StripCash (StripChat) is an affiliate network program for StripChat. It is a part of the xHamster family, has great promotional tools, and good a...


Have you ever heard about Strip Cash? How about StripChat? I am sure at least one of those names is familiar. In simple terms, StripCash is an affiliate network program for StripChat. They have over 10 years of experience, managing about 1 billion uses a month, which just proves that they probably know what the fuck they are doing.

However, is actually for you? Well, that depends; what the fuck are you even looking for? They are an international IT company, as well as the proud members of the xHamster family. Now, if you know anything about webcam affiliate programs, you will know that that is a big deal. From my own experience, they provide you with great opportunities to make some cash without much effort.

But, how the fuck do they do that? It might sound a bit too good to be true if you have no clue what I am talking about. Which is why the first thing you should actually do is educate yourself about not only what offers, but also what the heck webcam affiliate programs are all about. Don’t worry, I shall cover the basics, so you do not have to actually manually search for that crap.

How to get started?
Well, obviously, the first thing you should do is become a part of the website. You can do that by clicking on the ‘Get Started’ button once you open their website. The overall layout and design are pretty simple, so you will find your way around with ease, trust me. Then again, the registration process is free, and also very simple; there ain’t much to it if you ask me.

After inputting some of the most basic shit, such as your email and pass, you will get to choose why the fuck you are even registering for. You have the following options: Media Buyer, CPA/ad network, Publisher, Model/Studio, and Other. Whichever you choose, you will have to write about your resources, your role, and position, or whatever the fuck else they ask for. The three messengers they use are Skype, Telegram, and ICQ, which is important to have, so they can contact you.

As most of us know them as affiliate programs, associate programs are arrangements where an online merchant website will pay affiliate sites a certain commission to send them traffic. Of course, it all also depends on what sites certain affiliate programs offer or so to speak. So, in StripCash’s scenario, you have the xHamster family.

There is an easy way to earn money when becoming an affiliate, but as I have said, you need to know what you are getting yourself into, and that also means that you need to educate your ass. Knowing what an affiliate program is and knowing how it works are two very different things. Thankfully, we live at the age where you can learn everything just by Googling. So you might want to start there.

Monetizing your traffic
There will be two schemes for you to check out on Strip Cash, and they go like this. There is the Revenue Share + Lifetime. This is the best choice for webmasters who plan to use the scheme in the long-run. But what is Revenue Share, and how does it work? Well, with this model, the affiliates will receive a percentage of the site’s profit made by an advertiser they have referred to.

The typical percentage of Revenue Share can vary, from 5 – 55%. But, where does the lifetime come into play? Well, under Revenue Share, you will get a commission for the first recommendation (one-time only), as well as for the following commissions that last a lifetime. I want to mention before we move on to the other shit is that with Revenue Share, it is not all daisies and rainbows. With some affiliate programs, you might also have a negative carryover.

In case you were looking for much quicker results, Strip Cash has CPL DOI and SOI schemes as well. Have you ever heard of those kinds of schemes? Well, I’m about to give you the gist. CPL stands for Cost Per Lead, and that implies that you are hunting for leads, aka for potential customer’s data, names, addresses, phone numbers, and locations. With email marketing, app developers are able to increase their user engagement and establish a more effective communication process with their clients.

There are two main patterns when it comes to building your user base through the subscription process when talking about email marketing. To be able to generate leads, advertisers need to apply either Single Opt-In and Double-opt In… aka SOI and DOI. I am sure this might sound confusing at first, but the only difference in mailing with SOI and DOI is the verification possibility.

SOI will not require a confirmation email. All you have to do is just enter your email address, that’s it. A visitor who does that will become a subscriber as soon as they input their email, and will be included in your email list. On the other hand, DOI in email means that an individual needs to prove that the data he has entered during registration is actually correct. In that case, the user will usually verify the address. StripCash offers CPL and REVS pricing models for visitors globally, from desktop, tablet, mobile, and smartTV devices.

What about the payouts
The payouts on are sent periodically, aka twice a month. Of course, you will have to reach the minimum payout in that certain period to actually get paid. The payout limit can vary, which depends on the payment method you choose. The payment methods they offer are Paxum, BitCoin, and wire transfer. If you are able to reach the payout limit in the first period of that month, aka from 1st to 15th, you will be able to get your payment on the first of the following month.

However, if you reach the payout limit in the 2nd half of the month, from 16th to 31st, then your payment will arrive on the 15th of the following month. If you do not reach the minimum payout needed, your earnings will be transferred over to the next period, and so on, until you reach the minimum payout limit. The minimum payout that is needed is $200.

Promotional tools
Strip Cash offers top converting creative for your campaigns, with great marketing techniques. There is the SmartUrl – which is a SelfOptimizing redirect solution. As you set up a TextLink/Popunder/Banner campaign, you will be able to let it rotate the best landings that will match your traffic. The Widgets are very responsive and creative tools that will automatically adjust to perfectly fit your banner dimensions. The Pop-Unders are known for having the most converting landings for the pop-under traffic, and you also have Banners.

On the other hand, you can also use if you want to create your own brand, start building retention or a site with a specific niche. If you already have a good product with a recognizable name, you could make it even more profitable if you have a reliable background. Well, StripChat could be that background, and so could StripCash. Other than that, you can look forward to their fully customizable theme options, with the ability to stylize your own Whitelabel by using your brand colors.

Their design is very responsive, and they have good device support that can represent your brand on any of their available platforms. On top of that, there are branded promo tools, which gives you the freedom to use all of the previously mentioned promo tools. They will all be tailored to your brand. I mean, overall, Strip Cash has rather nice promotional tools and Whitelabel options.

Although I am pretty sure that I have fucking explained all that you really need to know, let me give you an overall. I know some of you fuckers have skipped until the end to just read the conclusion, so here it is. StripCash is a great affiliate network program under They have experienced affiliate managers. They are a team of experts who specialize in adult webcam traffic and are here to ensure that your traffic will be matched with the best pricing and innovative model.

StripCash has transparent income statistics, and from what I have seen, their payments are always on time. Plus, you have a fresh unsaturated database, which is relatively new to the market. It gives you a perfect opportunity to convert new users and get paid for them. There are different program options for you to check out, which I have already mentioned. But that is basically the gist of what you can expect from Strip Cash.

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