a feminist forum. You’ll have bids rolling in so with staggering numbers, and you’ll be swimming in dosh once you secure these exclusive deals. And, hey, they claim to boost your income by 200%. Sure, it’s an empty claim. But I like that they have the balls to toss that figure out there with nothing to back it up.

It shows that they certainly don’t lack confidence.

Pornwebmaster’s Suggestions
Give me some more fucking information. Browsing this site feels like I’m talking to some drug dealer in an alley who keeps saying vague shit but never the stuff you actually need to know. Like “yeah, dude, this is the good stuff. You’ll be high as fuck.” But when you ask him if it’s laced with any bullshit, he just ignores the question and moves on. I want to know so much more about this damn site. Are the ads vetted for malware? What are some sample CPMs? Do they pay more per-GEO? Who are their direct advertisers and publishers? How can they boost my income by 200%? They don’t answer any of these rather important questions.

Pornwebmaster’s Final Thoughts
Overall, is a solid enough ad network that likely offers competitive CPMs and solid ad placements. I say likely because they simply don’t tell visitors enough on their site. It’s all full of vague statements that don’t mean a damn thing. It’s like when I tell some slut I take home that I love her. It doesn’t mean anything, and it’s just said to make her feel good. This site is full of statements like that, which is annoying as fuck. But, hey, I recommend checking them out and seeing how it works for your site. That marketplace for advertisers and bids for publishers sounds like a sweet deal to me. You’re bound to make some solid dosh that way. Go check these nerds out and see if they’re the right ad network for you!

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