Do you own your own adult site? Whether you own one today or you are thinking about starting one, you need to protect yourself. I’m not talking about doing the bare minimum like changing your passwords, either. You need to do more than that!

Come on, would you fuck someone you never met without a condom? Then why in the hell are you allowing anyone to visit your site without having some kind of protection? It’s like owning a storefront without an alarm system and writing on the windows, ‘if you steal from us, you won’t get caught!’ You would be inviting thieves to enter your store and steal whatever the fuck they wanted because they know they are going to get caught. The same applies to your website.

Nobody wants an STD or to find their business has been burglarized. You don't want to wake up and find that your website has been attacked and compromised by cybercriminals. Put that proverbial condom on your site and reach out to Sucuri instead. They will protect your website 24/7 and ensure that it’s never compromised to begin with. Opt for prevention instead of the cure after the fact with Sucuri, and ensure that your adult site is protected, secured, and safe from the worst that the Web has to offer.

Like a condom for your site
One of the things that fucking bugs me to no end is how so many webmasters seem content with owning and operating a site without any kind of security. It’s so fucking irresponsible, and what the hell is the point of not having protection, anyway? You have spent so much time trying to earn an income from your site that leaving it open to the chaos that cybercriminals can deliver is just fucking stupid.

Why in the hell would you do that to yourself? Instead of leaving what you worked for up to chance, you need defensive strategies to protect every aspect of your site(s) and overall brand. Sucuri can help you by protecting your site against hacks, DDoS attacks, malware, ransomware, adware, and more by providing it with WAF Protection. Think of it like a firewall between your site and the bad guys. With Securi, you can be assured that nothing out of the ordinary gets in or out without their knowledge.

Having this level of protection can also ensure that you do not become victim to cybercriminals that seriously want to fuck up your shit. Sucuri’s WAF Protection protects your site against zero-day exploits and brute force attacks. When you become the target of criminals that want to fuck your shit up, you need to ensure that you have protection you can rely on. Fortunately for you and other adult entrepreneurs out there, this is just the kind of thing that Sucuri delivers for so many customers every day.

Monitors your site, so you don’t get the bad shit
What would you do if you woke up tomorrow morning and discovered that your tube site had become compromised? And I’m not just talking about the fact that someone guessed your username and password, and logged into your site. Rather, I mean, what if they actually compromised your site to the point that browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge flagged them as dangerous websites?

If you don’t know what you would do, it’s time to figure it out today! Sucuri claims that a flagged site decreases traffic by 95%! That also damages your reputation. Think about it: if you discovered a website where you were alerted that it’s dangerous and not a good idea to visit, would you fucking visit the site again? Probably not, and for good reason.

If this happens to you, what will tell your visitors and customers that it’s now safe to visit your site again? You have no idea, and it’s going to be an uphill battle to put it mildly. It’s a PR nightmare, and those are pretty damn expensive when you consider the loss of profits, the amount of money you have to pay to get into the public’s good graces, and so on.

To avoid having to deal with any of this, it’s proper to have a plan of action to ensure that you never have to face this kind of bullshit to begin with. And if you do, it’s good to know that you have a partner that can take care of the situation and bring your site back to speed in no time. Sucuri is such a partner, and help you by constantly monitoring your site for malware and any indication that your site has been compromised.

Even when you are asleep or you have not visited your site for days or even weeks, Sucuri will continue to monitor your site to ensure that it is as safe, clean, and secure as it should be. Sucuri can check to see if you have become the victim of phishing pages, backdoors, rogue forms, and so much more. In many cases, you will not know that your site has become compromised until it is too late. By being proactive and protecting your site before the bad shit hits the proverbial fan, you can be assured that things will at least never get too bad when they do indeed go bad.

Be sure you’re always in Google’s good graces
If that last line made you shudder a bit, that’s a good thing! Look, site security isn’t anything to fucking take lightly. A compromised site can do irreversible harm, destroying your brand in the process. Think of it like a security issue, but also a matter of how the public perceives your brand. Take it seriously, because your livelihood could depend on it.

Once you start taking site security seriously, the likelihood that Google and other search/browser providers will blacklist your site diminishes severely. As I have already stated, Sucuri monitors your site at least twice a day to ensure that none of the Web’s worst infects it. But even if it happens, never fear!

That’s because, in the event that you are infected with malware or something else entirely, Sucuri can remove it for you immediately (more on that later). Whether they just caught the problem or something slipped under their radar, Sucuri attacks the problem head-on so they can avoid a PR disaster on your end. Trust is hard to earn, no matter what kind of website you own. Ensure that your hard-earned trust – or hell, the trust you are trying to earn currently – is not diminished or lost in any way. You’ve worked hard to grow your site(s) – now protect them!

Optimization for your site
It’s amazing that Sucuri actually protects your site and actively monitors it, so you don’t have to worry about your site becoming compromised in any way. However, what about if you want it to just, you know, run better. If you feel like your site is sluggish and needs to be brought back to its former glory, Sucuri also helps with this as well.

Reach out to Sucuri and tell them the problem. From there, the security experts will analyze your site, searching for areas of improvement. Once found, Sucuri will speed up your site, optimizing it and minimizing load times wherever possible. They also have caching options if you get serious about shaving off milliseconds.

And minimizing load times does count. If you want to increase your page rank among all the popular search engines like Google, faster load times equals a bump up in search results. If you want more visitors to your site, optimization is a quick step to making that happen.

Inexpensive as hell
When you first look at how many Sucuri costs, it sounds a bit steep. But when you notice that these are one-time annual payments, the price sounds much more reasonable. Sucuri comes in three flavors: Basic ($199.99/annu.; Pro $299.99/annu.; Business $499.99/annu.). The only difference between them is that the Basic scans for malware/intrusions every 12 hours and lacks SSL certificate support. They also cannot give you an idea of when the malware will be removed (this service is called Malware Removal SLA) unless you are a Business customer.

Business subscribers get a 6-hour window until the malware is removed (though this is an estimate). Further, at this tier, you receive a scan for malware and intrusions every 30 minutes. That’s a hell of a deal, and if you need more intensive services, you can call to inquire about a custom package.

Adult entrepreneurs that need their site to be scanned more frequently, like every 6-hours, this plan costs $100.00 extra dollars. It would have been nice to have received more services for that price. For example, the Malware Removal SLA service could have been done within a 24-hour time window.

This would use fewer resources and still put the focus on top-tier subscribers while giving mid-tier users a taste of the convenience. As it stands, if you can afford only the Business model – and even if you need it – only then do you benefit from the Malware Removal SLA service. That’s pretty blue balls of Sucuri.

Even still, Sucuri is a hell of a deal given all of the services you get with even the Basic tier. The Brand Reputation and Blacklist monitoring is a big one, and for $199.99, it makes the package a pretty damn good deal. With DDoS Mitigation, virtual patching to stop intrusions before they happen, and malware removal along with hacking cleanups that make it look like the compromise ever happened, it’s worth checking out. They have a 30-day money-back guarantee, so I’d suggest it if you want security solutions that fit reasonably well into most brand’s budgets.

Sucuri packs a punch when it comes to their site security services. The Pro plan feels a bit lacking, and Sucuri should consider adding a mid-grade version of its Malware Removal SLA to the tier. Still, for those that need website security that isn’t going to cost them a fortune and checks most boxes, Sucuri is worth the consideration.

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