Traffic Company is a CPA network based in the Netherlands. It is a great option for both mobile and desktop traffic, with worldwide co...


TrafficCompany is a good CPA network that has its own exclusive offers of partners. It offers a platform that will convert your desktop and mobile traffic through performance-based marketing. At first glance at their fancy website, you’d think that TrafficCompany has their shit together… but I just want to know who the fuck thought that the design was good enough…

I mean, do not get me wrong… I have nothing against the actual design of the website, but I have a whole lot against the information they chose to share. No wonder people want to see a review of TrafficCompany, when they do not share any of the important information on their website. First, you have to register to be able to see everything, which is bullshit.

I mean, you do get some info, just not really enough to get interested in the whole network, let alone register. Lucky for you, I am here, and I shall give you the gist of it all. So, you do not even have to visit TrafficCompany; you can just read the following review and the overall importance of what this website is all about.

Good for publishers and advertisers
This is always a big plus with these sorts of networks. You will be happy with what TrafficCompany has to offer, as it is good for both advertisers and publishers. One interesting aspect is the fact that they have a whole-ass section for the publishers on the website. They explain a little bit of this and that, just so you get the gist. So, obviously, one would expect to get the same kind of info for advertisers, right?

Well, apparently, we are all wrong because TrafficCompany only explains what they offer to the publishers (and even that explanation is not really that great). Now, that, to me, makes no fucking sense. Hence, why I started this review by shitting on their design, when it is more than just questionable. But oh well, that is why I said that you have me here. I know everything Traffic Company has to offer, and I do not mind wasting my time telling you all that.

Okay, I mind a little bit, but whatever… here we are! So, how do you get started? Well, obviously, if you want to take advantage of what Traffic Company has to offer, you will have to register to their website. The registration to TrafficCompany is free and fairly simple. Once you become a member, you will get to see a lot more information. As for those who are too lazy to register just to get that kind of info, continue reading.

In case you have your own offers and you want quality traffic, TrafficCompany is here to help you out. They have a big inventory of global desktop and mobile traffic that you can also filter out based on your needs. All you have to do is leave your details, and after they are reviewed, your profile will either be approved… or not.

They do have blogs
I do want to say that I find it fairly odd that there is no site info… as in they did not even write a page about themselves. Sure, you have me to tell you all about it, but it isn’t that difficult to make a site that is actually useful. On the other hand, Traffic Company does offer a blog section, where they pretty much cover most of the topics you would be interested in.

For example, you have articles such as getting to know the manager, testing your knowledge, or articles that will tell you more about click-to-call offers, monetizing push notifications, or simply help you learn about affiliate marketing. To be fair, you can find all of these articles online, as well… so I am not really sure that they were even necessary. I’d much rather prefer if they worked more on their website instead.

Commission types…
You will have an option of four commission types; CPA, CPL, CPI, and CPS. Now, how much does that mean to you? If you do not understand shit, this is where you might want to educate yourself. Lucky for you, this type of information can be found anywhere on Google; all you have to do is search for it. So, while you do that, I will talk a bit more about these commissions.

CPA stands for Cost per Acquisition, and this is the fee that one receives when the trader who is referred opens a trading account with a broker, then deposits funds into that trading account and starts… trading, obviously. This is just one of the basics, so you should already know what the fuck to expect.

Moving on, there is the CPL, which stands for Cost per Lead. This is a model where the advertiser will pay a fixed price for all the leads that are generated. For example, if a user is signing up for a certain mailing list or any other form of a subscription.

The CPI commission type stands for Cost per Install, and they are more specific to mobile applications. With CPI, publishers will place digital ads through a range of media to persuade others to install the advertised application. Usually, the brand will be charged with a fix or bid rate when the application is actually installed.

Then you have CPS, which stands for Cost per Signup. Now, I think this pretty much speaks for itself, but you will basically get money from having people signup through your link. As I have mentioned, if you do not understand any of this, you should start by Googling it yourself. Believe me; there is enough free info out there that you can learn just about whatever the fuck you want.

Let’s also not forget about their 5% referral bonus. Now, this should be seen as earning pocket money, but if you intend to take advantage of what TrafficCompany has to offer, you might as well refer random people. After they sign up through your referral link, you will get 5% of their crap.

Payments and all that
You can get paid through PayPal, Paxum, and wire transfer, depending on what the fuck you are comfortable with. You can expect the payments to be sent monthly, bi-weekly, and even weekly… again, depending on what the fuck you prefer. As for the minimum amount to get paid, you will need at least 250 euro to actually get paid.

In case you are unable to get that much by the payout time, do not worry. The money you earn is going to be kept in your account until you finally have the minimum required for TrafficCompany to send you your payment. Now, if you do plan to take advantage of what TrafficCompany has to offer, you should also check out the crap that is not allowed…

What about tools?
There will be some helpers you are given on the site… for example, there is the In-house developed CPA and RevShare offers, that you will get access, once you register. This just means that the middle man is removed; thus, the payouts will be much bigger. Of course, you will be given a dedicated account manager who will help you get started.

Plus, TrafficCompany ‘s support team is quite nice as well. So, if you have any questions or issues about the website, you are more than welcome to simply contact their support system. Traffic Company offers a powerful algorithm that compares a wide range of user data, such as mobile carrier, device, country, to find the best possible covering offers.

At TrafficCompany, you have over 10k publishers, and they state that their publishers are their number one priority… which explains a lot when it comes to their website. They have over 195 connected countries, with a collection of hinders of great quality offers with global coverage. They also have a built-in range of very innovative CTC (click to call) offers available.

You will get some of the basic information about Traffic Company on their tour page, but in case you just skipped to the end of this review to read the conclusion… TrafficCompany is a great CPA network that gives you the best results from your mobile traffic. It is based in the Netherlands, and it is great for both mobile and desktop traffic.

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