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Traffic Haus! You need traffic more than a 4/10 hooker late on rent. I get it. You’re tired of making chump change with bullshit ad networks that don’t know how to sell your campaign or monetize your website. Not just anyone has the chops and knowledge required to get your lewd content in front of the right fappers. You don’t want your heart-shaped butt plugs popping up on some deepthroating site. Just like you wouldn’t want your prostate massagers to pop up on a premium softcore lesbian porn tube. That sounds like a no-brainer, but I can’t tell you how many ad networks I’ve worked with have fucked that up time and time again. is an ad network that you can trust to get your lewd content out into the world. They have competitive solutions and partners for both advertisers and publishers. And these aren’t some losers who barely know the business. They didn’t crop up a few years ago and think they were the big dogs in town. No, these are the big dogs. They’ve been around since 2007. That’s well over a decade worth of professional experience, so you can be assured that these guys know their stuff.

Get Your Ads on Mobile, Desktop, and Tablet Formats
I dig the site design and the consistent color scheme. Fuck, I sound like some busty MILF high-school art teacher with that shit. But, hey, it’s true. This site has some style. It looks nice. They have an HD cityscape to look out over, and then all of their information is down below. It does have that kind of generic site-builder feel to it, but I’ll take that over some boring-ass site that just lists shit off in bullet points.

Let’s talk about what these fucks can do. First off, they aren’t going to be limited by format. After all, who the fuck watches porn on their desktop anymore? The mobile game is growing and growing every single day, and you need a company that can meet those demands. These guys can run your ads on just about any device that’s connected to the internet. Phones, tablets, and all of that good shit. I wouldn’t be surprised if they could run your erotica ads through some nerdy fuck’s pager at this point.

An Ad Network with Over 1 Billion Daily Impressions
Advertisers can expect lots of fucking impressions. This talented network pulls in well over 1 billion views to their ads every single day. Not a month. Not a week. Not fortnight. Every fucking day. They’ll help you cut yourself a slice of that pie with their real-time bidding platform. You can jump into their massive marketplace and try to land yourself some quality deals. Once you find some prime real estate, their team of nerds will make sure that your ad is properly formatted and performs well.

And, hey, I get not trusting some mysterious neckbeards to run your shit. Traffichaus understands and will give you access to a self-service tool that allows you to monitor your ad campaign in real-time. This makes it, so you’re never blindsided by a shitty payout ever again. You can also hot-swap out ads that aren’t performing well. If you need to make more intricate tweaks, then you can call up a team of expert account managers anytime you want. And I mean whenever you want. These fucks are available to field all of your dumb-ass questions 24/7.

Get Tailored Ad Campaigns with Precise User Targeting
Before I talk about publishers, I want to go over some of the extras these guys offer. Everything is encrypted. Passwords, data, and everything else. They value your privacy and will make sure your data isn’t shared or stolen by malicious betas out there. And they have a fairly wide reach. They cover most of the traffic-hungry GEOs out there. You can tailor your ads down to specific countries if you’ve got shit like JAV porn, desi sluts, and that sort of thing.

Publishers get the premium treatment. This site does everything barring laying you down and sucking you off right there. They get you the ads you want in the format you want. You’ll be able to design your own ad space to ensure that you’re never running ads that you don’t want to. You could run a cluttered BDSM site with flashing banners, pop-unders, and video rolls if you want to bring in as much dosh as possible. But those of you with high traffic may want to take a more subtle approach with tasteful ads in minimal placements. You have control of nearly every aspect of your user’s ad experience.

Publishers can Expect 100% Fill Rates & Competitive Bids for their Ad Space
They boast competitive market rates for your ad space as well as a 100% fulfillment rate. You won’t be left limp-dicked with any empty space where an ad should be. You’ll always have something on-brand rolling no matter what. And that’s because they have a dedicated ad server that likely has backup generators to make sure you’re always making money. Now, that’s some consistency that you can trust. It’s like a babe who knows how to suck cock. She makes you feel like a king every single time.

If you know your shit and want to read articles from other experts, then definitely give Traffichaus’ blog a glance. They have articles about how to manage and adapt your ad campaigns to the ever-changing digital environment. They’re always researching what the next steps are in making sure their client’s ads are as effective and bringing in impressions as possible. You don’t want to get stuck with some sketchy company that doesn’t know how to bring in impressions that matter. One of the most important aspects of a trustworthy ad network is knowing the industry and how to bring in those numbers.

Modern Ad Solutions for an Ever-Changing Industry
They aren’t stuck in the past using old-school strategies that, frankly, don’t fucking work in the current environment. It’d be like some slut walking out onto the street trying to pull in gents while dressed in something that’d be considered risque in the goddamn 50s. Okay, well maybe that would work somewhere like Vegas, but you see what I’m getting at here. You don’t want to take a dated approach to a modern problem.

Pornwebmaster’s Favorite Features
It’s not often where I find an ad network with such competitive, tailored options that also lets you publish or monetize sexual content. Most networks like this end up being prudish bitches who are scared of losing their partnered companies. These guys paired up with other kinky fucks who are proud to showcase your sexy toy, fetish site, or erotic blog. As long as you’re putting out relatively non-violent, legal content, you’ll be fucking golden. So, get out there and make some dosh on your lewd porn ventures with an ad network that won’t stand in your way.

But simply allowing porn isn’t enough to be a killer network. These guys back that up with quality ad formats, innovative approaches to ad placements, and 24/7 support. Oh, and they have real-time bidding auctions for premium ad-space. If you run a successful site, then you could very well see your income grow by auctioning off some of your ad spaces. It’s worth checking out.

Pornwebmaster’s Suggestions
Give me some names! I want to see who this site is partnered with. Though adult ad networks tend to keep that shit under wraps, or they might even be required to. Still, I like to know who I’m getting in bed with before we get down and dirty. Do you see where I’m coming from here? I’m sure you do. Other than that small gripe, this is a damn good ad network that is here to service all of your porn advertising or publishing needs.

Pornwebmaster’s Final Thoughts
Overall, is set to be one of my new favorite ad networks. Sure, they aren’t outwardly adult-focused. There aren’t any hot babes flashing their tits on the front page. But they know what the fuck they are doing. You’re getting an ad network that’s been around for over a decade that knows how to adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape. They offer precise user-targeting, ads on any device, and self-service tools to help you tailor your campaign to meet your needs. I highly recommend creators big and small check this site out and see if they have the right ad solution for your site or campaign.

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