ThriXXX Cash! Alright, I know there are loads of you cringy game-obsessed fucks out there. I get it. Real-life is shitty enough for you. You might as well hop behind a screen and pretend to be a Chad for once in your goddamn life. But why stop at playing and jerking your dick to these games? You can do so much more with your addiction. It’s possible to make some decent money off of that shit. Seriously, I’m not fucking with you. If you promote a game well enough as an affiliate, then you could be rolling in fat stacks. It’s not as hard as you might think to get started.

The toughest part is finding the right affiliate site or network. You need to partner up with a site that has a long-running game worth playing. Most importantly, you want to play a game that you like rubbing yourself raw to. Fuck promoting some dumb-ass game that you don’t even like. And I have a dope suggestion for you horny gamers and webmasters this time. It’s an affiliate site called

A Long-Running Affiliate Site that’s been around since 2001
This site is the affiliate site for one of the biggest and most popular 3D porn game empires out there. They are responsible for fapworthy titles like 3DSexVilla, Gamerotica, and GaySexVilla. They’ve been around since 2001, so you know these guys are going to be along for a while. You won’t be left stranded with a bunch of promotional material and nothing to do with it like some other short-lived game networks out there.

You get all of the information laid out for you on a single page with a nice video for you to watch. It goes into all of the juicy details about how much money you can make and what their games are all about. I hate it. Why put all of your key information in a goddamn video? I can’t quickly reference it or search it easily. I have to go through and watch the entire fucking thing just to review some details I may have missed or forgotten about.

Earn up to 60% Lifetime Revshare
It makes it such a pain in the ass to find important details. But that’s enough about the video. We’ll talk about its contents here in a minute. You can also view updates to all of their games and sites in the news tab. However, that hasn’t been updated since back during mid-2019. Fuck, it’s almost 2021 at the time of writing this. I hope that it’s just the page that hasn’t been updated and that the games are still going along just fine. I know these are all pretty popular games, so it doesn’t make sense that they wouldn’t have anything new published in over a year.

But that’s probably nothing too serious. Let’s talk about what you can earn. First off, you get up to 60% of the initial revenue from every paying conversion. You get the larger share and that’s that. After that first purchase, you earn up to 50% of their total lifetime revenue. Every sex toy they buy. Every escort they dick down. Every expansion pack they dish out of the dosh for. Half of that cash is funneled straight into your pocket. That’s it. No other hurdles, steps, or hoops to jump through.

Lots of Important Information Lacking for Potential Affiliates
It’s unclear if you need to meet any qualifications for being an affiliate. They don’t mention any sort of traffic requirements or anything along those lines. I imagine a lack of requirements means any of you lazy cucks could get this shit rolling. But the important question is, how do you get it rolling? Well, I’d like to fucking know as well.

Yeah, yeah, that’s probably not the answer you wanted to hear. It’s not the one that I wanted to hear either. They don’t tell you any sort of shit about what sort of promotional material they give. There are no sample banners, ads, scripts, or anything. There’s no talk about a white-label service or a site builder. I can’t say what the fuck they give you or if they even give you anything. They might just give you an affiliate link and tell you good luck for all I know. Bummer. I wish they were more transparent with that sort of thing.

Minimum Payout Threshold of $100
Especially considering that you need to put a ton of information in during the sign-up process. They need your wire transfer info, company information, and all of that shit. This page at least told me that the minimum payout threshold is $100. That’s definitely a bit on the higher end for affiliate sites like this one. At least the other websites with high thresholds tell me what sort of tools I’ll have at my disposal. Thrixxxcash doesn’t give you anything to work with.

And they have a whole video detailing “tools” that you can use, but all that shows me is that they give you a dashboard that you can use to track stats and conversions. That’s fantastic, but I was hoping that would show me how to integrate this shit into my site. They also boast prompt payouts, but, again, they don’t elaborate on that. It’s like some whore telling you that she deepthroats cock. I won’t believe that shit until I see it. That babe may have deepthroated a 3-inch micro-cock. It’s not deepthroating unless you’re choking on a massive member like mine.

Get 5% of Earnings for Every Webmaster You Refer
Oh, I should mention some final details about the revshare. You can earn 5% of the revenue that every webmaster you refer brings in. Not too bad! You start with a base 50% revshare before you bring in anyone. If you bring in $2,000 in paying traffic in a month, you’ll earn 55%. Finally, if you bring in over $6,000, you’ll bring in that nice 60% figure. That’s a really high bar to meet for that percentage holy shit. Some sites start you off as high as 70% before anything, so that’s a lot of work for that.

Pornwebmaster’s Favorite Features
You don’t see a fuck ton of game affiliate networks with this many games to promote. They’re successful, and their games have a high rate of paying customers. Most game networks don’t have the user-base or the reach to support an affiliate program like this one. So, you’re tapping into a massive user-base of horny fappers who already like this shit. And the games are great. I’ve checked out most of these titles, and they really get you with the paid customization options. Once you hook a horny cuck, they’ll be on the line and pay you for years.

I liked Thrixxxcash’s simple approach. You don’t have to deal with loads of different revenue or package options. It’s all revshare, baby. That’s it. You don’t have to worry about GEO-based payments or the quality of traffic you bring. You’ll get a flat 50% of everything regardless of where those conversions are coming from. That’s not too bad if you ask me.

Pornwebmaster’s Suggestions
I need more information. It’s like seeing some bitch’s Tinder profile that doesn’t mention her weight. I need to know that shit before I commit to pounding that pussy. Tell me what sort of affiliate marketing tools that I’ll be able to make use of. Let me see some examples. It’s easy to do. Just add a page with all of that shit listed out. Oh, and the information in the video needs to be available elsewhere. I hated having to skim through this shit a dozen times just to see the games and shit. It’s so much easier to have a bulleted list somewhere with information available at a glance. I’d also lower that payout threshold to $50. $100 is so steep for a site that only gives you 50% revshare to start with.

Pornwebmaster’s Final Thoughts
Overall, is an affiliate network for a popular line of 3D sex games with a huge user-base of horny fappers that you can cash in on. This site isn’t the most straightforward when it comes to letting you know what tools you can use, but you can make a decent bit of dosh if you bring a lot of traffic in. They pay you a decent bit, but you’ll be on your own for the most part. I wish they told you, well, anything about the process aside from that you can make money. But, hey, some of you horny gamers might be able to make it work.

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