Traffic Shop! There are many challenges when it comes to running a website, but many opportunities as well. In the abstract, many are easy to overcome and take advantage of, though frustrating when put into practice. I have found this is true, particularly when it comes to newbs.

There are all kinds of supposed help tools and aids to get your domain off the ground or send off into stratospheric success. But how many of them actually work? Taking it one website at a time, I'm looking at Traffic Shop.

Find out what I make of this website and its services.

Some of These Tools Can Be Useful for Domain Builders
Undoubtedly, grabbing web traffic can be one of the most challenging objectives to achieve when making a website succeed.

Even if you do get hits from a marketing strategy or buy them, there's no guarantee those hits will be from people or bots. Assuming any of them are actual people, without the right tools, it's hard to tell if they're interested in whatever entertainment, service, or product you offer.

You can invest money in having an SEO guru optimize your content for you, but getting quality service can be expensive. You could go the cheap route and hire someone from Fiver, but that's usually a shit shoot.

Trust me, I know from experience.

This is where Traffic Shop Comes in with an optimal solution. Primarily, they specialize in allowing the webmaster to buy or sell web traffic. Unlike competent individuals, who are far and few between, it's far better for your ROI to use a group of web specialists like this company due to their specialty.

Once You Do Or If You Have Traffic Start Making More Money
As any website rises through the Alexa ranking, it's ideal to make money as many ways as you can without ruining the visitor experience. Once again, Traffic Shop has several options for you to hyper-monetize your page hits.

Traditional methods are available, including posting commercial banner campaigns as well as pop-under and pop-up adverts, though I have to point out that it can be risky with all of the ad-blocking software out there.

To stay on the cutting edge, this company can help you design skimmed campaigns and native ads. If you aren't familiar with either, the former is a complex method of redirecting traffic from elsewhere directly to your landing page.

Native advertising is even better, I think, as it allows you to post ads on your web pages, which are programmed to "blend in" with the rest of the content. By using these cleverly designed banners, they aren't going to be blocked by software but can still convert.

Furthermore, this site makes it easier to network with other entrepreneurs and sell your traffic to them.

If you ask me, that's a good win-win-win!

Why Should You Trust This Web Service?
When it comes to marketing campaigns, there are easily accessible tools in your account. Further, you can target consumers by general region, city, language, even IP ranges, and more. There are other minor features that can maximize campaign performance, which are compatible with desktop and mobile devices.

With their quality traffic control system, you can easily filter out bots, shields you site from fraudsters and malware. Additional features reduce the headache involved when creating campaigns by setting up white and block lists.

Finally, you can track all of your traffic performance and get assistance from the site's support staff in the form of live chats but only from 08:00-16:00 CET on business days. You can also get help via email 24-hours, but again only on business days.

Collect Even More Cash By Referring New Users
Surprise! This web service offers a decent referral program, as well. After you register your account, you can opt to select a referral link that is unique to you. After that, just share it about and promote it all over the web. For each signup who commits to the program, you get 10% of the system's profit.

As with other programs of this type, this system is perfect for any blogger or e-commerce guru who has a following or folks with a background in internet marketing. However, since it's so easy to use, it's practically a turnkey service.

This Is What It Takes to Get Started On Traffic Shop
Another great aspect of this website is that you can register for free, pick your account type, and the basic requirements aren't too severe.

When you get started, all you need is to conjure up the usual in the form of a password, login ID along with your submitting your legal name and email.

Since you are technically running a business from a legal standpoint, even if you are operating online, they need to know your business or home address. Strangely, they also ask for your Telegram contact info (does anyone really use that app?), but you can alternatively submit your Skype address.

You must pick between whether or not you are an advertiser or publisher, though I'm sure you can sign up for both accounts.

After that, you can pick your plan and how you want to pay for your package.

When it comes to submitting and collecting payment, this website is perfect for almost anyone. Besides the top methods like credit/debit cards via Payoneer and Paxum, PayPal and bitcoin transfers are also an option. The minimum payout is a mere $50, and you can collect at flexible frequencies.

You Can Leverage the Site Features for More Than Just Porn Pages
As you can tell by the URL and most of the articles I post about on here are related to making money by leveraging websites that promote or focus on adult material.

Indeed, this site is a good one to consider using to monetize your porn blog, webcam landing page, or new tube site. I would be careful about who you buy or sell traffic to, but this site is a decent one for porn peddlers.

But as it's a far more generalized web service for "regular" internet entrepreneurs, Traffic Shop can be used to monetize any sort of webpage. In fact, I'd say, based on what I know, those who are in the e-commerce space or running a popular blog with a broad appeal will be able to rake in more money than others.

Are You Wondering If I Think There Could Be Any Modifications?
There is little room for improvement, even though this site is otherwise superb. As streamlined as everything is when it comes to boosting traffic and launching advert campaigns, some seemingly simple things can be clunky. For example, to get going with this service, you will have to manually add all of your domains.

Then there are a few issues with customer service.

I'll bet this won't be an issue for most of you, but I'll bring up that the default language for support is English. Other languages used can be catered to but will take between 48 to 72 hours to be addressed. And that's the official response time – non-English speakers may find that customer service to be unreliable.

While not consistent, I have found reports that sometimes users have issues with payouts. Further, you can collect a number of ways fairly regularly and at a low threshold, but transfer times can be disturbingly long. For instance, I have seen users who have reported that rather than take a few minutes, PayPal payouts take fucking three days. How is that possible these days?

Results Aren't Guaranteed, But You Should Be Able to Make Money
You can find individual users and "users" (read: bots and paid hacks) who will give positive feedback over a net-based service. Curiously, I didn't see either one on Traffic Shop's site, so I scoured the internet to see who was using this service to figure out if people are making money.

It didn't take very long for me to find third-party sources that have listed the number of domains that are using TS's service. After just skimming through some sources, I was impressed by what I saw. There were "mainstream" sites like LatinaX, which is a hipster-oriented artistic blog.

This site also has a lot of porn peddlers, especially tube sites like Hot Tube Clips, Raptor Movies, and Link Shit. Hell, even is a user of Traffic Shop, which you all should look up when you're done with this review. 😉

According to one source, those are just a few of nearly eight hundred websites that use this site. I think it's pretty safe to say that real people are using this site and making good money.

With all of that said, let's look at what the indie and professional reviewers have so say.

Here's What the Independent Critics Are Saying About This Platform
Normally, I only focus on just what I have to say but to feign humility and prove that I'm not alone in my opinion about Traffic Shop, I'll briefly refer to what others have been saying.

Not everyone seems to be totally thrilled like the people on Web Masters Reviews. The total score aggregates to three stars out of five, but that's only based on six reviews. And that's not reflective of what everyone actually thought. One idiot forgot to give any rating but wrote…

"Conversion has been on the right, so thank you so much!"

Another one was not happy with the system but did admit that he saw positive results by saying…

"So, is the traffic supposed to do something for my site? The numbers are going up, but nothing else is."

Other sources like TrustPilot have a far more impressive 258 reviews with an average score of 4.8 out of 5. You see the same pattern with pro critics like AdSpyGlass, which mostly had only positive things to say and the same minor criticism that I do – so good news on that front.

Let's Sum Up With What I Ultimately Think
Now onto the most important opinion about this serve: my own.

Sure, that sounds arrogant, but hey, that's me. I built a net-wide reputation on being incredibly chesty and correct. And the people love me for it. XD

Although maybe a little overwhelming for those who are new to the web designing space, the traffic tools are fantastic. Even if you do have a problem, but the customer service feature compensates for that.

Anyway, seeing as this a generalized traffic sharing platform, it may not be the ideal one to maximize profit for an adult-oriented website. After all, it has got ads of all sorts, and it might be better to post advertisements that are adult-themed and related to the genre or fetish you post about.

Still, it can't hurt to give it a shot. You never know, with the right research, you might find that your visitors are prone to consume other kinds of products which you can advertise via Traffic Shop.

My final judgment: I give it four hands.

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