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Are you searching for a good webcam affiliate program? Well, have you heard about StreamRay, aka If you have not, let me make your world a whole lot brighter. has an affiliate program for, and it could help you earn a good profit. Of course, this also means that you should learn more about how this shit functions in general.

I mean, do you even know the whole point of the affiliate extravaganza? In case you do not, that is where you should start. With an affiliate program, an arrangement will be made where the website merchant will pay an affiliate site a commission to send them traffic. The commission, price, or whatever the fuck else all depends on the type of the affiliate program you choose.

In this case, you have the webcam affiliate program and a couple of options to choose from, which I shall discuss later. If you are interested in such crap, you are more than welcome to stay, and if you are looking for a different affiliate program, there are other affiliate programs I have reviewed. So check that shit out instead. Your choice, I couldn’t be bothered.

What is
Have you ever heard about I mean, if you dabble in the webcam affiliate programs, or you just enjoy watching hot cam girls, there is a high chance you already heard about This network consists of 16 different websites, which just means that it caters to all our needs. I mean, no matter what the fuck you might be into, there is a chance that you will find it here.

There are over 8 million active members globally, and the numbers keep growing each day. Since 1996, Cams has been a leader in online personals, making them one of the most established and online of its kind online… or so they like to state themselves on their website. Although I think their affiliate crap is worth checking out, I also believe that they could have worked a bit more on their presentation.

If you want to see all the answers to your questions, you should check out the FAQ page that is listed all the way down on their website. Other than that, the site is very scruffy, and it looks old as shit. However, it does get the affiliate job done, and I guess that is what really matters. Cams’s affiliate program is straightforward and easy to join. It allows webmasters to earn money monthly by simply promoting one or more of their websites.

Becoming an affiliate is simple.
I’m guessing that if you are reading this, you are interested in becoming an affiliate yourself, right? Well, let a pro tell you all you need to know about that. First of all, becoming an affiliate on is free, which is always dope. You can actually start earning money immediately, as it will take you just a couple of minutes to sign up… And a bit more to actually put a banner or do whatever the fuck else you came here to do.

Now the question here is whether your site qualifies to be a part of the partner programs… Well, they say that as long as your website does not contain or promote some illegal crap, there is not much you need to worry about. Plus, they do not have a minimum traffic level that you need, so basically, anyone with a “normal” website is allowed to become a partner.

So, what programs are there on StreamRay? Well, there will be four different affiliate programs for you to check out. There are various programs and rates for all of their websites, and the details will be listed on the site you are interested in. Overall there will be four different programs; the first one is called the Click-through Program, which is designed to pay you variable numbers of cents/unique click-through. Now, this will all depend on the website you are promoting and the quality of traffic you send to their website.

Then you have the Per Order Program, which will pay you a fixed amount, and it does not matter which order is placed on the chosen website, regardless of the length of your membership or the type of the order. The third membership is called the Per Member Program, and it is designed to pay you a fixed amount as well, but this time for each person who signs up for a free membership.

The fourth membership is called the Percentage Program, and it will pay you a percentage of the initial premium membership fees, together with a bonus for all the free signups. StreamRay also has an opportunity for you to “co-brand” their website. What does that mean? Well, when one of your viewers chooses to click on one of their banners, they will end up on the Cams website. However, they will see your logo and site name first.

How much can I earn?
The affiliate program on is one of the highest paying. Some affiliates are able to make about 75 cents/click, as well as up to 100% for every premium membership. I mean, their monthly payout is above $500k, which already speaks for itself. Not to mention that some of their best affiliates are making $30k+ a month…

For example, their percentage program allows you to earn up to 35% on sales forever. The more traffic you send, the more you will be able to earn the percentage program. For their Per Order Payout, you can enjoy maximum earning potential since you will be able to earn up to $130 per order when your traffic generates order from premium membership.

Then there is the Broker Program on StreamRay, which is either self-explanatory… or you have no fucking clue how it works. In any case, you can contact them for more information. I do also want to mention their Model Referral crap, where you can earn 10% on model earnings for the first six months. So after you refer models, you can make 10% of what they earn in six months… again simple and easy.

There is definitely no fixed amount; it all depends on you. The more traffic you are able to send, the more money you will be able to earn, that’s about that. However, to actually be paid, you need to meet a minimum of $50 threshold, which is not that much. In case you are not able to meet the minimum requirements, do not worry. The amount you earned will just be transferred to the next month, and so on, until you make the minimum needed.

Their third-party check vendor, aka Gemisys, will mail and cut checks to you directly, twice a month. If you are interested in this, the updates, or how it works, you have a section called the “Webmasters Notes.” Everything is explained there, so make the site to check that shit out. Also, keep in mind that if you produce less than one paying membership in twenty-five free signups with your traffic, or one free signup with twenty visitors, your account will most likely be turned into an account called a “percentage payout” account.

Do not forget about the tax requirements as well. If you are approved to become an affiliate on the site, then you will have to share certain information for tax purposes. For those from the USA, you will have to share your social security numbers or the US tax ID numbers. International affiliates will need to submit an appropriate Internal Revenue Service W-8 Form, together with proper required documentation… Now I could go more into detail about this, but everything is explained in their FAQ section.

Great support team
From what I have seen, their support service is great. Again, on their FAW page, you can contact them via email or phone number, and they also give you an address to personally reach their manager. So, if you manage to run into any trouble along the way, you know what the fuck to do. However, I think t

Of course, the first thing you need to do is become a free affiliate by registering on Here you have profitable programs, a global audience, weekly and direct payments, and a lot of other crap. So, if you are interested in a simple affiliate program that could actually help you earn lots, you should check out, or as I have said, you can check out other affiliate programs I have reviewed instead.

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