Sticky Dollars is a small affiliate program with four porn websites that have regular updates, offer exclusive content with HD videos ...


I would not be surprised if you have never heard about StickyDollars before. This is a rather small affiliate program, with only four porn websites. The niches are quite general, so there is nothing that really makes them stand out. With that said, that does not mean that they are not worth your time. If you are looking for some pretty standard affiliate programs, you never know… StickyDollars might fit the bill.

Of course, whether actually suits your taste or not is a whole different topic. That is why you have me here. I shall explain all the crap surrounding their affiliate programs and whatever else I think is important. And you can decide whether you want to be a part of what has to offer or not. Sounds quite straightforward, don’t you think?

I think that their lack of quantity, aka just offering four sites, does not mean that their affiliate program is not worth your time. Their quality programs are definitely worth it, if you know what the fuck you are doing. This also brings me back to the usual topic… do you even know what the fuck you are doing? If you do not understand the world of affiliates and how that shit is supposed to function, you should first educate yourself. Simple as that.

Registration takes some time.
Although the very process of registering is not really long… you will have to wait for the confirmation. On top of the site, you just have to click on the Signup page, and you will get to do just that. There you will be asked different shit to fill out. After you are done, you will submit the signup, which will have to be evaluated.

To make sure that there is no spam or any of that shit, the team from StickyDollars will personally examine that crap and then decide whether to let you in. This is why it takes some time. Basically, you will get a confirmation email in a couple of days. It all depends on how many affiliates decided to sign up at that very moment. I am sure a lot of us like to look around from the very beginning. But oh well… at least we know they have a dedicated team.

Affiliate programs
As I said, their crap is not as big as other affiliate websites. However, does have two affiliate programs that are worth the hype. Basically, you have the Revenue Share program, which can help you earn a steady income. Revenue Share or RevShare is a distribution of the total sum of income, which is being generated by the sale of services and goods, between the contributors or stakeholders. It is similar to profit shares, but try and not confuse the two.

Revenue Share can be a very good opportunity for affiliates who know what the fuck they are doing. If you are not that familiar with this crap, as I said… you should educate yourself. Good thing that we live at the time Google was invented, so you can basically know whatever the fuck you are interested in. In this case, on Sticky Dollars, you have 50% RevShare, which is nice.

The other option for the affiliate program is the webmaster referral program. This just means that if you refer good webmasters, and by that, I just mean the webmasters who will actually use the privileges of Sticky Dollars, you will get 10% of the revenue for each webmaster referral. The webmaster referral program is designed to boost the number of affiliates.

An iffy tour page…
I was very disappointed to see their tour page in general. I know that they are not supposed to be flashy, but they could have added at least some spunk, don’t you agree? The StickyDollars website is just so dull, and their tour page is not really as informative as I hoped that it would be. The homepage is very empty. On top, you have like five sections, all of which are as boring as their homepage.

Sure, they offer some mainstream porn websites… but even the way they presented them is as dull as a butter knife. You’ll know what the fuck I mean as soon as you open the website. I am not a drama queen; trust me. Let’s leave that to the female audience who is reading this… Ah, I could not even keep a straight face while writing that. We all know females don’t read. Anyway…

While having a website that looks like pure garbage does not mean that the offers are not worth your time, adding some spunk here and there never hurt anyone. Oh well, as I always like to say, it is what it is. At least they do not have too many ads, I guess. I mean, there are still some ads, but you won’t be getting any seizures or heart attacks, is all I am trying to say.

Their websites
Even if there are only four websites, they are worth the mention. So, the first website I want to mention is I think the name here basically speaks for itself. Everyone who is into watching horny girls get their asshole fucked hardcore will surely enjoy this place. There are all kinds of scenes, the videos are featured in HD, and most of them have galleries as well. All the scenes here are exclusive; you have unlimited downloads, and so on.

The next website I want to mention is called Nympho, and you basically get all kinds of videos featuring the hottest sluts who love to fuck. Again, you have all sorts of scenes and many different babes to choose from. All the videos come with matching galleries, they are all in HD, and again, the content is exclusive with unlimited downloads.

Then there is another anal porn website that is called True Anal. Now, what is the difference between those two… well, there isn’t much. You still get all kinds of scenes with horny babes, but I guess the True Anal website tends to feature many known pornstars. Other shit is pretty much the same; all the content is exclusive, there are galleries, HD shit, and unlimited downloads.

The last website I will mention is all about blowjobs and cum eating. It is called Swallowed, so it is all there in the name. A lot of the blowjobs are just pure sloppy ones, where the sluts collect their spit in cups and then drink it together with cum. The rest of the shit is again the same; HD scenes and galleries, lots of different hotties, exclusive content, and downloads.

You will surely be happy to know that all the websites I have mentioned have regular updates. That is pretty neat, as people will always have something new to enjoy. From what I have seen, it is not only sites that update, but you have the promo tools as well. Currently, there are over 1500 hosted galleries and almost that many videos as well.

Other stuff worth the mention…
There are no feeds specifically made for affiliate promotion since the program uses NATS. However, as an affiliate, you can simply enable the adtool feeds from your account details tab. Keep in mind that most NATS adtool feeds are not formatted for affiliate promotion direct; they are just made for as a way to easily grab the latest updates.

Let me just mention another neat thing before I wrap this review. Basically, when speaking about hosted galleries, affiliates who use them in their promotions will surely be happy with the ones they found on any of the websites from Sticky Dollars. Why? Well, not only are there a lot of them to choose from and new frequent updates, but they are also SEO friendly, have unique titles as well as text descriptions for the scenes.

Plus, there are amazing bios pages for all the pornstars on, which just means that an affiliate who chooses to become a part of Sticky Dollars, has more than enough material to use for their promotion.

That is basically it. Sure, Sticky Dollars is not one of the most known affiliate programs, and they might not have a ton of websites, but their offers are pretty nice. I guess they prefer to keep their affiliate group small and close. In case you have any sort of questions about their programs, what they offer, or whatever the fuck might come to mind, you can contact them directly.

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